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12 Ways to Take Care of Birds Anise Flower
Ornamental bird growers certainly know about birds and how to care for anise flower birds. Anise flower males and females are a type of bird that has a popular and melodious song, it is not surprising that many keep and serve as complaint birds.

Anise flower bird care not only has a melodious song, but the posture and color are also very attractive to serve as ornamental birds in the home. Caring for anise flower birds certainly requires special techniques so that they can produce a melodious sound.

Even the daily care pattern of how to care for anise flower birds will affect their character. No matter how expensive an anise flower is, if it is not cared for properly, it will not bring out its talents properly. Even if you buy a male, (Also read how to breed anis binbin birds)

but if the correct treatment pattern is not carried out, it can damage the finished bird. The point about how to take care of anise flower birds should be done in the right way. So how to care for anise flower birds? Here is the explanation. 12 Ways to Take Care of Birds Anise Flower. (Also read about how to grow anise flowers at home)

1. Anis Kembang Birdcage

For a pet bird, the cage is a home for him. Therefore, the cage should be considered in terms of the safety and comfort of the bird. In addition, how to care for anise flower birds, it certainly produces a melodious song,

the cage environment should be comfortable for him. The cage that you can make for the anise flower is a cage with a size of 40x40x60, it can be square or round. (Also read about how to breed anise flower birds)

2. Breeze Breeze in the morning

In the morning around 07:00, you should let the anise flower cage air out in front of your house. While it airs out, clean the cage as well. Cleaning is carried out by (Also read about how to breed sandalwood anise birds)

cleaning anise flower droppings from the cage, replacing or adding voer, changing drinking water and feeding anise flower bird food. Food for anise flower birds is fruit that is still fresh, such as papaya, apples, and bananas. (Also read about how to breed red anise at home)

3. Bathing the Anise Flower Bird

Then, after 07:30, it’s time to bathe the anise flower. The way to bathe anise flower birds is by bathing them in bathing cages, or it can be sprayed. If you feel that the wind is enough, then the next step is to bathe the anise flowers. For this method itself, you can determine how the taste is

Buddy and the nature of your bird. It is recommended to practice the discipline of the anise flower birds to bathe. In addition to being able to improve thinking skills, this method can also strengthen the bird’s mental strength. You can bathe it by spraying it or using your hands.

4. Anise flower drying

After being bathed, the next thing to do, of course, is to dry the anise flower bird. Drying time is around 08.00 to 11.00. Remember, when you dry it, be sure to keep it away from similar birds.

By drying the anise flower bird, you can also give it Extra Fooding or EF in the form of 2-3 crickets. In fact, this is the cricket and anise bird food that will support their development.

So that the anise flower bird does not spoil, just put the crickets on top. If you’ve had a bath, it’s time to dry off how to care for anise flower birds. This method itself is best done for 1-2 hours and not done at 11am or later. Drying them too long under the scorching sun can be very fatal to the health of the birds.

Drying is very useful. In addition to helping the feathers dry and soften, drying also serves to remove fleas from anise flower birds. At the time of drying, do not bring your anise flower bird close to other birds or the like.

5. Making Masteran

While riding it, you can also master the anise flower. You can choose the right teacher voice to take care of the anise flower bird you have.

6. Opening the Kerondong and winding the wind

After 3:30 p.m., take out the anise flower again and roll it up in front of the house. When the weather is sunny, you can bathe it again. In this form of settlement, you can also return only 1 cricket.

7. Log back in

After performing several daily treatments, at 0800 hours it is time for the anise flower bird to rest completely. That is, reintroduce the anise flower in the dirondong until morning.

8. Cage cleaning

Clean cages are very popular with birds, of course also because of how to care for anise flower birds. Don’t let moldy dirt lodge in the cage or cage. Clean under running water to make it more optimal. Not only the cages or cages, you are also obliged to check the cleanliness of the feeding, bathing cages, drinking bowls and other important places that your birds usually occupy.

9. Food and drink

Give a quality voer and always control the water supply. When after drying, give EF in the form of 2 crickets. After feeding, the breeze can be in front of your patio or anywhere. After aerated and bathed,

then the next breakfast. Start feeding birds with EF like 2-3 crickets and 1 tsp Kroto. In addition to that, the additional food is good for anise flower birds, namely worms, crickets, caterpillars of hongkong, klabang and kroto.

10. Give multivitamins

Vitamins are very important for the health of the anise flower bird’s body. The vitamins can also cause the bird’s anise flower to gacor and outgrow if the bird is exposed to disease.

11. Avoid disruptive factors

Avoid any disturbing factor that disturbs the peace of the birds. Disturbing factors can cause stress on how to care for anise flower birds. For example, dogs.

12. Understand character

The anise flower bird factor wants to perform optimally in the field or competition, ie the breeder knows the character of the bird. This is how to take care of how to take care of anis flower birds daily that you can easily apply. The above method can of course change a bit and adjust to the nature of how to take care of your anise flower bird, different birds have different characteristics.

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