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13 ways to keep a cat in the apartmentCats are pets that can be placed anywhere as long as they have a clean environment, enough sunlight, and a large natural play area.

As an animal that originally came from the wild, a cat will undoubtedly feel stressed when continually placed in the house, even though the house is full of bells and whistles.

Once upon a time I still wanted nature and fresh air, so what if a cat owner lives in a closed area like an apartment? The multi-story house that is comfortable if not accompanied by a natural environment will make the cat feel stressed and easily sick.

For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the following 13 ways to keep a cat in an apartment that can be applied in the daily care of the cat so that the needs of the cat’s nature are met and stress is avoided. There’s more here.

1. Dry environment

To provide comfort for cats living in apartments, the environment where the cat lives should of course be in a dry and clean condition so that the cat is not susceptible to mold, put the cat in a comfortable area with a place to eat . and defecate, protect the cat from jump places such as an open window to ensure safety. (Also read about how to treat skin conditions in Angora cats).

2. sun

Apartments usually have an area that allows the owner to see the outside view freely and be a place for sunlight to enter. Cats still need sunlight as a natural vitamin for a healthy coat. Often put it there in the morning and at least twice a week move it out of the apartment so it’s in healthy direct morning sunlight. (Also read about how to treat flu in Angora cats).

3. Play area

Be sure to prepare a play area for cats, cats that live in apartments certainly get bored easily because they are always in the room and see the same thing all the time, give him a variety of toys so that he does not get bored and can distract him with his toys when you are bored with your surroundings. (Also read about how to relieve stress in Angora cats).

4. Drying time

At least pay attention when drying the cat directly in the morning sun, if possible the window is opened and the cat can still be supervised and is still in a safe condition, do it every morning so that the body feels in fit and healthy, if it is not possible, it can be done outside the apartment at the time you take him out for a walk. (Also read about how to whet a cat’s appetite.)

5. Friends

If possible, give your cat a cat friend of the same age for his friends to play and do various daily activities, especially if you are a busy worker who spends very little time at home, a cat needs a friend to play with, if you’re still alone and don’t have any friends to play with, it’s easy to get stressed. (Also read about how to deal with a fussy cat.)

6. Natural atmosphere

Periodically bring the cat closer to the natural environment that has trees and shade so that it can release stress and enjoy beautiful nature, do not continuously place it in the apartment without taking it for a walk in nature, it will increase boredom and make it easier for stress comes to you.

7. Attention

Give him attention by inviting him to play together whenever you have time so that your cat does not get bored, invite him to play in a light way such as playing ball or tickling his body, do not forget to stimulate his activity by giving him a game that makes him move or jump a lot

8. Nutritional Adequacy

Apartments generally have cold weather, cats will tend to get cold easily and feel hungry more often, make sure their food and drink are always available so they don’t go looking for food when they are hungry. Provide it in a clean place that can be accessed and make sure that the water supplied is boiled water.

9. Warm environment

Bring the cat closer to a familiar environment, for example at night when you get together with your family, invite him to come to play and feel that he has many friends, so the cat will feel happier and will not feel alone, also make the cat cat more comfortable and benign.

10. Sleeping hours

Pay attention to the cat’s sleeping hours, make sure it has a balanced time between sleeping and playing, usually in cold weather the cat will become lazy to move and sleep more, it may make its body obese and its health look disturbed and his activity is reduced, invite him to stay ready to move.

11. Body hygiene

Being in a clean apartment does not mean neglecting the cleanliness of the body, the cat should still be bathed to remove dirt from the skin and between the fur, bathe the cat directly or in a special salon regularly and continue to comb its fur every day So that the fur stays nice and does not weigh down, the cat that is rarely combed even if it is in a clean place will make the hair fall out easily and get wet easily.

12. Walking time

At least once a week take the cat for a walk outside the apartment, if the surroundings of the apartment have a garden area to relax, invite the cat to go there to play, do it in the morning when the sun is still hot, the cat you will feel happy and entertained because there you can see the outside world and play outdoors freely, you will also be entertained by meeting cats or other animals that are also walking.

13. Pay attention to desire

Pay attention to the cat’s wishes that are related to its natural needs, for example, during the breeding season, give it the satisfaction of mating so that it is not stressed and can satisfy its natural needs, this can be done by providing friends and breeding them or mating with other cats. Pay attention to these signs, but also pay attention if the cat shows signs of illness or stress, give it to him immediately and take care of what is necessary.

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