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12 Ways to Take Care of Small Arowana FishThe Arowana pet fish, which includes a type of ornamental pet fish that is in high demand by many breeders. Although the price of the Arowana pet fish is quite high, not a few breeders are happy to take care of it.

Its graceful physique and the impression of a fancy pet fish when viewed make this pet fish more and more of a prima donna, and many breeders want to care for it. One thing that characterizes the beauty of small pet arowana fish is their large and shiny scales, which makes arowana fish look beautiful.

Many breeders who want to start taking care of small pet arowana fish but fail before the small pet arowana fish start to mature and don’t have time to show their beauty. Following 12 Ways to Care for Small Arowana Fish to survive and be healthy into adulthood.

1. Aquarium size

For friends who are interested in taking care of small pet arowana fish from pups to adults, prepare an aquarium that is sized according to the size of the pet arowana fish. The size of an adult pet arowana fish can reach 1 meter, therefore, the aquarium in which you will make a place for the care of small pet arowana fish has a minimum size of 1.5 meters in length, 75 cm in width and 60 cm high. (Also read about how to get rid of arowana fish eye fungus)

If the size of the aquarium is small, when the small arowana fish start to mature, you should go to the trouble of moving them to another larger aquarium. Also, small arowana fish will be more flexible and grow better if they have a large area. And of course a small pet arowana fish in a large aquarium will add to the beauty when seen. (Also read about how to get rid of needle lice on arowana fish)

2. Aquarium water

Fill the aquarium with clean, clear water and it should be deposited at least a day before. (Also read about how to deal with arowana fish lack of appetite)

3. Decoration in the aquarium.

It is better if the aquarium is left without decoration, so that the small pet arowana fish will be more flexible. Simply complete the aquarium with a pump or aerator and a filter for water circulation and oxygen supply. (Also read about how to care for silver arowana fish)

4. Choose small arowana fish pups

Of course, choose small arowana pups that are healthy, agile and quite large in size, usually those commonly sold in the market are 10 to 12 cm in size. Also, before buying a small pet arowana fish, you can try to feed the pet fish. A healthy little pet arowana will nimbly chase and devour the food provided. (Also read about how to keep arowana fish in an aquarium)

5. Choose the type of arowana fish

There are several options for types of small arowana fish, from the most expensive to the cheapest. The best small arowana pet fish is a super red or golden red small arowana. But for

friends who are just trying to take care of small arowana fish, can choose cheaper small fish like small arowana small arowana Pino (small green arowana) or small Brazilian arowana (silver).

6. Put a small pet arowana fish in the aquarium

After buying a small arowana fish as a pet, what should be paid attention to is how to put the small arowana fish in your aquarium at home. The little pet Arowana fish you just bought is of course wrapped in a plastic bag filled with water.

The water in the plastic bag was the habitat of the previous small arowana fish, the water should not be disposed of. First of all, introduce the small pet arowana fish to its new habitat, the water in your friend’s home aquarium is a new place for the small pet arowana fish to live. The method :

  • Open the plastic bag that contains the small pet arowana fish that you just bought.
  • Next, take water from your aquarium and put it in the plastic bag.
  • The amount of water that goes in is as much as the water in the plastic bag, or as much as possible, as long as the plastic bag still fits and can be tied.
  • So that the water in the plastic bag mixes with the water in your home aquarium.
  • The small arowana fish that are in the plastic bag will begin to adjust to the new water.
  • Re-tie the plastic bag and let the small pet arowana fish stay in the plastic bag for about 2 hours.
  • Then slowly open the plastic bag and place the small pet arowana fish in your friend’s home aquarium, along with all the water from the plastic bag.

7. Close the aquarium

After the small arowana pet fish is in a new aquarium, the small arowana pet fish will feel that the place is a new place for him, so that the small arowana pet fish is still easily surprised by the condition of the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is better to cover some of the walls of your aquarium with paper for the small pet arowana fish to hide.

and occasionally the small arowana fish will come out of the closed tank to recognize the environment outside the tank. Also make sure the top of the tank has a cover to prevent small pet arowana fish from jumping out (don’t forget that the top cover of the tank must have a gap or hole for oxygen to enter).

8. Aquarium Placement

Instead, for the first few days, avoid placing the aquarium in a place that breeders often pass by. Make sure that the atmosphere around the aquarium is calm and safe from all kinds of disturbances that might surprise your little pet arowana fish. It usually takes a few days for small arowana fish to adjust, both to the environment in the aquarium and to the surrounding environment.

About 1 week, or if you have often seen the Arowana small pet fish come out of the paper-covered place, then you can open the paper covering the aquarium wall, so that the aquarium is fully open.

And keep an eye on how the small pet arowana fish reacts when there are breeders seeing or approaching the aquarium, if the small pet arowana fish still looks shy and is easily surprised, please close some of the aquarium walls again until you are sure that your small The pet arowana fish is used to the environment around it.

9. Feed small pet arowana fish

Feed the little pet arowana fish after a day in its new place. In addition, my friend can feed the small pet arowana fish 2 times a day (morning and evening) and give him enough food. Usually, for small arowana pups, feeding 1-2 crickets each time you feed is enough. You can adjust the small arowana fish food portion according to the condition of the small arowana pet fish, add the food portion along with its growth.

10. Little Arowana Pet Food Menu

To begin with, it is enough to feed the crickets, then, along with the growth of small pet arowana fish, they can be fed with other menus, such as centipedes, lizards, cockroaches, etc. Sometimes small arowana fish need to be fed centipedes to beautify their scales, but avoid feeding them too often because it is afraid that small arowana fish will get used to centipedes and will not want to eat other food.

11. Clean water in the aquarium.

Clean the dirt from the aquarium every day, do it slowly and carefully, avoiding making movements that may surprise the small pet Arowana fish. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a net to clean the dirt from the aquarium.

12. Water change

It is necessary to replace the aquarium water to maintain the cleanliness and health of the growth of the small arowana fish. But avoid emptying the aquarium water and replacing it with new water.

  • Once a week, remove up to 20 percent of the aquarium water and add new water.
  • Once a month, remove up to 50 percent of the water from the aquarium and add new water.
  • Replace the aquarium water with clean, clear water and should be settled for a day first.
  • From now on, along with the development of small arowana fish, water changes can be done once a week with a larger amount of water.
  • The thing to remember is that when changing the water, the water we leave in the aquarium is still enough for the small pet arowana fish to swim.

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