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13 ways to overcome the most complete fungus in catfish
Catfish is a type of fish that has always been a favorite of breeders to farm, apart from being easy to care for and can grow faster than other types of fish, catfish are also a highly nutritious fish that are always sought after and coveted by various groups. so that the demand in the market is always high. There are so many food stalls or restaurants that process catfish into various types of dishes and processed foods.

As a breeder, of course, it is impossible not to experience risks or problems in the course of your cultivation, there will be problems that will eventually turn into new experiences and add knowledge, one of which is sometimes found is the presence of fungi in catfish that can They occur due to unhealthy seeds, poor environment, clean or exposed to germs. but of course there is a way to overcome it, which the author discusses in this article, which is about 13 ways to deal with fungus in catfish. Let’s read this article to the end.

1. Understand the basic symptoms

Before discussing how to deal with stripes in catfish, of course, the owner must first understand how the symptoms of fungus in catfish are, i.e. the fish become sluggish and tend to be sluggish or inactive. he is often seen approaching the edge of the pool or surrounding objects, and visible white spots on his body. (Also read about how to grow baung fish in canvas ponds.)

2. Check the factors that cause risks

Fungi found in catfish can occur due to several risk factors, namely poor pond water conditions, water temperature or too cold environment, lack of sunlight supply, as well as factors of stress in fish. Look at the various risk factors that are possible causes and immediately correct the conditions associated with the cause. (Also read about how to farm snakehead fish with canvas ponds.)

3. Separate sick fish

The first step in dealing with fungus in catfish is to separate the diseased fish from the healthy ones, do not let the healthy fish get infected, put the fish in a different container or place, but give it the same water from the pond where it lives. so you don’t get stressed and prevent infection unless the cause of the fungus is due to a dirty water environment. (Also read about how to raise a good betta fish.)

4. Use salt

Sprinkle salt in ponds occupied by healthy fish as well as in special containers for sick fish, sprinkling salt will improve sanitation in the pond environment to prevent human development and stabilize pond water conditions because it is not impossible for fungal viruses that found in sick fish can circulate in the pond and put the health of the fish at risk. (Also read about how to farm fish with a biofloc system.)

5. Use cotton swabs

To get rid of the fungus on the body of the catfish, the owner can help by gently rubbing the fish with cotton swabs that are usually used to clean the ears, generally the condition of the body will be cleaner, and the slowly sticking fungus can be lifted to that the catfish does not feel too stressed by the disease. (Also read about how to farm fish with a recirculating system.)

6. Regularly change the water for sick fish

In a special container for sick fish, do regular water changes at least once every 1-2 days to make the water clean again, the owner to clean the fungus on the body of the fish, and to prevent the fungus dissolved in the water from sticking or attacking. again the sick fish. .

7. Give mushroom medicine

Also, to further maximize the healing of fungus, administer a special fungus medicine for catfish that you can buy at the veterinary store or by consulting a veterinarian, usually the medicine administered is in the form of a liquid that is smeared directly on the body of the cat. catfish or mixed with pond water instead.

8. Rub the medicine directly

If the fungus is stubborn and cannot be eliminated by mixing the medicine in the pond or applying it to the fish’s body, the owner should treat it more diligently by rubbing the medicine directly on the fish’s body, rubbing can be done with cotton swabs to which does not directly touch the owner’s hands.

9. Prevent stress

Stressed fish are at risk of slowing down the healing process and causing death. To prevent it, the owner should provide adequate and nutritious nutrition and maintain environmental conditions, try to prevent the catfish’s water from being too cold, and routinely maintain water cleanliness. replacing it regularly.

10. Water Hygiene Monitoring

Don’t forget to monitor the cleanliness level of the water in a healthy catfish pond, observe and follow up immediately if you suspect other catfish have been infected with fungus. Avoid the water from various kinds of pollution and environmental contamination, and give feed gradually according to the portions so that there is no residual feed left to pollute the water and of course affect the quality of the water.

11. Multivitamins

Administer multivitamins for all fish, both sick and healthy, to cure and prevent fish fungus, especially in winter, affecting water temperature, the catfish’s immune system will decrease and may be at risk of various diseases , one of which is the fungus.

12. Return to the Starting Pool

If the sick catfish is already clean, which is seen from the body that has been freed from the fungus and the movement is active again, the catfish can be returned to the pond with other healthy fish, do not forget to continue monitoring to make sure that the catfish be in really good health.

13. Sunlight supply

Try to make the pond get enough sunlight, sunlight can provide a warm atmosphere in the pond and can kill naturally occurring bacteria or viruses, in the morning before the sun shines, leave the pond open and get a supply of direct sunlight so that the catfish also feel cool in their bodies and get natural vitamins.

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