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13 ways to tame an owl quickly and easily
Owls are a species of bird that can fly and have sharp eyes. How to tame an owl is also quite difficult if we only keep it in a cage.

By having an Owl, you automatically want the BurHan to be tame. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy as long as you don’t have confidence and know the knowledge.

In fact, not a few people are afraid of this type of bird. Not in any way, but because BurHan’s own face is quite scary. In fact, BurHan is just a bird with round eyes. Perhaps it is the eyes that show the image of the bird that is scary.

Still you don’t have to pay attention to everything. If your main goal is to tame, follow these 13 tips to tame an owl quickly.

How to tame an owl

  1. Never put owls in cages

Every time you put a bird in a cage, it will be difficult to tame it. Not only owls, but most of the birds, if they are in prison continuously, they will strengthen their character. So what happens is usually scary and hard to deal with. (Also read: How to live pigeons in cages)

  1. Give Owls Periodic Encouragement

The second step to taming BurHan is to stimulate him frequently, such as training him to become familiar with you. At least make the bird believe in you. In this way you can easily tame your favorite bird.

  1. Put it on the hanger and put it in the room.

Let the Owl often watch you sleep. By applying this method, the bird will quickly become familiar with you so that it is easy to tame. Any type of barn owl, barn owl, or other types will be easy to adapt if you do this trick.

  1. Provide a comfortable and safe place

Not only do you train to be tame, you also need to pay attention to the condition the Owl is in. With a comfortable and safe environment it is easier for him to focus on you. A comfortable cage will make him feel at home and calm. From then on he will feel calm and will not get stressed easily.

  1. Diligently do the training methods

Birds also have time to learn like humans who want to be smart, they also need training time. In the same way, with the Owls that need a process to get to know you better, you can do the FOF (Feed on Fist) method, this trick will bring you closer to the bird until it is tamed (Also read: How to Train Pleci Birds to quickly open the peak)

  1. Bird training to jump in the hand

Take a special time to train the BurHan. Without time, you cannot tame an Owl quickly. In fact, training birds is not as easy as you think. So total up the special time for the bird by practicing jumps on your hand.

  1. Practice flying on your hands

Slowly take the next step by training the Owl to fly on your hands. After teaching you to jump on your hands, it will automatically make it easier for you to wait for the birds to fly over your hands. Little by little you will see the results afterwards.

  1. Let the birds fly free

After much practice, let the bird fly freely. The intent and purpose of this is not to release the bird. However, it is more about training them to get used to being tame. If you feel that you have trained to the maximum, there is no reason to hesitate or be afraid when you let the Owl fly freely. If trained and tamed, the bird will return no matter where it goes. (Also Read: The Easiest Way to Raise Emprit Paddy Poultry)

  1. Diligent eating after activities

After training the bird and commanding it to do anything, don’t forget to feed it after the activity, this is because birds also have feelings of irritation and give up. If you only order and then don’t feed, then next time you won’t be trusted anymore.

  1. Get used to the hanger

Let your Owl get used to being alone sometimes. For example, after free practice, let the bird perch until it blends into a crowded environment so it gets used to being familiar with humans.

  1. Give Adequate Food

There is nothing that birds want more than food. With food you can train your pet bird to be more docile. Giving less nutritious or unwanted food will make the bird bored and stay away. Give the owls favorite food, one of the favorites in general is crickets. (Also read: How to raise crickets in cardboard)

  1. Keep out of reach of other animals.

When it comes to meeting the opposite species, animals are often out of focus. They will forget their original purpose as their pet to be trained. We recommend placing the Owl in a location away from other habitats. Otherwise, he will most likely fight or even run away.

  1. Give the bird a name

Giving the bird a name will familiarize it with you. With a name, the birds will be meek and obedient when you call them.

Owls are unique and interesting bird species. Also, if you’re tame enough, owls are no less interesting than other types of intelligent birds.

Those are 13 ways to tame an owl easily and quickly that you can apply yourself to your favorite BurHan at home. Also read how to keep pigeons.

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