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12 ways to train a weasel to obey
The weasel is basically a wild animal and likes to live in freedom, along with many who are interested in this animal, not a few are willing to buy it at a high price or look for it directly in nature to have it at home,

The problem that is usually experienced is that the weasel has a disobedient and fierce character, 12 ways to train a weasel to obey you can apply the following so that you can have a good relationship and establish closeness.

1. Bathe your weasel

Bathing your ferret, even if it may cause it to attack you, is a powerful way to get your ferret to obey you. Buddy can bathe your ferret in the cage.

the ferret first before slowly bathing him outside of the ferret cage. By doing this, your ferret will tend to remember you better so he won’t be surprised when he finds you. (Also read about how to get rid of fleas on ferrets)

make sure not to hurt her while bathing her. If she wants to bite you, you can increase the amount of water you pour on her as punishment for her actions. But if he doesn’t bite, you can treat him full of affection so (Also read about how to give fish oil to a ferret)

he will know what he will get from his friend whether he acts naughty or not. Little by little, your ferret will begin to obey you and not bite you when you bathe him. Do this after a few weeks regularly and then you can start going through the next process. (Also read about how to keep a pandan weasel)

22. Hand feeding

Giving in hand is one of the steps you can take to get to know and get closer to the ferrets you have. The hand feeding referred to here is like feeding a small child (also read about caring for a ferret in the rainy season)

and instead of putting food on the edge of the weasel cage or near your ferret, you just live. By hand-feeding your friend, the ferret will easily recognize your friend. After feeding it, (also read about how to tame pandan weasel)

you should also wait for him until he finishes eating. This will help your ferret memorize your friend as the owner. Thus he will obey your friend. In the early stages, his ferret may bite your hand more often. If that happens, my friend needn’t worry too much.

If your hand is bitten, don’t let your friend pull on your hand because it will make your hand hurt more. It’s best to ‘punish’ your ferret by inserting your bitten hand deeper into his throat to make him choke, with a note not to be too forceful as it may damage your ferret’s organs.

Feeding papaya cut into small pieces so that it produces many pieces can help you to obey your ferret. You can do this by giving a piece of papaya, which is cut into small pieces, to your ferret while you wait for him to eat the food. After finishing eating, my friend left him.

Feeding papaya in these little pieces gives us plenty of opportunity to linger in the presence of the ferrets we have. This can make your ferret more quickly recognize and memorize your friend, so his level of aggression towards you will be reduced quite drastically.

3. Head and neck rub

Head rubbing is one of the actions you can take to obey your ferret. This behavior can be a form of good reward or a form of attention to your ferret. In other words,

You can insert the act of rubbing your ferret’s head between the activities you do with your ferret, such as feeding it, bathing it from outside or inside the ferret cage, etc.

Neck rubbing is also one of the actions you can take to obey your ferret. Much like your ferret’s head rubbing behavior, this behavior can be a form of good reward or a form of attention to your ferret.

In other words, you can sandwich the act of rubbing your ferret’s neck between the activities you do with your ferret, such as feeding it, bathing it from outside or inside the civet cage, etc.

4. Manual feeding in front of or outside the civet cage

If you’re hesitant to feed directly with your hands, one way to get closer to your ferret is to feed it from outside or at the door of the civet cage you have.

By doing this for a while, your ferret will be relatively quicker to sort through. Inviting to speak when you feed him can also help your ferret memorize your voice. Can be

a way to approach your weasel. By talking to him often while feeding, the ferret will memorize that a friend who has that voice turns out to be a good person for him. Then he will obey more quickly.

5. Remove the ferret cage

Taking the ferret out of the ferret cage can help your friend get more used to the environment. Eliminate what is meant here can be by opening the weasel’s cage and inviting him to eat outside the weasel’s cage, or simply bathing him outside the weasel’s cage and making sure he doesn’t escape, or in other ways.

6. Nail trimming

Nail clipping is one way to get closer to your ferret. Also, by trimming your nails, you will reduce the risk of being clawed or attacked which can cause your body to experience abrasions or certain injuries when caring for your non-compliant ferret.

If you have not been able to cut the nails correctly, it is advisable to take it to the nearest veterinarian so that the doctor can help you cut your pet’s nails. You don’t have to worry because the ferret’s nails will grow back even after cutting them.

7. Cut sharp teeth

One way to petrify your weasel is to cut off your ferret’s sharp teeth. Cutting these teeth will help keep your bite from hurting. However, doing this will usually be more difficult than with regular nail clippers. Therefore, it is recommended that you have your ferret’s teeth cut by a veterinarian who is an expert in doing this.

8. Playing with the tail

Playing tail in question is pulling your ferret’s rear tail slowly and not surprisingly when you want to feed it or in certain conditions it can be used to train it to get used to coming out of its ferret cage.

9. Familiarize the weasel with crowds

Familiarizing your ferret with crowds can help him become comfortable and familiar with a crowded environment. This will make your weasel not feel threatened and always alert

to attack anyone or anything in the vicinity. Removing your ferret from the civet cage or placing the litter in a crowded place for some time can be an alternate way to get your ferret familiar with the crowd.

10. Put the owner’s clothes in the cage.

Covering the weasel cage with our t-shirts, especially the t-shirts that have a characteristic odor of our body like sweat, can help the ferret to memorize the body odor that it has. Thus, the weasel will gradually recognize the smell of the shirt as the smell of the person who usually feeds it and so on, so it will feel more comfortable when interacting with its friends, whether they are eating , when you are charging them, etc.

11. Give a name

Naming can be a way of obeying your ferret. You can call him by name in various conditions, whether you are talking to him, when you want to feed him, or at other times.

By pronouncing this name, you make your ferret memorize for itself that the name you use to call it can mean that it will feed if it behaves well, indicating that the person calling it is someone who loves it (in the same voice), or be another friend of the weasel.

12. Take a walk

Taking a walk is one way to familiarize the weasel with its surroundings. You can do this while you carry your ferret in his cage, or if you want him to be shouldered or carried, you can take him for walks while you carry him.

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