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13 ways to treat cataracts in birds
Cataract disease is an eye disease that is often heard of in humans in old age or in humans who have certain disorders and are exposed to certain harmful chemicals. But my friend, it turns out that humans are not only at risk of developing cataracts,

Birds are like that too, good friend, to understand more details, see the complete review in this article on what are cataracts in birds, their causes, treatment and ways to prevent them. 13 ways to treat cataracts in birds.

1. Initial characteristics of cataracts in birds

How to treat cataracts in pet birds is one of the treatments for eye diseases in pet birds, which initially appeared in the form of small white spots that took a long time to enlarge if they were not treated quickly, and as As a result, pet birds would experience blindness and even death. (Also read about how to treat lovebird wounds)

2. Avoid sick birds with cataracts due to diseases

Of all of them, many are of the opinion that giving too many Hong Kong (UH) caterpillars is one of the causes of cataracts in the eyes of domesticated birds. Meanwhile, for other reasons, many think (Also read about how to get rid of fleas in canaries)

Improper placement of pet birds when drying or hanging in a place that is too close to glare, whether it is sunlight or light, is one of the causes of pet bird eye cataracts. (Also read about how to treat patek in pigeons)

3. Treat with real honey drops

Real honey drops are a substance produced by honey bees that are collected from young leaf buds and mixed with the bees’ saliva. Bees use drops of real honey to patch and sterilize their hives from viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. (Also read about how to increase the pigeon’s appetite)

Natural honey drops are widely used as an alternative natural solution for the treatment of various diseases, including treating or treating diseases in pet birds affected by cataracts. (Also read about how to farm quail on a small scale)

4. Dosage and method of administration of the original honey drops

For the treatment of a pet bird’s eye affected by cataracts, it can be treated with 1 drop of real honey drops mixed with 5 to 7 drops of clean water, and then dripped on the sick pet bird’s eye once a day and the rest can be used for the next day until it runs out.

5. Using Kitolod leaves

The dew attached to the Kitolod flower is dripped into the bird’s eye as a medicine for eye disorders. Actually, the purpose of giving kitolod drops is to clean and open the layer (dirt) that sticks to the cornea of ​​the eye.

Meanwhile, to treat cataracts in pet birds, the trick is to take a few stems of kitolod flowers and then squeeze them and drink the water, this juice can be stored in used eye drops or can also be stored in other containers .

6. Dosage and method of use of Kitolod leaves

Kitolod flower juice can be dripped directly into the eyes of the cataract-affected pet bird twice a day, once in the evening before the pet rests and again in the morning.

7. Use jasmine flowers

Another treatment to make it more optimal, after dripping with kitolod flower juice, pet birds’ eyes can also be compressed and treated with jasmine flower water, then gently massaged into the area around the eye affected by cataracts .

8. Use of betel leaf

  • Prepare the natural ingredients namely kitolod flowers and also a piece of betel leaf.
  • How to make a potion to treat cataracts in domestic birds, take the kitolod flower and then squeeze it to get the water.
  • Soft crushed kitolod and betel leaves are also squeezed to take the water.

9. Dosage and method of administration of betel leaf

The last stage is to mix or mix the two ingredients between kitolod and betel leaf water and then put them into the used eye drops and then drop the ingredients into the eyes of pet birds affected by cataracts.

give just one drop each morning and evening, repeat this step every day for 1 week, to speed up the affected eye, how to treat cataracts in pet birds can also be given a light massage around the eyelids.

10. Use gotu kola leaves

Treating Cataracts in Pet Birds Pet birds can use special drops purchased from the vet, hygienically mixed with kitolod flowers, gotu kola leaves, and other supporting ingredients. Contents

The chemical in gotu kola is asiaticoside, thanksunside, isothankunside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahmanic acid, madasiatic acid, meso-inosetol, centellose, carotenoids, K, Na, Ca, Fe salts, vellarine, tatin, mucilage, resin, pectin, sugar , B vitamins.

11. Use of eye medication in cream form

Pet Bird Cataract Medicine in cream form is made for the treatment of eye inflammation, eyelid inflammation, smallpox (or pox) around the eyes, patches around the eyes, and other infections. fungal or viral infections around the eyes and cataracts.

The medicine is used by applying it directly to the eye/eyelid or other swollen/mouldy/cataract-affected parts. Apply evenly in the morning and at night. Make sure the farmer washes his hands first before applying the cream to the pet bird.

12. Take him to the vet

Treatment by veterinarians begins with the administration of appropriate medications or even, if necessary, surgical removal of cataracts in pet birds and, in more severe cases, surgical removal of the cataract may be necessary. eye.

13. Advanced treatment and prevention

Well, my friend, after the bird has recovered, do not forget to continue caring and preventing in the following ways:

  • Avoid hanging your pet bird in a location where there is direct light or reflection of reflected light, for example near a brightly colored wall that has the potential to reflect sunlight.
  • Avoid holding the bird too close to light at night, because it certainly causes the pet’s eyes to dazzle and, if this continues for too long, can cause the pet’s eye to develop cataracts.

That is what the author can transmit, do not forget to always have good habits and healthy habits so that your eyes and body are always healthy to avoid diseases. Well friend, I hope it is useful, see you in the next article. Thanks.

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