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13 ways to stop your dog from barking: easy and effective Do you have a dog as a pet at home and it barks a lot? There is a saying, “dogs don’t bark for what they have”, but if our dog barks to annoy us, it can sometimes cause inconvenience both to us and to family members and neighbors in the house. Of course this should not be allowed and a solution must be found.

On this occasion, the author will share tips to overcome this, specifically about 13 ways to make dogs stop barking. Of course, these tips are very helpful in the daily care of your beloved dog so that he can make it a cute and inconspicuous pet as an ideal pet. Let’s see the full description below.

1. Find out the cause

To be able to carry out how to stop a dog from barking, of course, you must first find out and find out why first. Is it because he wants to eat or is he hungry, because he wants attention because you are busy and rarely invite him to play, because he feels that he sees something that is not safe, or perhaps because he does not want to be separated, namely the dog often barks when you’re not close

Find out in advance according to the environmental conditions when he barks, for example if barking at mealtime is a sign that he is hungry and wants to get more food. It will act according to the cause. (Also read about how to make a dog aggressive.)

2. Place in a Quiet Environment

Put your dog or kennel in a quiet place, not crowded with human activity. in a crowded place, for example, near the fence where he can see and hear people passing by, he is sometimes sensitive and thinks that people who come to the fence are people with bad intentions, so he barks to Let them know that the situation is not safe. . (Also read about the signs that a male dog wants to mate.)

3. Do not let yourself be pampered

Do not make a habit of barking for no reason, stop giving him what he wants every time he barks like giving him food but after the food is finished he barks again, he will spoil him. She tries to ignore him and let him bark until he gets tired and falls asleep on his own. (Also read about signs of depression in dogs.)

4. Give toys

A dog may bark because he is lonely and wants attention. He outdoes her by giving her toys in the cage so she doesn’t get bored. Give him a toy that can be moved to get him interested in playing with it. Take him out to play from time to time so he doesn’t feel like an inattentive dog. (Also read about how to deal with difficult-to-eat dogs.)

5. Don’t yell or be rude

The way to stop a dog from barking should not be done by yelling or acting harshly like hitting. If this is done, you will not get a solution, but only 2 possibilities, namely the dog becomes aggressive or the dog becomes cowardly. Keep doing it gently like moving closer to him or petting him. (Also read about how to tame a ferocious dog.)

6. Give friends

Dogs that feel lonely and bark frequently can also be because they feel lonely, it’s okay to give them a friend in their crate to be a companion for games and daily activities. As much as possible, offer friends who are the same age and type so that you can get along when you are together and play together.

7. Teach calm

Teach your dog to calm down through practice, which involves stroking his fur when he barks and saying “hush” when your dog has calmed down, repeating about 10 times each time he barks. Also, if he barks, tell him to be quiet a bit firmly so he will obey and follow your commands.

8. Invite activities

Take the dog for a walk around the house or run around your house complex so that the dog feels calm and away from boredom, let him run and have fun eliminating his tiredness. Sometimes the dog constantly barks because he is bored and wants to move freely out of the cage.

9. Avoid boredom

You can provide snacks, radio, or television in or around his cage as an alternative when he’s feeling bored so he doesn’t bark as often. For the radio you can play it remotely, as well as the television, so it stops barking because it has other objects to pay attention to.

10. Meet your needs

Do not forget to meet all their needs, such as a comfortable place, nutritious food and drinks with portions according to their weight and age, as well as maintaining a clean body and environment. Enough for all his needs to keep him from getting stressed and break the habit of barking too often.

11. Health Check

If you have done everything possible but your dog continues to bark non-stop, take him to the vet for a check-up, he may have a disease that you are not aware of and the disease bothers him so much and bothers him that he wants to tell you by barking.

12. Give access to the wide view

A narrow and closed cage makes a dog so stressed and sad that he barks all the time because he feels uncomfortable. Get over by giving him a cage in a slightly open place and he can look around or look around with a wide view so that he is away from getting stressed and sees the natural environment freely.

13. Give a gift when you can be good

When doing all the ways for the dog to stop barking and to overcome the habit of barking, it is mandatory to give him a prize or reward so that he understands that what he is doing is the right thing and in the future he will do it. keep doing it. reward him with delicious food that he likes or give him a toy that he likes as an entertainer.

That is why the article on how to make a dog stop barking, hopefully it will be easy for you to understand and can be useful for the daily care of your pet. Don’t forget to always read articles on our website to broaden your horizons about farm animals and pets. Thank you for reading. Greetings from the author.

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