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13 Ways to Grow Green Scallops for BeginnersGreen mussel farming is now a promising business opportunity and can be done in marine coastal areas. It is estimated that the benefit generated is much greater and the effort made is easier than fishing in the middle of the sea. Trading capital to get started is quite efficient and doesn’t require too much equipment. This is the cause of the increasing attention to green mussel farming.

Green scallops, which are people’s favorite seafood menu due to its high nutritional content and affordable prices, are widely sold in various seafood restaurants or restaurants, so the market demand is high. On this occasion the author will describe 13 ways to cultivate green mussels, of course as new knowledge that will be useful to you and also as a guide if you want to try your luck in this business. let’s read this article to the end.

1. Characteristics of green shells

Before knowing how to grow green mussels, it is mandatory to know in advance what and how the characteristics of green mussels are, that is, marine animals that have two green shells that are found at sea depths between 1 and 7 meters. Its distribution is evenly distributed in almost all the beaches of Indonesia, so it becomes a great opportunity to be cultivated. (Also read about how to treat fungus in catfish.)

2. Location selection

For the cultivation of green mussels, the best location must be chosen and capable of being a place of survival, the location is an area that is protected from strong currents and does not have a high salt content. Site selection is important because the environment is the basic factor for green mussels to develop quickly and avoid stress. (Also read about corydoras fish farming.)

3. Water conditions

The necessary water conditions should also be considered, the best water conditions are muddy and sandy areas, in such a location it will be easier for farmers because green mussels can independently find the necessary nutrients and nutrients during reproduction so that they faster growth potential. . (Also read about how to farm fish with a biofloc system.)

4. Avoid contamination

The way to farm green mussels which is also related to site selection is to make the site free from waste, pollution and contamination. That is, free of toxic waste such as copper, zinc, mercury, lead, etc. The location should also be away from rivers that are associated with homes to avoid wasting detergent, bath soap, and the like. (Also read about how to farm fish with a recirculating system.)

5. Understand the risk factors

Take care of yourself as best you can and avoid risks early on, such as choosing a location, looking for a location that is truly free of hazardous waste materials or pollution and contamination because locations near waste have the potential to cause salmonella and echericia bacteria coli that of course can trigger danger for humans who consume them. . (Also read about how to farm fish with probiotics.)

6. Proper temperature and pH

Each animal certainly has a natural habitat that affects the cultivation process, farmers should adjust the new location that best suits their natural habitat, for the best temperature and pH of 27-27 degrees Celsius and a pH level of 6- 8, try to be able to be in these conditions so that the growth of the green mussel develops optimally.

7. Collect Seeds (Spat)

The main way to farm green mussels is to collect seeds for cultivation by inserting a collection rope made from simple materials such as coconut fiber. Look for green mussel spas in their natural habitat while still using natural methods that do not harm the environment or their natural population.

8. How to catch the seeds

The collecting rope you prepared above is placed in waters that have a lot of green mussel seeds, let it sit for a while and then the seeds will move and stick naturally, do not shake them or apply pressure because it may disturb the natural population of green mussels and others. surrounding fish.

9. How to play

In order to cultivate optimally, it is necessary to know and understand in advance how green mussels develop so that farmers can develop them to the fullest. The way green mussels reproduce is external fertilization, that is, the release of sperm and eggs into the water until they mix, within 24 hours the eggs hatch and become larvae that will later become seeds at the age of 15 to 20 days and will develop into adult green mussels in the water at 5 to 6 months of age.

10. Cultivation method

The cultivation method of green mussels is called the step raft method, that is, sticking bamboo on the bottom of the waters that have been prepared, the location of the raft should be prepared according to the high and low tides when the tide is short. so that the raft does not experience drought since it is known that green mussels are marine animals that of course will not be able to survive if the environment is dry.

11. Daily care

The collecting rope of the raft that has been prepared and filled with the developed and plugged seed should be calculated at a distance of about one meter between the ropes so that they do not interfere with each other and facilitate daily maintenance, monitor the growth of mussels greens in daily life, ensure complete nutrition either through natural nutrition on site directly or through additional feeding. Treatment and observations are carried out for about 5-6 months.

12. Pest and disease control

Pests that usually attack green mussels are barnacles such as starfish and crabs. Keep green mussels away from crabs because crabs can eat up to a dozen green mussels per day. Disease protection is carried out by protecting the cultivation site from hazardous waste such as water pollution and household waste.

13. Harvest process

In 5 to 6 months, green mussels that are treated with a maximum can reach a size of 6 to 8 cm and have become a demand size for the market. Harvest when the green mussels are in a resting phase by scraping or hitting the clams from the rope, do it slowly to minimize the injury and that the green mussels have a higher survival during the marketing process.

Therefore, the article on how to grow green mussels will hopefully be useful information for you. Do not forget to always read the articles on our website that contain complete knowledge about the animal world, as well as your guide to the daily care of your beloved pets and farm animals. Thanks for reading, best regards from the author.

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