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Arowana is a highly priced freshwater ornamental fish with a body size of up to 1 meter and there are even certain types of arowana fish that can reach a length of 2 meters. The scales of the arowana fish are large with a long and strong body. The Arowana fish also has a bar in its mouth that is similar to a mustache, which is why it is often considered a symbol of a living dragon and has earned the nickname dragon fish. Keeping the arowana fish itself is not easy but it is not difficult either.

The interesting thing about having arowana fish is when it is time to eat. Arowana fish generally feed on live crickets or other small animals. When throwing food into the aquarium, the hungry arowana will immediately eat it with great ferocity and it will become a fun sight to watch.

However, this will certainly decrease when the arowana you have decreases its appetite. For this reason, in the following review, we will provide several ways to overcome arowana fish lack of appetite that you can apply on your pet.

  1. Fishing with Arowana’s favorite food

The first tip to deal with arowana fish that lacks appetite can be done by providing the arowana’s favorite food, which can also be done in other freshwater fish farms.

When choosing the arowana’s favorite food, it should be adjusted to the size of the arowana you have. For arowana that is still small, it can be provoked by giving it frozen worms. However, for adult arowana fish earthworms can be given. Frozen worms or earthworms can be given to arowana fish with sizes less than 18 cm.

Meanwhile, arowana fish longer than 18 cm can be found with crickets, shrimp, Hong Kong caterpillars and German caterpillars. In addition, arowana fish with a size of more than 25 cm can be given anything according to their arowana preferences.

  1. add with flow

Adding a stream in the aquarium is the next best way to stimulate the hunger of your arowana fish, but it should not be done when farming tilapia in plastic drums.

Adding a current can make your arowana fish swim against the current so it can stimulate their hunger. The thing to consider when adding current is to make sure the current is not too strong because it can stress the arowana fish.

  1. Don’t feed too much

Many arowana owners think that if you give the arowana fish a lot of food, it will make its body grow faster. While this is true, interval should still be considered, i.e. not giving too much at one time to eat and fill the arowana. This can cause arowana fish to go on hunger strike for up to 1-2 days because they are still full like in other types of freshwater ornamental fish.

Arowana will need more time to digest food and will only eat again when the digestive process is complete.

The best you can do is give him enough food in one feeding and you can do this 2-3 times a day depending on your arowana’s appetite. It is very important to make sure that the arowana fish are not too full so that they can always eat voraciously.

  1. vary the food

Like other types of animals and humans, arowana fish also need a variety of foods to meet the nutritional needs and increase the appetite of the arowana fish.

Monotonous feeding, such as only feeding fish or only feeding crickets, will not meet the nutritional needs of the arowanas and will cause them to become bored more quickly. For this reason, you should give arowana a variety of foods every day to prevent a decreased appetite, which should also be done in the way of keeping koi fish.

  1. Guarantee the stability of the water

Keeping the water conditions in the aquarium stable is also very important to maintain the arowana’s appetite. Not only the health factor of the arowana depends a lot on the water conditions, but the stability of the water will also be able to keep the appetite of the arowana fish always good.

When you drain the water, make sure you don’t reduce the number of aquariums too much, but you only need 20-30% every 2-3 days. Also, make sure that the replacement water you use is chlorine-free and that the water contains plenty of oxygen.

  1. Wash cotton regularly

Regularly washing aquarium cotton wool is also very important to overcome arowana fish hunger strikes because dirty water conditions can increase arowana fish stress and have an impact on decreased appetite of fish. Preferably wash the cotton every 2 to 3 days as it should also be done in how to treat diseases in betta fish.

Wash the cotton and replace it with a new one. However, if you are going to replace the cotton with a new one, make sure the new cotton has been soaked in water for 24 hours before using.

  1. Adjust heating and lighting well

Heater or heater adjustment is very important to do to beat hunger striking koi fish. The most suitable temperature setting for arowana fish is around 30 degrees Celsius. In addition to the heater, the lighting factor is no less important. Make sure the aquarium lighting is sufficient and not too dark to restore your arowana fish’s appetite.

  1. Add aquarium equipment

All the needs of the arowana fish are very important to be equipped both in terms of food or equipment in the aquarium so as not to reduce the appetite of your arowana fish as a way to prevent the aquarium fish from dying. A clean aquarium condition can not only increase the appetite of arowana fish, but also ensure that the arowana fish do not get infected with diseases.

  • Add an aerator: Aerators are useful for supplying air in the aquarium so that the arowana fish’s oxygen needs can be met and kept in good condition.
  • Filter: Useful to filter dirt or arowana food residue so that the water can be kept clean, cleans bacteria while maintaining the appetite of the arowana fish.
  • TL lamp: It works not only to beautify the aquarium during the day and night, but also as a substitute for sunlight for aquatic plants and also to increase the appetite of the arowana because it can maintain a stable temperature in the aquarium.
  • Heater: Useful to maintain the temperature so that the temperature remains normal while calming the arowana so that it can restore the appetite of the arowana fish.
  1. Aquarium setup as the original habitat

Arowana not wanting to eat can also occur because the environment in the aquarium is not in accordance with its original environment, leading to increased stress on the arowana fish, which is then followed by decreased appetite.

For that, you need to equip the aquarium with various equipment to make it look like its natural habitat, such as aquatic plants, sand, and rocks.

  1. give centipede

Unlike how to keep tilapia, centipedes are foods that can increase the appetite of arowana fish, both for growth and lighten the color of arowana fish because they contain beta-carotene. In addition, centipedes are also one of the favorite foods of arowana fish, so it should only be given when the arowana fish do not have an appetite, as it can make the arowana not want to eat other foods.

  1. Give Pill to Enhance Appetite

Another easy way to deal with an arowana fish that has no appetite can be by giving it a special arowana appetite-increasing pill that can be found at stores that sell arowana fish and equipment.

This pill can be taken once a day or adjusted to the dose written on the package and the dosing instructions correctly followed. The composition of the arowana fish appetite enhancer pill has been specially formulated to increase the hunger strike problem of arowana and can be purchased at an affordable price.

There are several additional supplements that are also very good to give to arowana fish so they will eat voraciously which is also important in farming fighting betta fish. Some of these additional supplements include:

  • Dried ketapang leaves: Up to 1 strand per 50 liters of water can be administered by soaking ketapang leaves in mineral water or storing them under a cotton pad for 3 to 4 days and replacing ketapang leaves with new ones after 3 to 4 days. 4 days. and if the water is brown, you can stop giving ketapang leaves and drain the water regularly.
  • Give aquasafe according to the rules on the package
  • Give black water according to the rules on the package.
  • Administer arovital according to package directions.
  • Administer arovital hobbies pills according to the rules on the package
  • Give mineral plus according to the rules of the package
  1. View of the Arowana fish in block

Blocking the view of the arowana fish is also the last way that can be done to increase the appetite of the arowana fish. The front of the aquarium makes the arowana fish sometimes disturbed by the transient activities of their home residents and can make the arowana fish uncomfortable, which also happens in corned beef farming.

For that, cover the area of ​​your aquarium with newspaper or other covering so that the fish feel comfortable and eat normally again. If the arowana’s appetite has returned, then the lid can be opened again.

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