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13 Easy Ways to Hump Goats
Doing business is not just the office way. However, there are many ways to earn extra rupees. Perhaps you are one of the people who is looking for business opportunities.

Well, it can be said that the current trading opportunity for Gibas Goat is wide open. This goat with its characteristic large tail, white fur and curls is known for its delicious and very tempting taste.

The Humpback Goat itself is highly sought after by renowned restaurants and restaurants to be processed into dishes that pamper the tongue thanks to its distinctive and delicious flavor. So when it comes to business prospects, goat farming can make profitable chests in rupees if you can really focus and persevere in running the business.

Actually, this type of goat is relatively easier compared to other types of goats. In addition, the marketing of this goat is also quite simple.

But before the marketing process, of course, you also need to learn the steps on how to easily breed Humpback goats to generate the next maximum profits.

13 Easy Ways to Hump Goats

  1. Choose a location

Humpback goats like a quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Noise can make goats easily stressed, which will affect their appetite and can trigger diseases that will interfere with their growth. (Also read: Farming sheep and goats)

  1. make a cage

The construction of the cages must be adjusted to the number of goats to be kept. Try not to keep the cage too narrow so that it makes it difficult for you to move around. For the ideal cage size, a male goat measures 1.1 x 1.25 meters.

  1. Provide comfort in the cage

Goats do not like air that is too hot or too cold. Therefore, the goat cage should be placed in a shady place with good air circulation and sufficient sunlight. (Also Read: How To Raise Java Goats Without Digging)

  1. Choose superior seeds

Superior seed for Humpback Goats, both male and female, must be in sound, flawless condition. Not only that, humpback goats should have clean, nice, thick fur. For Female Goat, must have normal milk and udder.

  1. Marriage Period

The mating age of female goats is 10-12 months, while the mating age of male goats is more than 1 year. If the goat looks restless and there is swelling of the genitals, then these are signs that the goat is asking for a mate. 12 to 18 hours after these signs appear, goats should be bred immediately to minimize the risk of reproductive failure.

  1. birth hour

The signs of a goat that is about to give birth are looking restless, bleating, scratching the ground, the size of the goat increases and when squeezed it releases liquid, swollen genitalia accompanied by decreased appetite. (Also read: How to care for goats to gain weight quickly)

  1. Caring for Humpback Goats

You can bring the goats close to their mothers to be fed directly to get vitamins and nutrients directly. However, if the calf is resistant to suckling, you can make artificial milk with a mixture of white nieta, sugar and an egg to meet the nutrition for the growth and development of the Humpback Goat.

  1. Goat Age Estimation
  • 1 year: teeth are not permanent
  • 1-2 years: 1 pair of permanent teeth
  • 2-3 years: 2 pairs of permanent teeth
  • 3-4 years: 3 pairs of permanent teeth
  • 4-5 years: permanent
  1. Feeding

You can feed the goats in the form of green food that contains carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins, such as grass or leaves. In addition to the daily feed, you can also provide additional supplements.

Food is the best reference in raising livestock. If the farmer chooses the wrong feed, this can reduce the quality of his goat. So make sure that the food is correct and according to the nutritional needs of the goat. (Also read: Farming goats with fermented feed)

  1. giving drinks

Drinking regularly will be very good for producing quality and healthy goat meat. By providing regular drinking water, the goats will also be more enthusiastic about each activity because they don’t feel dehydrated.

  1. Keep the cage clean

The key to goat health really depends on the cleanliness of the cage. You must be diligent in cleaning the goat’s cage, such as cleaning out any dirt or leftover goat food. Dirty cages can cause goats to lose their appetite.

  1. Recognize goat disease

Goats also need health control. For that, you need to regularly check your goats to recognize various signs if the goat is being attacked by a disease. Characteristics if your Humpback goat is not healthy can be seen in the goat’s movements that look restless and different, usually accompanied by poor appetite. (Also read: Symptoms of Mastitis in Goats)

  1. Carry out control of goat diseases

If signs of disease are detected in your goat, you must separate it from other goats so that it does not become infected. To avoid more complex problems, you can consult your local veterinarian for further treatment.

You can practice Gibas Goats easy way above to start your cattle business. Although this technique seems relatively easy, it will be quite difficult to perform if you do not have the perseverance and high enthusiasm to carry it out. Believe that hard work will never betray results. Test spirit!

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