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13 Ways to Take Good Care of Kittens
Having a kitten is certainly a fun thing because it tends to be more playful and pampered, kittens are easier to teach to be docile and close to their owners because they cannot do many things independently and need their master to do various activities and meet your needs.

But of course, kittens need to be taken care of with special care and caution because whether the wrong nutrition or other things will affect their health and growth, how the habits or character of the cat is also something that they initially got used to since they were little.

In this opportunity the author will fully describe about 13 ways to care for kittens properly, in order to achieve the best growth and health and prevent kittens from various diseases, let’s see in full below.

1. Cozy cage

Provide a comfortable cage for the small cat you have, provide a cage with a soft and spacious base, put it in the cage from time to time when no one is looking, do not leave it in the cage all the time because it will make the kitten inactive and yell a lot asking you to come closer and watch him, just put him in his break time or when no one is looking. (Also read about how to treat skin conditions in Angora cats).

2. Body cleansing

Keep the kitten’s body clean by bathing it regularly while teaching it to get used to being bathed, bathe it with clean warm water and do not rub its body hard, if it is still not possible to bathe the kitten, just give it warm water and wash it with a cloth cleansed. (Also read about how to treat flu in Angora cats).

3. Nutrition Compliance

Satisfy the nutritional needs of kittens, kittens generally receive food with a lighter and softer texture to make it easier for them to swallow, give them in portions that are according to their age and needs, if you see that they have difficulty swallowing you can help him by feeding him and feeding him little but often. (Also read about how to eliminate odors in Angora cats).

4. Supplemental Milk

Give him special milk for kittens that does not contain glucose or does not contain sugar, you can easily get it in pet stores, give him milk along with water alternately so that he gets used to drinking both, if he has difficulty drinking, give him a small special pacifier for kittens that are also now widely available at pet supply stores. (Also read about how to whet a cat’s appetite.)

5. Attention

Kittens are usually more active and prefer to be close to humans, especially if they are away from their mother since they are small, give the kitten extra attention by caressing her body when she approaches and giving her a response when she invites her to play, one The kitten less attentive will be easily stressed and it is easy to become an aggressive cat when he grows up, familiarize him with affection from childhood. (Also read about how to tame a shy cat.)

6. Games

Provide games that are good for his development, such as chasing the ball or chewing on something light, provide safe toys that do not hurt him and are not too heavy for him. Provide the toy near his cage or somewhere he can get to at any time.

7. Teaches to urinate

Teach the kitten to be able to defecate by placing it in the litter box that is provided after each meal or during the hours when it usually urinates, so it will understand what it has to do and where it has to go when it wants to defecate, don’t forget to keep it clean by changing the litter box regularly.

8. Vitamins

The vitamins that are important for kittens are the vitamins that are useful for the health of the coat and increase appetite, generally these vitamins already contain content as an immune booster, provide the appropriate vitamins according to the consultation or veterinary advice, since whether they are packaged vitamins or vitamins from natural ingredients.

9. Vaccinations

Pay attention to the vaccine needs that your kitten has to reach and have, vaccines are important for the prevention of diseases and important for their health in adulthood, consult with your veterinarian about which vaccines are best for him and when is the When you receive them, give them in their entirety.

10. sun

Sunlight has very good health benefits for the cat’s body and skin, good sunlight is the morning sun that is still warm and not hot. Keep kitty out in the healthy morning sun on a regular basis to get fit and cool off. Do it while you take the kitten to play or do it after cleaning its body with warm water.

11. Bedtime

Kittens have more sleep needs than adult cats, but when they are lonely or hungry they find it more difficult to sleep and want attention, make sure the kitten has everything they need so they can get a good night’s sleep and enough rest.

12. Limit sexual intercourse

Don’t let the kitten play outside alone too far or close to other animals they are more mature, they are easily startled or easily hurt by other animals, supervise when they play outside and make sure they play in a clean place, don’t let them run around in any place, especially in dirty water or in a place near garbage.

13. Playmates

Kittens will be much happier if they have a friend of the same age to play with, if possible you can have more than one cat of the same age so they can play together and minimize boredom. Even when you are busy, the kitten can still play and entertain himself because he has friends, you don’t leave him alone to make the kitten more active and healthy.

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