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13 ways to take care of a dog so that it does not smell
Having a dog as a pet is fun because of its loyalty and agility when invited to play, dogs can be both pets and guardians and protectors of their masters because of their ability to be loyal, of course, to be able to take good care of dogs, it is necessary to do what is best for the dogs that are kept.

Dogs that receive the best care are sure to love their owners more because they have been given comfort and the opportunity to live a healthier life in general, the problem that is sometimes faced is the presence of odor on the dog’s body, especially if it is used to being placed outside the house or as a guard dog.

Therefore, the owner should pay attention to the appearance and freshness of the dog’s body in the following ways, 13 ways to treat dogs so that they do not smell bad.

1. Cage cleaning

Whatever the location of the dog crate, whether inside or outside the house, for example in the garden, cleanliness is important, make sure the dog crate cannot be penetrated or exposed to excessive dust and water from rain so that the cage is always dry and clean. Always provide comfortable, clean bedding and thoroughly clean the cage at least once a week. (Also read about how to groom your own dog.)

2. Bath routine

Bathe the dog at least once a week to every two weeks to remove the dust that sticks to the dog’s skin, bathe him with the best special dog shampoo for him and dry him immediately after bathing, give him freshness by bathing him with warm water clean accompanied by a gentle massage to relax the body, also check if there is a possibility of skin disease or the health of the coat is altered. (Also read about how to cure epilepsy in dogs).

3. Hair care

Comb the dog’s hair every day with a special comb carefully, do it so that the dog’s hair does not clump together and become dirty, which may eventually lead to odors, clean dog hair will be the key to cleanliness, dogs they are certainly exposed to dust and often Play on the ground, it is risky for the health of the coat because you must take maximum care of it by maintaining its health throughout the day. (Also read about how to deal with a barking dog.)

4. Limit sexual intercourse

Do not let the dog wander too much outside without supervision, he can play in a dirty place so that his body smells easily even if it is cleaned often, take the dog outside for a walk regularly so that he does not get bored and is able to see the outside world, give him time to play in a nearby place such as the garden of the house so that he feels free and can move as he pleases without having to leave the house much. (Also read about how to stop a dog from biting.)

5. Exercise

Teach your dog to be able to defecate in the place provided since childhood or since he has kept it, also teach him not to sit often in a dirty place or near a place of feces. To maximize this, cut long hair around the genitals from time to time so as not to interfere with cleanliness when urinating. (Also read about how to treat a rabid dog.)

6. Sun

Give your dog healthy sunlight in the morning, especially after bathing so that he gets a natural supply of vitamins and feels fit in his body, sunlight is able to naturally eliminate germs from his body that can cause mildew and odour, do this while brushing the hair so that the entire coat is dry and smooth with healthy skin.

7. Ears and nails

Keep your dog’s ears and nails clean by cleaning them regularly or when you bathe them. Clean the ear with a clean cloth and remove it if there is any dirt on it. Also clean the dirt from the nails with warm water on the outside and also slowly on the inside.

8. Healthy Food

Provide healthy dog ​​foods from cooked meat or packaged processed foods that are widely available at pet supply stores, healthy foods will also maintain a healthy body and minimize odor, while dirty or undercooked will make your body smelly and your coat unhealthy.

9. Vitamins

Provide special vitamins that are beneficial for the health of the coat, there are many special vitamins available for dogs that can provide health to the dog’s coat, that is, maintain its growth and make it look shiny and soft, appearance and smell.

10. Useful toys

Provide toys that are useful for dogs that can train their activity and agility, avoid toys that make their body dirty, such as balls that are easily crushed or toys that must play in nature that risk contaminating their body and make them play more outdoors. fresh air. Provide a fun place to play for him to make him feel quite happy and avoid stress.

11. Disease prevention

Prevent diseases in dogs, either in the form of skin diseases or internal diseases that can make the dog’s body smell bad due to unsuitable body condition, do a health check when bathing and pay attention to signs of disease in your body, make sure you get the best nutrition and care to keep you away from disease.

12. Command

Check the dog at least once every 6 months to check its general health, this is to make sure that the dog is really in good condition and not affected by any disease, if the dog is suspected of having certain diseases it will be easy and quickly anticipated and treated.

13. Care products

Use the best and most suitable dog grooming products, whether it is shampoo or other cleaning tools, make sure that it is not allergic so that it does not cause skin diseases that can cause bad smell. Dogs suitable for grooming products will have a fresh body and healthy skin so that they have a clean and odor-free body.

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