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13 Ways To Outgrow Birds By Replacing Feathers So They Don't Get Sick
Bird feather loss is also often referred to by another term, namely molting. If it looks like your bird is starting to shed its feathers, don’t worry because there are many ways to deal with molting birds and this process is not a bad sign, but rather a normal cycle that all birds experience. This event is a common cycle that birds perform once a year.

This cycle is also known as the annual cycle or it can also be called the resting period of the bird. During this molt, it will be more passive, as if it seems calmer or less acting, in addition, its chirps are not the usual ones. However, you do not need to worry because the process takes place in a short time of approximately 2 to 3 months, the bird will recover.

On the other hand, you should also know that not all birds experience an annual molt. There are some birds that do this cycle more often each year. You need to worry about a process like this because it is not good enough for the health of your beloved bird. In addition, it is feared that an incident like this could lead to a drop in productivity.

Actually, to change the feathers of birds, this is quite useful because it gives them new feathers by removing the old feathers. Even so, there are still many people who are confused about how birds go through a molt or molt cycle. Well, to deal with a cycle like this, you must increase your attention to the Bird because it is more sensitive to diseases.

Here are several ways you can apply Overcome Birds Changing Feathers to make the results more beautiful. (Also read: How to tame an owl)

How to overcome the change of feathers of birds

  1. Provide adequate nutrients

When birds molt, of course, they need a lot of energy during the molting process to grow new feathers. Adequate nutrition must be provided for the bird’s energy to remain stable.

  1. Provide Nutritional Intake (Vitamins and Minerals)

Perhaps giving the birds voer is more than enough. However, there is nothing wrong with adding nutrients like vitamins or mineral supplements. Keep an eye on your bird’s health during this cycle so it doesn’t weaken.

  1. Reduce protein levels

Distinguish birds that feed in normal times with molts. When the bird is in this molting phase, it is not recommended to feed it with the protein intake that you usually give it. The purpose of this is that the bird does not continue singing, since basically during the moulting period the bird must rest completely.

  1. Gives a mixture of puree and powdered milk.

There are several types of food that are recommended for consumption by birds undergoing molt. One of them is a mixture of skin and powdered milk which is considered to help in rapid shedding of hair and shedding will soon be over. (Also Read: How To Train Pleci Birds To Open Beaks Quickly)

  1. Minimize the provision of crickets

When your bird is molting, reduce the cricket supply or, better yet, stop giving crickets first. However, if you really feel that the birds need nutrition, you can give them crickets in smaller portions than usual.

  1. Minimize Hong Kong caterpillar feeding

As well as trying to reduce crickets, you should also be able to minimize Hong Kong caterpillar feeding to birds during the moulting period. Hong Kong caterpillars can be fed three times a week.

  1. Keep the cage clean

Don’t forget to clean the bird’s cage during the molting process. Because when the bird sheds its feathers, the cage automatically gets dirty so you don’t let your bird inhale harmful ammonia. You should clean the cage twice a day. Read how to deal with an angora cat.

  1. Take care of the surrounding conditions

When you are in the moulting period, allow the bird to enjoy the time that is really a complete rest. Also, try to place it in a comfortable and safe place so that the bird can rest well and recover energy. (Also read: How to treat birds that lose their voice)

  1. Do not be in a hurry to bathe the birds.

Molting or molting is a cycle where the bird’s period is basically not too disturbed. You shouldn’t rush to bathe the bird every day during the molt until it collapses.

  1. Put it in a dry and humid place.

It is absolutely not recommended to dry the birds during moulting. Instead of drying it out, you can place the bird in a dry, moist place to help the molting process go smoothly.

  1. Protect from the night wind

It is best to keep moulting birds away from the night wind. It is better to put the bird in a cage in the house. Or if you put the bird in an outdoor area, try curtaining the cage.

  1. Regularly opening the curtain

Moulting birds should not be attacked by nocturnal angina. For that you have to cover the cage with a curtain or veil. However, you should also regularly open the hood.

  1. Do not fight with other birds.

When the bird is in the moulting period, do not think from time to time about entering the competition because it can interfere with the feather threshing process. (Also read: How to care for parakeets in the rainy season)

since 13 How to overcome the change of feathers of birds above, there may be some that you are already doing without realizing it. This is a sign that you have given your favorite bird room to rest during the molt correctly.

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