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13 Ways to Grow Bobber Fish With Canvas Ponds
Snakehead fish is one of the freshwater fish that is consumed quite frequently. The snakehead fish itself has an elongated body shape. Even the fish are predatory fish, because these fish like to eat small animals like aquatic insects and even small fish.

The shape of this fish head resembles the head of a snake and it has an oval body that resembles a cylinder. This is what gives this fish the name snakehead. The color variations of the fish are based on their habitat, some are brownish black and some are even greenish.

Even so, the snakehead fish has a very good nutritional contribution for the body, like other types of fish.

If you want to fish quality cork fish with a high sale value. You need to pay attention to several things to maintain the quality of the snakehead fish. Do not forget to always keep in mind all the risks that can occur during the snakehead treatment process.

If you want maximum yields, you need to pay attention to seed selection, pay attention to location and water quality, choose quality feed, and the conditions and equipment for the tarp pool you use. Here are 13 ways to farm snakehead fish with canvas ponds that you can try for yourself.

1. Location selection

Pay attention to the selection of the canvas pond location for the cork fish culture media later. This is different from a hydroponic pool. Be sure to choose a strategic location, so you can browse freely. Because the selection of the location of the pond will determine the abundant harvest.

When you harvest snakeheads, you will harvest hundreds to thousands of snakeheads in a period. Also make sure that the location of the canvas pool you choose is a place that is clean and not contaminated with debris, just like betta fish farming.

2. Preparation of the pool cover

The first thing you have to do is clear the ground first. Make sure the land for the pond location you choose is away from residents’ homes, as well as to support arowana fish.

For the necessary materials, of course, a high-quality canvas pool. This medium plays an important role in terms of scaling and aftercare for snakehead fish. Make a tarpaulin pool with a size of 5m long and 2m wide. You can make this pool in advance for a week before buying and preparing cork seeds.

3. Pool water filling

Do not forget to fill the pool and leave it for 3 to 5 days. This is to prepare microorganisms and moss and worms to emerge as natural food.

When you fill the pool, you only need to fill it until the water reaches a height of 60 to 100 cm. And let the water sit until the water is not too clear. Water conditions play an important role before spreading and starting the cultivation process.

4. water temperature

Also pay attention to the temperature of the water in the pool. For cork cultivation, the water temperature must be between 26 and 30 °C. As for the pH of the water, it is better that it is in the range of 4 to 9 ppm. Then the dissolved oxygen content must be at least 1 mg/litre. And the optimum is 5-6 ppm, with NH3 content less than 1.5 ppm.

5. Swimming pool construction

The shape of the canvas pool is best rectangular. And in the form of a trapezoidal embankment, make sure that the slope is 1: 1. And on top of the embankment it is covered with aquatic plants so that erosion does not occur. The height of the embankment should be 1.5 to 2 m, which can be done from the ground or walls.

6. Seed selection

As for the male and female cork bulls, make sure they are quality seeds. The characteristic is that the male cork has a head shape that tends to be oval. And it’s much darker in color, and it has a corky red genital opening.

Unlike the female, it will usually have a color that tends to be light. And she has a more rounded head. Then choose the weight of the players at least 1 kg. If you have this, it’s time to do the spawning process.

7. Seed sowing time

The timing of sowing the snakehead fish seeds is also very important. It is advisable to spread the seeds in the morning or in the afternoon. To prevent the cork seeds from being damaged due to the heat of the sun. Also, during the day the water temperature tends to get warmer, which can cause the seeds to experience stress and lead to death.

8. Maintain water quality

Never ignore the quality of the canvas pool water. If you want to catch high-quality snakehead fish, pay attention to the state of the water. Use good water and not polluted with waste just like how to keep koi fish

9. Spawning process

Always pay attention to the pond for the maintenance of broodstock. If you have found fish eggs, you should immediately move them to a special aquarium. Treat it with care until it enters the natural hatching process. Wait until you don’t find any eggs. To feed the young fish, you can feed them with moss.

In one spawning process you can get up to 10 thousand fish eggs. For perfect hatching, you need to prepare an aquarium with a size of 65 x 45 x 45 cm.

10. Food

Feeding snakehead fish is the same as feeding other fish. You only need to feed it 2-3 times a day. Do not be late for feeding, considering that the snakehead fish is a cannibal, so it can eat smaller fish. Pay attention to the nutritional content of the feed. Make sure each food contains 30% protein, 10-25% carbohydrates, 25% fat.

11. Treatment

In hot weather, especially in summer, the pool water evaporates quickly. Therefore, you need to add water regularly. You can add water every 3 days, if it is too often it will disturb the calm of the pool and interrupt the water circulation.

12. Pest control

Pests and diseases are important factors in determining the success of the harvest. When farming snakeheads, make sure the snakeheads are not bothered by nuisance animals. As well as the presence of rice field snakes, monitor lizards and many others, try not to disturb the canvas pool.

13. Baung Commercial Fish Farming Equipment

When farming snakehead fish, of course you need some important equipment. Such as supplying quality cork fish seed, paralon, hoses, quality tarps, buckets, nets, aquariums for drums. Do not forget to prepare a water pump, to make canvas ponds for cork fish. You also need some equipment to clean the tarpaulin pond just like the kite fish farming method,

This is an explanation on how to farm snakehead fish with a tarp pool to make it easier for you to grow snakehead fish effectively.

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