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13 tips to make cats feel at homeCats are a very suitable animal to have at home. Animals with soft fur have cute and adorable characters. This cute looking pampered nature has made someone feel at home playing with cats for a long time. Unfortunately, cats tend to be sensitive to new surroundings.

For that we must prepare everything that can make the cat feel at home and not try to run away from home. So, what are the ways that can be done so that the cat does not try to escape and is comfortable at home?

Well, maybe this question is on your mind. On this occasion, we will talk clearly and exhaustively about 13 tips for cats to feel at home. By practicing the things on this page, you will feel the difference and see the cat every day at home longer.

Tips to make your cat feel at home

  1. Recognize the body language of cats

When raising a cat, of course, we must learn to recognize the cat’s emotions. This is very useful for bonding with cats. For example, a confident cat’s body language can be seen in her eyes wide open, head forward, back slightly arched, and tail erect. (Also read: How to take good care of a kitten)

  1. Recognize the characteristics of the cat

The characters that each cat possesses are certainly diverse, some are really very brave, but some cats actually become shy. However, if the cat we have came from a stray cat, of course we have to tame it first.

  1. Recognize the habits of cats

To recognize cats, of course, we must be diligent in observing and communicating with the cats we have. From the frequency with which we communicate with cats, we will know what habits cats usually have at each moment, both good and bad habits.

  1. let cats explore

Cats generally love to go and explore new places. So it’s a good idea if you don’t restrict the cat’s movement too much to find out which spot is most comfortable for her. However, you also don’t want to be too free if the cat is still in the stage of introducing a new alias in that place, it would be better if he was accompanied first so as not to get lost. (Also read: How to care for a mongrel cat)

  1. Let the cats run around the house

In order for cats to feel at home, of course, we must introduce the home environment to cats. If the cat feels safe and comfortable after walking around the house, then he is more likely to feel at home.

  1. feed regularly

One of the reasons cats often run away from home is hunger. Providing regular food with the correct portions will certainly minimize the cat taking food out of the house.

  1. Provide vertical space

Vertical space can be made in the form of a painting tree. This space can be a means for cats to move around. It’s no secret that sometimes cats have an agile character. By providing vertical space, we have provided a play space for cats. In addition to vertical space, we can also provide other game facilities that cats can use to play. (Also read: How to take good care of a kitten)

  1. Provide litter box

Not only do we provide a cat litter box, we also need to make sure the litter box is clean. In addition, the placement of the litter box should be in a space that is rarely passed through because cats also need privacy.

  1. protect from pests

Cats often experience fear due to a nuisance animal. If you have other animals besides cats, make sure they don’t disturb the cat’s comfort. Put the cat in a place that is safe from any disturbance. Cats that are restless and fearful will very easily run away from the house because they feel uncomfortable. But it would be even better if these different types of animals were introduced to each other.

  1. provide a hiding place

Cats often feel anxious and scared. If this happens, the cat will run to a hidden place. Therefore, he must provide a hidden room in case something like this happens. (Also read: How to relieve stress in Angora cats)

  1. Provide a window with a view

Cats are also sometimes happy to see the scenery outside the house. Often the cat sits thoughtfully looking at the view through the window. It’s simple, but this advice can make a cat very happy if what he sees is also funny.

  1. playing with cats

They not only provide facilities like games and special rooms. Cats also need the love of their owners. He is very happy when he is invited to play. Therefore, it is best if you take the time to play with your cat or take him out for a walk to get some fresh air.

  1. Give the cat a playmate

Just like humans, cats are creatures that also need friends. You can give him a friend or let him socialize with other cats. (Also read: How to have a cat in an apartment)

It’s easy to love a cat, but making cats feel at home in our homes takes time and attention. So it’s good that these tips for making cats feel at home can be your guide.

Because taming a cat to stay at home is not easy, it requires some proper tips and tricks. This is an article on tips on how to make cats feel at home. I hope I can help you all. Good luck and good luck.

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