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13 ways to prevent diseases in ducksThe duck is one of the many birds that are raised in addition to chickens. This animal is known to have a better immune system than other birds.

However, that does not mean that the duck does not experience pain. Ducks can still get sick, and maybe you are one of the breeders experiencing it.

Do you want to know how to prevent diseases in ducks? Here is the full review.

How to prevent diseases in ducks

  1. Stress

Before seeing how to prevent a disease in ducks, we must also know the situation that is being experienced. One of them that is prone to occur is stress. This situation can be called stress caused by various disturbing factors that directly affect the physiology of the body. Examples of this are noise, lack of freedom to play near water, frequent movement of places and exchanges.

Well, the way to prevent it is to avoid all disturbances that trigger stress, such as maintaining a calm and comfortable environment. Meanwhile, stress medication is not yet available.

  1. vitamin A deficiency

It should be noted that a diet lacking in vitamin A can cause growth disturbances. Characteristics of ducks that are deficient in vitamin A are easily drowsy, weak legs, eyes are covered with white mucus, and they are susceptible to infection.

The way to prevent this incident is to provide feed in the form of corn that is rich in vitamin A. One more thing to be understood is that lack of vitamin A causes a decrease in duck egg laying. (Also read: How to raise Peking duck)

  1. breeder’s pneumonia

This disease is usually susceptible to ducklings that are still cute and have fine feathers. Brooder pneumonia is caused by an eyebox or plywood/zinc ring that is too dense, the heating lamp for the artificial parent is not hot enough. So this makes the ducklings cold and stuffy.

The prevention of this disease is to control the capacity of the box or circle and to control the level of heat in the artificial broodstock. Furthermore, this prevention can also be done by giving a tablespoon of soda in a liter (1,136 liters) of drinking water for 12 hours to reduce the spread of disease.

  1. stunted duck

Duck rickets or also known as vitamin D deficiency is a condition accompanied by a lack of calcium and phosphorus that can cause bone disease and weaken them.

Prevention is by providing adequate feed containing the minerals calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D. Add 2% bone meal to duck rations. (Also read: How to raise water ducks)

  1. Dermatitis Antibiotics

This disease occurs in ducks due to the use of drugs that contain excessive amounts of antibiotics. As a result, the skin dries up, the hair falls out and breaks easily, always worrying about itchy skin.

Prevention is of course giving antibiotics as needed, don’t over do it. Also, give a mild “laxative” such as “molasses” to restore your cattle’s condition.

  1. mycosis

Mycosis disease occurs because ducks accidentally eat rancid or moldy feed. The food that is consumed is moldy and can poison the duck and make it slow.

The way to avoid this is to keep the environment clean, especially the feed and its container, periodically changing the feed for the ducks so that they do not get mouldy. In addition, the treatment of fungal mycosis can be carried out by administering antibiotics mixed in the drinking water or in the feed. (Also Read: How To Grow Balinese Duck)

  1. botulism

Botulism or limberneck disease in ducks usually occurs because the duck has eaten carrion. An example is the feeding of withered snails. The carcass contains a dangerous caterpillar called “clastrididium botulinum” that produces poison. Recognizable features are a duck’s neck that appears to have no bones, causing it to die with a limp.

The way to prevent this is to maintain good environmental health and not feed carrion to the ducks. Give a tablespoon of coconut oil mixed in drinking water.

  1. salt poisoning

Make no mistake, it turns out that salt can be a factor in causing ducks to get sick. Salt poisoning in ducks occurs when the duck or pond water contains high enough salt levels. Usually this often happens to ducks on the beach.

The prevention technique is to make an artificial pond containing clean water free of salt. (Also read: How to cut duck cattle)

  1. avian cholera

Cholera in ducks is known as bird disease. The cause is the bacteria “Pasteurella Avicia”.

The way to prevent this is to keep the cage dry, because damp and wet conditions in the cage can spread quickly. In addition, vaccination against avian cholera is also necessary. The initial level can be given the drug preparations Choramphenicol, Tetracycline or Sulfate.

  1. Avian pox (smallpox)

What causes ducks to get smallpox? The disease that goes by the name of Fowl Pox is caused by a virus. The signs are the appearance of lumps on the parts of the duck’s body that are not covered with feathers, such as the legs and head.

To prevent this, it can be done by administering vaccines that are injected behind the duck’s wings. Also, smear the skin with tincture of iodine (6-10%). (Also read: How to breed modern laying ducks)

  1. White eye

White eye disease or white eye occurs due to a virus and strikes at all ages. The prevention and treatment that can be done is to give Oxytetracycline (terramycin) or Chlortetracycline (aureomycins) at a dose of 10 grams per 100 kg of food or 10 grams.

  1. coccidiosis

Coccidiosis disease strikes at all ages with signs of decreased appetite in ducks. The way to overcome this is to provide appetite-increasing supplements that can be obtained at pet food stores. (Also read: How to Breed Duck Hybrids for Broilers)

  1. Rhinitis

Coryza is actually a cold disease in ducks, but it is contagious. The most effective treatment or prevention is to inject “Streptomycin Sulfate” individually at a low dose of 0.4 grams.

Those are various types of diseases and ways to prevent diseases in ducks that you can apply to your duck farming business so that you can reap maximum profits because your health is always well maintained.

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