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13 Semi-intensive Shrimp Farming Techniques Vaname
Vannamei shrimp is one of the favorite shrimp because it has the potential to generate more profit compared to other types of shrimp, in addition to that, vannamei shrimp can also be farmed in various ways depending on its capabilities and the existing conditions of the land.

One way to do it is using semi-intensive techniques that can be carried out on medium or not very large land and do not require too high a cost, here we present you 13 semi-intensive techniques for farming vaname shrimp in full.

1. Weft preparation

This is to make a place for quarantine or a cultural place in the form of a plot that also works as a place for new reservoirs of water and its flow, the plots are generally maintained by organisms that feed on all kinds of pests in white shrimp so as not to interfere with the white shrimp culture that is being carried out. (Also read about how to farm modern vaname shrimp.)

2. Deal on the Plot

Made in order to process or treat the shrimp that are in cultivation to prevent various diseases, the prepared plots must also include special plots for wastewater from the breeding plot so that the treatment develops without problems and does not interfere with each other. Yes. (Also read about how to farm super intensive vaname shrimp.)

3. Land condition

In the vaname shrimp semi-intensive culture technique, what should be done at the beginning before the culture is to improve the quality and health of the soil used for the location of the pond, so that the conditions for a good location are met, that is, say those that have the right acidity and organic content, do it by drying the soil, so that the soil oxidizes and decomposes quickly and the toxic substances also evaporate and disappear. (Also read about how to make vaname shrimp probiotics.)

4. Pool cleaning

In addition, for the elimination of remains of organic matter and sludge, a liming of the soil is carried out with adequate management so that the calcium content in the lime binds to the phosphate and decreases the fertility level of the plankton and they are formed and used properly. natural foods. (Also read about how to grow giant prawns in a cement pond.)

5. Water media

In addition, in the semi-intensive vaname shrimp farming technique, water media are needed in the quarantine plot with water settling for at least 1 day, then drained by water in the enlargement plot and filtered through a thin 1-gauge gauze. mm. The water will be sterilized with 20 to 30 ppm chlorine. (Also read about how to raise ornamental shrimp in an aquarium.)

For best water media and maximum results do this in the evening above 5pm and neutralize with chlorine about 2-3 days later and spray probiotics at a rate of 1ppm for really good healthy water conditions appropriate for vaname shrimp farming.

6. Plankton growth

At the same time, cultivate plankton by providing organic fertilizer before sowing the seeds so that the plankton can grow well and can become natural food and play a role in soil and water fertility. Check first before putting the seeds in the water.

7. Seed quality

When the state of the land is ready, the next step is to spread seeds that have previously selected good and quality seeds, that have good color, have the strength to be able to swim against the current, are almost the same size and have no bodily defects. or congenital seed diseases. A good seed with proper care will also produce a good crop.

8. Spreading Seeds

Distribute the seeds in the afternoon because vaname shrimp sometimes have sensitivity to sunlight, especially when they have just been moved to a new place, place the seeds in plastic or special containers and water them little by little using pond water in the pond until the vaname white shrimp automatically move and swim in the pond location.

9. Food

Provide healthy food for vaname shrimp i.e. nutritious pellets and as needed adjust the amount of feed given to the number of vaname shrimp and existing density, provide continuous feeding at least 3 times a day with even distribution so that vaname white shrimp can get food wherever it goes.

10. Harvest time

Vannamei shrimp can be harvested when it has reached good quality and reached the target expected by the market, harvest it at night with special tools such as containers and nets, and carefully catch it and immediately wash and store it in the refrigerator so that the vannamei shrimp does not rot. damage shedding and have a good quality when it is sold.

11. Environmental cleaning

Make sure that from the initial process and the maintenance period to the harvest period, always maintain environmental cleanliness, protect the pond location from dangerous predators, and protect it from dirty environment and air pollution, so that the shrimp vaname blanco can grow well and produce satisfactory crops. .

12. Advanced maintenance

In the post-harvest period, pay attention to the soil and water conditions before adding new seeds, if it is still possible and conditions are still good, cultivation can be continued in the same way, making sure that conditions are really good and it doesn’t make the vaname shrimp stressed or upset.

13. Quality maintenance

Always maintain the quality of the culture in order to obtain the best yields and the trust of the buyers by providing the best care, providing the best feed, maintaining the environmental and water conditions, and preventing stress in the vaname shrimp, do all this so that vaname shrimp disease does not appear and good quality is always maintained.

Therefore, the vaname semi-intensive shrimp farming technique, of course, the method described is very comprehensive and can be done with perseverance and patience, the key is to provide all the best facilities from the preparation period to the storage period. harvest to truly create quality. and satisfactory cultivation.

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