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12 Ways to Treat Belekan Cats
Cats are active animals and they like to play anywhere where when they play outside they are sometimes exposed to dust which, if not cleaned up immediately, will accumulate and cause sore eyes like belekan.

Seeing a favorite pet cat that his pet friend is sick even though it is a minor illness, of course it is sad to see because he did.

discomfort such as frequent scratching of the eyes and sometimes the cat’s eyes become watery. Before taking to the vet, my friend can do How to treat a Belekan cat at home first to cure it, here are more.

1. Sick cats separated

If you have more than 1 cat and one of them is sick, you have to separate the healthy cat from the sick one so that they do not infect each other and speed up the recovery of the sick cat. (Also read about the type of vaccine in cats)

You can put them in different areas for a while, sometimes there are several causes of sores that can spread easily just by looking at each other, so you have to anticipate from the beginning. (Also read about the types of eye pain in cats)

2. Stay clean

The best way to prevent the disease from getting worse is of course by maintaining cleanliness my friend, where in a healthy area germs will not be able to grow freely, make sure the environment where your pet cat lives and the body and eyes of Your pet cat is always clean so that the pet cat continues to feel comfortable and speed up recovery. (Also read about the function of whiskers in cats)

3. Don’t often let the cat go out of the house.

Outside the house of course there is a lot of dust friend, a sick cat should avoid leaving the house very often first so that it is not exposed to dust and other dirt so that the eye pain it suffers does not get worse due to the state of the scattered land. (Also read about vitamins for cat hair to make it look good)

4. Cleaning the eyes of domestic cats

If the pet cat’s eyes look dirty and watery, please do the initial way to treat the belekan cat, immediately take the medicine to clean and pay attention to the pet cat. To avoid hurting or causing an infection in the cat’s eyes, clean it gently.

The initial way that can be done to prevent domestic cats from getting belekan is to clean the eyes of the domestic cat so that they are free of germs and dirt. (Also read about the effects of eucalyptus oil on cats)

5. Put your pet cat in a comfortable area

Of course, my friend already understands how to separate a domestic cat that has sore eyes from other domestic cats. Placing it in a different and comfortable area so as not to infect other domestic cats. If you only have one cat as a pet, keep doing it to put

cat in a comfortable area and pay attention to the cleanliness of the area as well. If the house cat is allowed to roam, it will allow him to play in dirty areas, which will aggravate the eye disease suffered by your beloved cat.

6. Giving Natural Medicine

The next way to deal with a house cat that has sore eyes is to give her a special cat eye medication, if the cat’s eyes appear to be closed due to the sore throat. Buddy can use betel leaf

being an alternative medicine that has no side effects because it is made from natural ingredients. As is known, cat eye disease can be caused by a virus and overcome with natural antibiotics.

7. Consult a Veterinarian

Betel leaf contains antibiotics that are good enough to treat various diseases. The first thing to do is to clean the belekan cat with a cotton swab and slowly rub it until it is completely clean.

But to give it to him, don’t give it alone, friend, because if you give it wrong, it can actually make the pain worse, consult your veterinarian first about how to give the betel leaves and the dosage.

8. Use of Natural Medicine

In general, betel leaves can be used by preparing betel leaves that have been picked and cleaned with clean water and heated until the water boils. Boiled betel leaf water that has been cold dripped

the eye of a pet cat that is how to treat a belekan cat. The main requirement is cleanliness because natural ingredients have no side effects, but their use must be done with maximum cleanliness so that the usefulness of these natural medicines works optimally.

9. Use of Kitolod leaves

Kitolod leaves are also known to be good for treating sore eyes, my friend, the method is almost the same as using betel leaf, that is, wash it, boil it, and drip water when it is cold, for the dosage, friend, of course. It is necessary to consult a veterinarian beforehand so that it is not harmful to cats.

10. Nutritious food

To speed up the healing, don’t forget to give him nutritious, protein-rich food and clean drinking water, my friend, so that the cat’s immune system doesn’t weaken and he can speed up his recovery, if his nutritional needs are met, of course. the cat can easily pass all diseases, friend.

11. Evaluation of healing

Cat eye treatment with natural ingredients can usually heal within 3 days maximum, if within 3 days your cat has not recovered, then you should stop your cat and take him to the vet for further treatment so that he can receive the best treatment, don’t give him another drug for the experiment, partner.

12. Avoid human drugs

Do not give only medicine for human eye pain to cats friend, although perhaps from various experiences some can recover, because the needs of cats are certainly different from those of humans, even if you give certain medications, you should first consult to a vet. In fact, the best way is to take him to the vet, man.

Do not underestimate the disease in cats when you have tried to treat it because it could be a sign of another disease, so take care of your beloved cat’s long-term health by providing the best care according to the needs and recommendations of experts or veterinarians.

That is what the author can convey, hopefully it will be useful knowledge and a guide to always maintain the health of your pet cat that you love so much. Well friend, see you in the next article, thanks.

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