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13 ways to get cats to eat their best
Having a cat at home as a pet will surely be happy if you see its healthy, fat and fast-growing body. This will make the owner feel happy because the cat becomes lively and active. but sometimes the cat is difficult to predict what he wants, sometimes his appetite decreases suddenly even though he is not sick. Such conditions are certainly confusing when cats cannot convey to humans what they feel.

On this occasion, the author will share tips to overcome these conditions, namely 13 ways to get cats to eat. This method can be done easily without using any difficult tools or methods. Just do it with dear kaish and watch the reaction. What are the forms? Let’s see more in the next article.

1. Pay attention to the food menu

How to make a cat eat, the first thing to look at is what food has been given so far, the quantity, the variety and the frequency with which it eats or leaves it. Like humans, there are times when cats get bored if they eat the same food all day, especially in excessive portions, so that they feel full and feel uncomfortable in the stomach.

It is better to feed him with a varied menu, with sufficient portions, not in excess, and alternate with snacks such as dried meat or fish that are sold in animal feed stores. With a varied menu, you’ll be curious to try it every time you eat to get you excited about eating. (Also read about how to make a cat adapt quickly.)

2. Monitor your appetite

Control your appetite, as when you don’t want to eat. Pay attention to the condition of the body and mood. Perhaps he is in heat or when he wants to get married and that affects his appetite. To overcome this, continue to give him a varied menu and fulfill wishes according to the mood, if it is due to lust problems, immediately give him a partner. (Also read about the symptoms of toxoplasma in cats).

3. Check for oral diseases

Look closely at his mouth, if there are diseases such as food remains that are stuck to his teeth or maybe he has canker sores because it is difficult and painful for him to eat and he does not want to touch the food. If there are problems with oral health, treat them immediately with the best treatment. (Also read about how to treat diarrhea in Angora cats.)

4. Stomach health

The way to get the cat to eat is also required to check its digestive health. Try to notice when was the last time you had a bowel movement? Maybe he’s constipated, so his stomach feels full and he doesn’t want to eat. Or maybe his body looks weak from diarrhea? This is the same form of management, that is, treating the cause first. (Also read about how to prevent fungus in cats.)

5. Prevent stress

Stress and pressure conditions sometimes also affect his appetite, pay attention to his relationship with other cats or with the humans around him. Maybe there is a cat that bothers him many times so he doesn’t want to eat, maybe there are humans who continue to bother him, for example a small child who likes to play so much that he gets stressed and wants to leave the place. (Also read about the impact of unvaccinated cats)

7. Lure appetite

The way to get a cat to eat is to bring food that smells delicious, let the smell smell, if he feels awake and comes to you to ask for food, it is a sign that he has gotten bored with his food and wants a new variety of food which seems most delicious and evocative.

7. Feed it by hand

Try to feed him his favorite food directly with your hands, maybe all this time he doesn’t want to eat because he feels less cared for and feels that he needs your love. The cat is a pampered animal and likes to be loved, caressed, and invited to have fun playing. Once upon a time accompany him to eat so that he feels happy and excited.

8. Give vitamins

Add vitamins for your daily nutritional intake, unpredictable weather sometimes makes your appetite go up and down and changes your mood regarding food. The vitamins will keep your body healthy and maintain your stamina so that your appetite is always stable.

9. Invite to play

Invite him to play, an overweight cat with little mobility also makes him lazy to eat, invite him to games that make him run and be more active, so that later he feels hungry and wants to eat. When he finishes playing immediately give him food and of course accompany him to eat until he finishes.

10. Provide a comfortable environment

A comfortable environment will also affect his appetite, try to pay attention to the cleanliness of his own body and cage, try to keep everything clean so that he feels comfortable and excited to make appaun including the spirit of eating. As humans, of course we are lazy, right? If we eat in a messy and dirty place, that’s how cats feel.

11. Take a walk

Take a walk around the house that has fresh air or trees, or it can be a large garden, a cat’s decreased appetite can occur because he is bored every day at home and never sees the outside world. Take him for a walk so that his body is in shape and away from stress so that his appetite increases.

12. Give friends

Loneliness may be the reason why he does not want to eat, give him another cat friend and feed him together, when he sees his friend eating ravenously, usually the cat will get excited and want to eat because he has friends to play with and friends to do anything activity together.

13. Check the general state of health

If you’ve done all you can but don’t change her desire to eat, it’s a good idea to check her overall health at the vet to uncover the unexpected possibility that your beloved cat may have certain diseases that affect her appetite. Always pay attention to your cat’s health and mood, affection and genuine care are the best ways to keep your cat happy to eat and stay healthy.

Hence the article on 13 ways to get cats to eat. Hopefully, it can be useful to inspire you in the daily care of your cat. Thank you for reading. Greetings from the author.

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