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12 Ways to Take Care of a Moulting BirdPet birds molting is a process of changing feathers or can be interpreted as a period of leave for pet birds. The molting pet bird has other names, namely molting, ngurak, or mbodol.

While your pet bird is molting, it will tend to cut back on some of its activities, including singing. Therefore, you need to be careful when handling pet birds when they are broken as it can lead to bad things.

reduce intelligence level and behavior or character may change. The molting process of this pet bird occurs when old feathers,

it must fall off to be replaced by new skin. In fact, this usually happens 2 or 3 times a year. So friend, how do you take care of it? the following in its entirety, 12 Ways to Take Care of a Moulting Bird.

1. Understand the main features

  • Domestic birds become unmotivated and lazy to sing.
  • The pet bird’s previously bright eyes glazed over with a blank stare.
  • Feathers fall from 1 to 3 strands and increase every day.
  • The tail seems broken. (Also read about how to deal with molting sparrows)
  • Hair looks dull and dull.
  • Fighters on pet birds are reduced.
  • If you follow up with other pet birds, the results are not optimal.

2. Provide quality food

Molting pet birds are required to consume enough feed that is high in amino acids, for the body to absorb and store as protein (keratin) specifically for the needs of new feather growth. (Also read about how to deal with non-molting birds)

The most important thing to remember is that when your pet sheds naturally, you must provide an adequate supply of food so that it can develop the most perfect feathers possible. (Also read about how to take care of the green cucak moult)

3. Types of nutrients to give

  • You should try to increase the production of amino acids in pet birds, how to treat molting pet birds containing methionine and cystine.
  • Provide multivitamin supplements as well as multimineral supplements. (Also read about how to care for a spotted magpie)
  • It provides protein through meat but in small amounts.

4. Avoid bathing pet birds

It is very wrong if someone thinks that when caring for a pet bird that is molting, the pet bird should be bathed frequently. After your pet bird finishes its molt, take a bath

can be done, or when new shoots of hair grow. Therefore, bathing your pet bird when the feathers have just molted or fallen off is not the right option. (Also read about how to make a lovebird incubator)

5. Avoid drying pet birds

Keeping your pet bird’s molt in a dry and slightly damp place can help your pet bird shed its old feathers right away. If you are forced to keep blow drying, it can result in less than perfect hair growth and can even lead to abnormalities. When the appearance of the skin becomes a little dry, it is quickly damaged, the skin is inside out or twisted.

6. Avoid Pet Bird Sounds Often

Many still compete for molting pet birds. Some players even believe that this can cause the pet bird to collapse completely. But what will actually happen is that the pet bird will just drop its tail, not collapse completely.

7. Feed feed with the correct level of protein

A feed with a protein content of 16 to 20% is sufficient for molting pet birds. If the protein reaches more than 30%, it can actually increase the pet bird’s lust and sing more diligently. This results in hampering the process of caring for the pet bird you are shedding.

8. Avoid continuous dikrodong

It is recommended to bring pet birds while caring for molting pet birds. But avoid closing continuously without ever opening. Pay attention to temperature and lighting.

9. Mastering

The period of care for a moulting pet bird is an ideal phase for breeding. Pemmasteran can be done using the mp3 player method, which is inexpensive and easy to use. During breaks, for example at 6 pm in the morning, listen to the teacher’s voice. Buddy can use pet birds such as canaries, lovebirds, and cockatiels when mastering.

10. Give vitamins

Vitamins are very important in how to care for a pet bird that is rapidly molting or rapidly changing plumage. In addition to being helpful in speeding up the growth of new feathers, vitamins are also helpful in maintaining the condition of the pet bird. Healthy conditions will easily make pet birds return to gacor after how to care for pet birds that are molting.

11. Clean the cage routinely

The main reason pet birds get stuck after how to treat a shedding pet is that the owner is not routine in terms of cleanliness. The cleanliness of the cage greatly influences the health of the pet bird. A clean cage keeps your pet bird healthy and fast again after the process of caring for a molting pet bird is complete.

12. Stay away from crowded places

Try to place your pet bird in a quiet place to support concentration on the change of feathers. These tips can be done to speed up the process of caring for a shedding pet bird.

Also, this method can be done if the pet bird is too excited about singing and may waste its energy. The period of how to care for a pet bird that is molting is a phase when energy expenditure is very high, so keep an eye on energy intake.

If all of the above methods have been implemented, then the last way to care for pet birds, how to care for molted pet birds, is to do it routinely. Perhaps at first sight this form is considered trivial,

even though this method is very influential in the survival of molting pet birds. Because if you do all of the above non-routine ways, then the results will not be optimal for your pet bird.

Well friend, in fact, each treatment will have the results according to what you are trying to do, the point is to let the natural cycle happen without forgetting to provide the best care and nutrition so that the changes develop smoothly and the hair returns to grow beautiful.

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