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13 ways to take good care of forest cats
For some people, owning a bobcat is fun. Because many are amused by the pattern on their fur and the adorable behavior of the jungle cat.

But perhaps for some people they still feel unfamiliar with this type of cat. Many even think that the jungle cat is a wild animal. For those of you who want to try to keep this type of cats.

You have to know some important things. Because many people try to keep a jungle cat which actually ends in death. Which is due to the lack of knowledge on how to care for a bobcat. The uniqueness of this cat is the color pattern on its body that resembles a leopard.

Due to this uniqueness, many people hunt them wildly. If you are a beginner, you can follow and pay attention to the steps to care for and raise it.

Here are 13 ways to keep a bobcat.

1. Pay attention to nutritional intake

In how to take care of baby cats, more attention is needed regarding the amount of nutrition. Because Huta kittens actually need up to twice as much nutrition as adult cats. Although they need more nutrition, that does not mean that you are giving them too much food. If it has been 5-6 weeks, do not forget to give the bobcat regular food 4 times a day.

2. Pay attention to cat food

Never give bobcats dog food. Because dog food does not contain the taurine that cats need. Because taurine can prevent cats from heart disease and blurred vision.

After 8 to 10 months, you can start homemade foods like rice and milk. To get used to it, you have to train it from a young age.

3. It is not necessary to bathe too often

For those of you who have jungle cats, you need to know this. If you do not need to regularly bathe a bobcat. You only need to bathe the cat if the cat’s fur smells bad. It is not necessary to bathe him in warm water. Because it can damage the fur and even cause irritation to the cat’s skin.

How to bathe him is also very easy. Simply mixing water with cat shampoo. Remember that the water to bathe the cat should only be at the level of the cat’s legs. Then enter the cat starting by slowly inserting your paw. Then wet the cat’s body slowly and gently, so that the cat does not get angry.

4. Regularly clean your teeth, ears and nails

In addition to bathing the bobcat, you also need to keep the cat’s teeth, ears, and nails clean. You can clean it when you bathe the cat. First you need to know how to cut cat nails, this section needs to be cleaned regularly because it is very susceptible to germs and bacteria. It can even cause dangerous infections and diseases if you leave it dirty for too long.

5. Routinely brush cats’ fur

One way to care for a woodland cat is to brush its fur regularly. It not only serves so that the hair does not get tangled. But brushing books can also help remove germs and bacteria that commonly grow on cats’ fur.

6. Play with your pet cat

So that the bobcat does not get stressed, you have to play with a pet cat. In addition to relieving stress, this can also help the development of bobcats. So that the pet forest cat can become an agile and healthy cat. Also, inviting him to play will make you feel more comfortable with your pet.

7. Be firm

You can also be strict if he shows bad behavior. Don’t be afraid if the bobcat is not familiar with you. Because if they don’t, they won’t understand what is good and what is bad. This is also one of the ways to tame a stray kitten.

8. Vaccination

The most important thing when caring for a bobcat is to vaccinate it. Vaccinations must be given regularly so that cats are protected against dangerous viruses and diseases. If you feel something is wrong with your cat’s condition. You should immediately consult a doctor. Find out how to care for cats after vaccination

6. Introduce with Daily Habits

Don’t forget to familiarize the bobcat with your daily habits. You can teach your pet cat good habits. Mainly teach the cat to go to the bathroom. Teaches eating and various other habits. These things can become habits if you train them from a young age.

10. Take him to the doctor if you are sick

Jungle cats are not necessarily as strong as their names, even bobcats are classified as different from ordinary house cats. Because it turns out that the forest kuving is a physically very vulnerable type of cat. So they are susceptible to diseases and even classified as fragile resistance.

One of the most common diseases that attack bobcats is distemper. If this is the case, you must provide treatment immediately. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

11. Watch out for the cage

Pay attention to the cage for your pet cat. Make sure the cage is very comfortable and warm for the cat. Because forest cats are susceptible to disease, you need to make sure of the condition of the cage. Make sure the cat is not stressed. For that, make sure that the jungle cat’s cage is quite spacious. Because a narrow cage will feel uncomfortable and may cause stress on the cat’s characteristics. Make sure the cage is not too small so that your pet can walk freely in the cage.

12. Offer healthy snacks

In addition to buying feed on a routine basis, you can also alternate it with healthy snacks. You can give your pet cat healthy food like cat food. You can also mix it with rice and chicken. But make sure you boil the chicken first. Also, never feed wildcats raw meat. Because the cat will become more violent because the raw meat still contains blood. Because when a cat smells blood, even getting used to it will make the cat more ferocious.

13. Give Khusus cat milk

If you keep a jungle cat since childhood. You can give them cat milk. Never give them milk alone, because it can cause illness and even death in bobcats.

Those are 13 ways to keep a bobcat that you can try. This is so that you do not care for them and feed them incorrectly because it can make the cat sick and even cause death.

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