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13 Easiest Ways to Grow Fish With ProbioticsWith the rapid development of science and technology, this progress has brought many benefits to the general public in various aspects.

One of these benefits is the presence of probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms that can have a positive impact on the health of other organisms.

On this occasion, I will talk about probiotics, of course not those consumed by humans, but probiotics that are beneficial for fish nutrition and that are currently being practiced.

Let’s discuss together about fish farming with probiotics which I will describe and explain in 13 ways,

1. Fermentation

The first thing to make probiotics is that you have to ferment them first. This is intended to make the fish eating probiotic-containing feeds easier and more fluid to digest so that the nutrients it contains are more easily absorbed. The fish are expected to grow healthier, have a solid body and be fresh. (Also read about How to Care for Silver Arowana Fish.)

2. Give evenly

Probiotics will help fish development, most fish owners feed non-probiotic feeds or feed probiotic feeds on a regular, not continuous, basis. Fish food that is distributed in large quantities without probiotics will result in difficulty for the fish to digest it properly, thus it will grow less and be ineffective.

Give probiotic foods evenly and continuously, provide or prepare these foods in sufficient quantities so that you can feed them regularly. (Also read about how to care for ornamental fish in a jar.)

3. Increases appetite

You can increase your fish’s appetite by regularly supplying nutrients from the fermented fish food you make. This feed produces healthy nutrition and is resistant to disease, so the fish have a large appetite, a heavier and longer weight, and a shorter harvesting period. (Also read about freshwater fish farming).

4. Keep the water clean

In fact, farming with probiotics will be better able to maintain water cleanliness and minimize pond water replacement. The water produced will be better and odorless because the probiotic food is capable of absorbing 40% more so that it does not cause food residues in the pond. However, you still need to maintain cleanliness regularly and change the water regularly because water that is not replaced for a long time can easily cause bacteria and viruses to grow in it.

5. Use quality materials

Making your own probiotic fish feed instead of selling it from the factory is much cheaper with the same quality. Use quality ingredients for good quality nutrition, these ingredients are probiotic cells, fine bran, clean water, ginger, brown sugar, etc. which you must provide from quality ingredients. (Also read about farming tilapia in plastic drums.)

6. Do the whole process

When making probiotic foods, you need to be patient in the process, after all the ingredients are processed for fermentation, you need to store them for 7 days for the fermentation to work. Watch it every day, keep an eye on the lid of the container so that the process works perfectly.

Carry out the entire fermentation process of the food, do not skip any step in its preparation. (Also read about growing carp in an earthen pond.)

7. Use probiotics at the bottom of the pool

Fish farming cannot be separated from the pond where it grows. Loosen the bottom of the pond with probiotics, the only way is to pour water mixed with probiotics into the pond in the morning once every two weeks so that the water is always healthy and full of plankton as natural food.

8. How to feed

The use of probiotics for fish feed as an ingredient to stimulate the growth of the fish itself as well as strengthen it from the possibility of being exposed to disease or stress, these probiotics should be mixed with the fish food that you feed regularly, not given in form alternate, it should be given each time it is fed.

9. Give each time a change of seed

Probiotics should also be provided when you finish harvesting and have new seeds to grow, before putting the seeds in the pond, three days before pouring the pond water with a probiotic mix first so that the water conditions quickly mature and grow. . a lot of plankton, this is a kind of early immunization so that the results are better.

10. Prevent stressed fish

When you see that in your fish pond there are many fish floating or even dead, of course if left alone it will cause losses, immediately pour a handful of probiotics into the pond.

Stressed fish are likely due to polluted air or polluted water. This action will purify your pond water and kill the seeds that cause pollution, the result is that the next day the water is clear green again and your fish in it are healthy again.

11. Dose of probiotics

In the provision of probiotics, of course, it must be in the correct dose so that it is as beneficial as possible for the growth of the fish. The adequate dose or level is to provide half a glass of probiotics per day for 1,500 fish kept in a 3×4 meter pond. If you have a different number of fish or pond area, make adjustments based on the doses mentioned above.

12. Avoid the attack of diseases

In fact, the provision of probiotics can reduce fish mortality and produce quality fish. But you still have to prevent disease or other damage to your fish. The trick is to maintain the health of the surrounding environment and a balanced supply of nutrients, as well as cleaning the dirt and food debris left in the pool.

13. Add Vitamin C

Vitamin C is beneficial for fish growth, vitamin C can maximize growth, overcome stress, increase reproduction, and increase immunity against disease. use vitamin C along with probiotics so that the fish absorb the benefits to the maximum. The trick is to add feed that mixes with water with probiotics and vitamin C in a 1:1 ratio, after it mixes evenly, feed it to your fish.

Thus, the article on how to grow fish with probiotics, I have described it completely and clearly, friend. You should know that farming fish this way has a better success rate than farming fish without probiotics. I hope this article is useful for you, thanks for taking the time to read. Greetings from the author.

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