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13 Ways to Overcome Angora Cats Not Eating EasilyThe decision to breed animals is accompanied by a commitment to maintain health and ensure the viability of life. The owner must also be ready and patient when he is faced with various problems in the care of his beloved pet. One of them is that if someone chooses to have an Angora cat, he must provide him with the best and prevent him from various diseases.

One of the problems in the care of the Angora cat, which is one of the favorite pets of humans, is that it does not want to eat, the owner will be surprised when he experiences it, because of course he cannot ask the Angora cat directly what the problem is or what he feels why he doesn’t want to eat, because in effect, animals can’t speak human language and vice versa.

As an owner who really loves it, you can use the method that I share in this article to solve this problem, see the description and explanation of 13 ways to deal with the following Angora cat that does not eat:

1. Understand the life stages of the Angora cat

All types of cats, including the Angora cat, have a lust phase, that is, the mating period. Generally in this phase the cat will decrease its appetite, its attitude becomes more aggressive and many times it makes noises for no reason and rolls over your body.

The way to overcome this is to satisfy their natural needs in the lust phase, that is, by giving them a partner. If this is not adhered to, your Angora cat, both male and female, will often become restless and have a decreased appetite. (Also read about how to keep a Persian cat)

2. Avoid stress

Stress is also one of the reasons why the Angora cat does not want to eat, for example when adjusting with a new cat, in a new place or with a new owner. His appetite decreased because he did not feel comfortable with the environment around him.

Overcome him by helping him with adaptation first, such as approaching him often and chatting with him, giving him food little by little to whet his appetite. (Also read about how to care for a Russian Blue cat)

3. Invite to play

Often pay attention and invite your angora cat to play. From time to time go for a walk outside the house so you don’t get bored and have outdoor entertainment. Boredom can make you lazy to do activities and lazy to eat. (Also read about how to care for a 2-month-old snub-nosed Persian cat)

4. Give a variety of foods

Just as humans will get bored if they are given a food menu that doesn’t change or that’s it. Angggora cats are carnivorous animals in which a lot of meat or other nutritious food suits them. Provide and provide special cat food with a varied menu or flavor. (Also read about how to care for a bobcat)

5. Apply wet food in the mouth

This is intended to entice the Angora cat to try the food. Your cat may feel bored because they give him the same food, by giving him a different menu and rubbing the wet food in his mouth, he will lick and want to eat more. (Also read about how to care for a 3-month-old Angora cat)

6. Feed the food

If the above method is still not able to persuade him to want to eat, try feeding him delicious special cat food, feeding him in small portions directly into his mouth, doing so quietly and gently stroking his back so that he will swallow what you give him . If he is willing to swallow, try bringing the food container closer to him and let your Angora eat it directly.

7. Check oral health

Angora cats can get thrush, heartburn, or other health problems. If your angora cat really doesn’t want to eat even though he keeps getting closer to the food bowl and his body is weak, check his mouth, he may have thrush making it hard for him to swallow food.

If this happens to your cat you should take him to the nearest vet for the best medicine, usually the doctors will still ask you to give him food even if it is in slightly liquid form and give him medicine and vitamins. When the candidiasis heals, your cat will be able to eat voraciously and comfortably.

8. Give vitamins

Vitamins are also important for increasing your Angora cat’s stamina and appetite. Angora cats that do not want to eat can happen because their immune system is weakened and they do not have an appetite. Consult a veterinarian for advice on the best vitamin according to the health status and age of your Angora cat.

9. Give Honey

Honey has always been a favorite nutrient for humans, its wide-ranging benefits ranging from maintaining stamina, increasing appetite to curing diseases are not only beneficial to humans, but can also be beneficial to Angora cats.

The honey given must not be arbitrary, it must be natural and pure honey and free of artificial sugar. Honey accompanied by artificial sugar can cause diarrhea in Angora cats. Choose honey that is truly natural, mix it into foods and drinks, or give it directly.

10. Give her a comfortable place

Put the cage in a comfortable place, in winter cats usually become lazy and don’t want to eat because their immune system is weak and easy to get diseases. Continue to provide balanced nutrition and a warm, comfortable, clean place for your Angora cat.

11. Check health status

Check the general health status of your Angora cat, if your Angora cat does not want to eat accompanied by a weak body and pale eyes, it is likely that your cat has problems with the stomach or digestive tract. Look up references on various symptoms of diseases in cats and consult a veterinarian immediately.

12. Prevent worms

Worms that are not managed over time will cause the Angora cat to not eat and its stomach to grow. Sometimes it is accompanied by vomiting or there are worms in the stool. If your cat has symptoms of pinworms that may be making her not want to eat, nurse her by continuing to give her food and worm medicine, see a doctor if this continues.

13. Take him to the doctor

This is mandatory if your cat does not want to eat for more than a day accompanied by vomiting and weakness in the body of your Angora cat. Cats that do not receive food intake will get the doctor’s action through a tube while curing the disease.

Because in any condition the Angora cat must still have food reserves in its body so that it is not susceptible to diseases. Thank you and see you soon.

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