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Honey bees are animals that provide many benefits to humans and the natural environment, the most important benefit that we often find is, of course, the honey produced, which is known to have high properties to maintain health and treat various diseases. . Honey is also good for consumption by anyone, from youngsters to adults to the elderly.

This is, of course, a special attraction for entrepreneurs who focus on the livestock sector to more widely harness the natural potential that exists in nature. On this occasion the author will describe in detail about 13 ways to grow honey bees for beginners as a quality prospect for other readers or a guide for friends who are interested in cultivating it. There’s more here. (Also read about how to grow wild honey bees)

1. How to live bee animals

Before entering the cultivation process, the author explains in advance the way of life of honey bees to understand what the process is like and the right time and place for maintenance, harvesting, etc. Each honey bee colony has 3 types namely queen bees, worker bees and male bees. (Also read about how to raise honey bees for beginners)

Honey bees live by pollinating the flowers in which they live. The essence that is taken from the flower is eaten and used to make nests as a breeding ground, these flowers include roses, orchids, jasmine, etc. (Also read about how to breed honey wasps)

2. Quality queen bee seeds

The queen of the honey bee animals is the female bee that is the core of the life of the honey bee colony, the quality queen bee has a stomach that is longer than the length of her wings, the size of her chest it is larger than that of a worker bee and its head is perfectly round. Its lifespan is about 4-6 years and it will keep laying eggs, in one day it can produce 1000 eggs. (Also read about the benefits of honey in canaries

3. Development from eggs to bees

The eggs that develop into larvae live in the nest cells of honey bee animals, on the 6th to 9th day the nest cells will be closed by the worker bees and incubated for 12 days, that is, until the 21st day. The honey bee animal gnaws on nest cells to start coming out and working on its job of foraging for food. (Also read about the honey bee farming process)

4. Initial capital

The necessary capital is a cardboard box for growing honey bees, a minimum of 40 boxes for a colony, a box made of softwood boards of mahogany or suren wood with a thickness of 3 cm, you can also use a gelodok of bamboo. Other modalities include a smoker to tame, masks as safety, gloves and a honeycomb cage or commonly called a frame so that the queen bee cannot get out.

5. Environmental requirements

The environment must have a maximum temperature of 26, an open place, away from human traffic, abundant flowers for food supply and close to water sources.

6. Bee Animal House Making

A 20 to 25 cm diameter bamboo cane is used to keep it closed at the edges, a 2 to 3 cm hole is made in one side of the lid for entry and exit. Honey bee pet house bamboo is cut slightly from the top down to make it easier to open, inspect and harvest honey bee hives. At the door, tie it with wire and rubber rope. Hang the bee house on the tree vertically at an angle of about 60 degrees.

7. Nest preparation

After the cage is ready, put 2-3 rows of wooden combs with wire mesh, put them in the house, cover them with royal jelly so that the honey bee queen and her colony are comfortable living in it because it is like being in a natural nest location.

8. Protection against pests and insects

Generally the annoying pests are the ants, protect them by giving water to the legs of the cage so that the ants cannot climb. If you find a sick honey bee that can’t seem to fly, separate it from the colony so it doesn’t spread to other honey bees.

9. Daily care

Carry out daily maintenance by preparing flowering plants around the cultivation site, the necessary flowering plants, for example, are roses, orchids, jasmine, shoes or the sun. The more plants the better because it will affect the amount of honey harvested because the bees need food from these flowers.

10. How to Harvest

Prepare clothing equipped with masks, gloves when harvesting to protect yourself, harvesting can be done after 40 days from the first time the queen bee is placed in the cage. It can also be used for temporary fumigation to make the bees more docile so that the process of taking the comb or honey frame goes smoothly. Don’t forget to secure the queen bee for the next growing process.

11. Taking honey from the hive

After taking the honeycomb, peel the nest with a squeezing tool, do it carefully so that too much honey is not wasted when exfoliating, do not forget to extract it with an extraction tool afterwards so that the honey produced is cleaner and maximum. Royal jelly is usually found in honey bee hives which is white in color which has the best medicinal benefits and is highly nutritious.

12. Waste management

The feces taken from the nest can be used for cooking as personal food, bee nests also have high nutrition and the best protein content, so it’s a shame to throw them away.

13. Harvest products

Honey bees can produce liquid honey, comb droppings, and bee larvae, all of which are effective at increasing stamina and other health benefits. In addition, honey bees also produce pollen and royal jelly as food and medicine ingredients.

This is what the author can pass on, hopefully it will be a quality guide and insight for you in honey bee animal farming, of course each result is according to what you are looking for i.e. food and the right environment and the best way. of care. Finally, the author says thank you. See you in the next article. Greetings.

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