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13 ways to feed milkfish for beginnersOne of the fish that is widely cultivated is milkfish because it has a large market share, milkfish are sold almost every day in traditional markets and supermarkets. Milkfish is also a favorite fish to be processed into various types of food, such as ready milkfish, etc. Therefore, milkfish farming has great market potential.

For the harvest to be successful, of course, it is mandatory to cultivate diligently and provide for the milkfish’s needs. One thing that must be taken into account is the way of feeding. What is the right way to achieve a successful harvest? Check the following article, 13 ways to feed the milkfish.

1. Healthy and Clean Eating

The milkfish feeding method that should first be considered is the quality of the feed itself, ensuring that the feed is of good quality, is wholesome and contains all the required nutritional content and is kept clean, both when storing the food as during feeding. process. (Also read about milkfish farming in canvas ponds).

2. Give 3 times a day

Milkfish should be given regular dive feed, in a day at least feed 2-3 times a day, give gradually to minimize remaining feed in pond water. Give it at the same time or hours and be disciplined so that the milkfish get used to having regular feeding times so that they have a good metabolism. (Also read about white snapper farming.)

3. Make sure it runs out in 2-3 hours

As explained, feed little by little so as not to contaminate the pond water, evaluate after feeding, make sure that the given feed is finished or that there is not much left in the pond water, because if the pond water is dirty by the rest of the food, it will cause new problems, such as pond water that is dirty and easily harbored by bacteria and causes nuisance to the milkfish. (Also read about how to raise carp).

4. Reduce portions in the rainy season

In the rainy season, the way to feed the milkfish in the rainy season is to reduce the portion of food a little. Because in the rainy season, the water temperature rises and the milkfish’s appetite decreases, if it is fed with the same level, it is feared that it will cause a lot of waste and dirt in the pond. (Also read about how to preserve birds of paradise.)

5. How to sow the feed

In food, spray at a rate of 3-5% per day and by weight of biomass. Spray the food at a fixed point each time, that is, at the point that is the center of the pond so that all the milkfish can get the food evenly. The sowing portion has been adjusted to the needs of the milkfish, give it properly, neither less nor more. (Also read about how to grow baung fish in canvas ponds.)

6. Pellet delivery

Make an assessment by observing the response of the milkfish after being fed, feed it a varied menu, for example, providing it with nutritious processed foods that are in the package while paying attention to its nutritional content and adding pellets that have higher nutrition. , a varied diet will make the milkfish eager to eat and maximize their growth.

7. Addition of multivitamins

The way of feeding the milkfish, of course, must also be accompanied by the addition of multivitamins, both natural and artificial multivitamins that have been processed, this is to maximize growth so that the milkfish gains weight quickly and has an ideal weight in time. from harvest. Choose the best multivitamin and give it according to the recommended dose.

8. Disease prevention

Carry out disease prevention while feeding the milkfish, so that new diseases or problems do not arise due to human indiscipline, for example, feeding at undisciplined times, feeding at inadequate levels, or feeding with poor hygiene and poor quality .

Illnesses that arise due to feeding problems will certainly cause disease even in milkfish because the feed given to them is accepted and enters the body of all the milkfish in the pond. because it must be carried out seriously to avoid losses and bad harvests.

9. Appetite Assessment

Assess the milkfish’s appetite regularly, whether the fed feed runs out quickly or vice versa, the expected result is that the need for food and appetite increase from time to time due to weight gain and age. If the level of feeding required does not change, it is a sign that growth is not optimal.

10. Grouping of feeding needs

Group milkfish periodically by body weight and age so they can be fed accordingly. If the milkfish that are being farmed are placed in a pond without being grouped together, there will be a risk that the small milkfish will lose to the large milkfish and become weaker and smaller until eaten by other milkfish.

11. Impact of feed on water

Pay attention to the impact of the feed on the pond water, sometimes there are fish feeds that cause ammonia in the pond water, which makes the pond water cloudy and impairs the health of milkfish. To overcome this, feed the best diet, especially in the form of a probiotic diet, to provide maximum health and less risk.

12. Health check

Also do a milkfish health check on the way the milkfish is fed, i.e. the impact on their growth and health, make sure the feed is of good quality and capable of providing progress in milkfish growth, a good food with the correct dose will undoubtedly have the best impact on the health of the milkfish.

13. Feeding near harvest

When the period approaches the harvest period, make sure that the feeding is stable so that the growth of the milkfish is also stable so that it can be sold for maximum profit. Make sure milkfish have a good appetite so that resistance does not decrease and does not cause problems at harvest time for a successful harvest to be achieved.

Therefore, the article this time is hopefully easy for you to understand and can be an insight and guide for your daily cultivation. Don’t forget to always update your knowledge by reading articles on our website. Thanks. Greetings from the author.

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