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13 Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Warts On Pigeons
Pigeons are birds that are widely kept as pets or as birds that are farmed for commercial purposes and their meat is taken as food. Keeping pigeons requires patience and discipline for good growth and good health.

Of course there will still be problems or difficulties in maintaining it, one of which is a disease that sometimes strikes pigeons, namely warts caused by viruses and sustained by a less clean environment. Of course, as the owner you must have the knowledge and skills to cure it. Let us see the following article on how to get rid of warts on pigeons.

1. Understand the symptoms

Before knowing how to treat it, of course it is mandatory to understand first, blisters like burnt skin, spots or lumps appear on the skin and occur in various parts of the body such as feet, eyelids and other areas. Pigeons often rub their bodies and become weak and drastically reduce their appetite. (Also read about the function of turmeric for pigeons)

2. Give antiseptic ointment

How to get rid of warts in pigeons is to use an ointment, ointment should be given because ointments containing special antiseptics for treating warts in pigeons can evenly affect the area affected by warts and provide rapid healing, so it is necessary to cure pigeons. (Also read about how to get rid of fleas on pigeons).

The antibiotic ointment that is given for the treatment of pigeon warts is certainly different from the ointment that is used for humans; There are special ointments that are provided to treat warts in pigeons. Use the ointment and apply it evenly 3 times a day until healed.

3. Give Betadine

Pigeons affected by warts usually feel uncomfortable because they feel soreness and pain in the affected area, try to accompany them by giving them an additional medicine in the form of betadine to speed up the healing of warts because the use of betadine can cause the warts to dry up quickly. and heal quickly. (Also read about the role of fish oil in pigeons).

4. Cover with bandage

If the wart is in a place that the bird can reach and is often scratched or rubbed at, it can also be covered with a bandage after giving betadine and ointment, to make the wart less susceptible to germs around it and does not cause further infection. (Also read about how to treat flu in pigeons).

But of course the bandage used must be a good, clean bandage, change the bandage at least once a day so that no germs appear from the bandage itself. Make sure that the bandage used can not be in wet conditions that occur due to air or water, as they can cause germs and risk of infection.

5. Remove with a hot spoon

Warts on the body of the pigeon do not tolerate hot objects, for a faster healing method, do it manually. That is, using an unused spoon, heat it on the stove or by immersing it in boiling water. After that, carefully and gradually place the spoon on the area affected by the wart so that the pigeon is not surprised and feels pain. (Also read about how to relieve stress in pigeons).

6. Give vitamins to birds

3 times a week to know how to get rid of warts in pigeons, administer a specific multivitamin for birds. Warts certainly cause your appetite to drop dramatically and your stamina to drop, which is why you need multivitamins to help your body fight disease and help you maintain the will to eat.

7. How to clean the cage

Try not to clean the pigeon cage at night because at night the weather is more humid, so the cage will not be able to dry completely, the cage will still have a wet side which will cause various new diseases. You should clean the cage in the evening or in the morning.

8. sun

After cleaning, the cage should be dried in the sun to naturally kill germs and allow for optimal drying. The sun’s rays will provide heat that seeps into the interior of the cage so that the cage is generally dry and feels warm for a while so it is comfortable to live in.

9. Protect from mosquitoes and insects

Protect the pigeon from mosquitoes and insects, because in conditions exposed to warts, mosquitoes generally like these dirty and germy conditions, if mosquitoes get too close to them, they will be stressed and feel sick. Put it in a comfortable place that is protected from insects. Get rid of mosquitoes with power tools that don’t pollute chemicals.

10. Avoid wet conditions

Keep the warty bird away from moist conditions, both on its body and its surroundings. Humid conditions will cause germs and viruses to spread more, so healing will take longer. Wet conditions will also cause warts to continue to spread to other areas because the virus can spread very easily.

11. Separate the sick pigeon

Separate the sick pigeon into another cage, give it a special comfortable cage, do not let it mix with other sick birds because it becomes a means of transmission and can disturb the comfort of the sick bird. separate both the cage and the place, that is, in another cage and place it in a different place.

12. Take a warm bath

Bathe the pigeon with warm water by spraying water all over its body, dry it by drying it in the sun or rubbing its body with a clean dry towel, after bathing it can be immediately given betadine and ointment because if the drug is given in a condition of clean skin will be maximized on it.

13. Nutritional intake

Provide him with good nutrition, especially high-protein foods to help him create new cells in his body and speed his recovery. If he doesn’t want to eat, you as the owner must continue to help him, feed him the food or make it. more liquid food to make it easy for him to swallow. .

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