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All dog owners should experience confusion plus love mixed with pity if the dog looks stressed or depressed. There are no burdens in life, but dogs have a variety of causes so you need to know how to deal with them, which we review in 13 effective ways to deal with depression in dogs that are often used:

1. Socialize dogs often.

Although it is written as a dog, but as a social creature it can still be attached but not completely social. If your dog recently lost a canine friend, then you can find a replacement friend. The friends here are not only in the house or the same one that you have, it may be that the neighbor’s dog or the enclosure that he sees often has left, so he feels alone and is looking for where the dog that he saw often sits stressed then becomes depressed.

However, if your dog has been alone from the beginning, try to socialize him so he can communicate with other creatures, especially if you leave him for a long time, such as when you go home. So, you can leave it to your friend or your dog’s daycare. (Read: Types of Pitbull Fighters)

2. Take your time

Do activities that make your relationship with the dog bond, activities that you can do to strengthen bonding It is like taking your dog for a walk, since from this activity you and your dog interact from the moment you indicate the direction of the road until they order you to do something. In addition, you can invite him to play games that dogs like, such as throwing a ball, pulling on the leash, or also physical exercise such as agility, and then take him to a place full of people and with many dogs. This method can overcome depression in dogs. (Also read: How to overcome canine fever)

3. Give appreciation and positive attitude

When a dog is under stress, many of the mistakes made, knowingly or unknowingly, are likely to come from the dog’s owner. One of them is that the dog does not feel appreciated for his achievements, so he no longer has a life goal that makes him happy. An example is if he is able to finish his meal and then try to thank him by patting the dog’s head.

Also, you can behave when the dog doesn’t want to eat, don’t send him messages or pretend he’s doing something smart because not wanting to eat means saving money. A wise way is to put the food bowl down ignoring your dog until he wants to eat, and when he starts to eat, praise him verbally or non-verbally like petting him as above until he finishes the food to the max. This reduces the stressor by suppressing the positive that emerges from the dog.

4. Do massages

It seems strange, but dogs need it too because dogs are living creatures that have muscles that contract and relax. You can do the occasional massage of the dog that you think needs a massage. After doing the massage, you will feel the dog’s muscles loosen due to the massaging pressure you are giving them. (Also read: Overcoming poisoned dogs)

5. Reassure the dog so that it feels safe

Dogs sometimes like to worry about a threatening environment, so as an employer you must watch over and ensure the safety of the dog, it can be in the form of behavior or the environment. You can arrange your dog’s environment as safely as possible by placing your residence, fences or walls that have people/threats from outside have the potential to enter, plus noise needs to be muffled so it doesn’t make the dog guess what’s coming. threats (Read: How to Take Care of a Golden Retriever)

6. Know the causes of depression

Before dealing with it, you need to research what is causing the dog’s depression so that you can treat it effectively and efficiently. Dogs like routine and if they experience a change in routine it will trigger stress and depression such as:

  • Owners who get new activities.
  • There is no variety of food.
  • Have a new family member.
  • Moved neighborhood.
  • Less activity.
  • Irregular food portions.
  • Intimidated by another dog that is more dominant (rival).
  • Loss of friends (both dogs and humans).
  • House renovation.

7. Cleanliness is the most important

You can clean all the properties they frequently visit or use, such as eating utensils, cages, bedding, and their play equipment. Environmental health plays an important role in maintaining a dog’s mood to be more positive and good. A dirty environment will invite germs and disease nests so the dog won’t get excited. Like humans, if the environment is clean and the atmosphere is beautiful, it will be easier to think and work.

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8. Change the type of food your dog

The food menu can generally be distinguished between wet and dry. Wet foods are usually liquids such as soups, cereals and dry foods in the absence of liquids such as chips. It is not enough to change the type of food for another brand, it is necessary to replace it with a dry alkaline type that whets your dog’s appetite. In addition to increasing the dog’s body weight, the taste of the new food in the dog’s memory will be richer, so the dog’s mind will also be more open so as not to stress.

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9. Usual diet.

Dogs also need to be put on a regular diet, don’t just eat anything later in order to spend it. With a regular diet, the dog will be disciplined and in his mind there will be a clear and measurable direction towards the life of the dog. A regular pattern might be that you feed the dog at certain times, such as twice a day around 9 a.m. and then a second meal may be given around the afternoon or 7 p.m.

The food that is given also has a duration, so if the dog cannot finish it or has not touched it and the duration runs out, you immediately pick it up and leave the dog in a state of not being fed. But this method must be measured, do not let your food touch you repeatedly so that you always raise food for days. Be a wise employer, Health . (Also read: How to care for a rottweiler)

10. Doing activities together

The master is a role model for the dog. Therefore, you need to set an example in the form of clear instructions and activities that support the dog’s growth and development so that you don’t stress about losing direction. You can do activities together with your dog from small things like eating together at the same time and in the same place, then bathing the dog, preparing a meal together, basically something that can be done together. (Also read: How to Get Rid of Dog Fleas Fast)

11. Create a calm environment

Keep your dog away from loud noises, such as loud music and the sound of engines. The dog’s hearing is acute enough to torment and stress him more if there is a sound that exceeds his hearing capacity and causes him stress and depression. An unstable environment, such as after a long trip, could be the cause. Long-distance travel makes dogs seasick. So that when you get home your dog looks depressed, stressed, sluggish, just sit still on the mat. You don’t need to panic or be nervous, this is an adaptation for dogs. Allow a few minutes for it not to be disturbed or distracted from the outside, leave it alone and in the open air.

12. Take care of the dog’s body

You can treat your dog’s body by getting rid of fleas or cutting out fleas to prevent disease. Sometimes the fleas on the dog’s body make him feel pain because the fleas bite the dog’s skin and affect the dog’s skin. mood the dog. Dog nails can also be a nest of germs that make dogs warm due to germs on the move. (Also read: How to overcome dog poisoning)

13. Refer to Related Parties

If you have done the various methods above, but the results are still not visible. You can then take the dog to a veterinarian who specializes in behavior problems. After being examined, the doctor will give you a solution in the form of medicine or therapy. Dogs will also need medication such as Prozac that will relate to their behavior and hormones, in addition to medication, the doctor may also provide therapy that can be tried at home. (Also read: How to care for a Siberian Husky)

So, there are several ways you can deal with depression effectively, you can definitely consult an expert for further analysis.

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