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13 Ways to Treat Diarrhea in Persian Cats The Most CompletePersian cat infected with diarrhea makes the owner sick. Because diarrhea in Persian cats causes decreased appetite, body weakness and risk of getting their fur dirty. Persian cats can get diarrhea for a number of reasons, usually eating and drinking conditions and an unsanitary environment.

This time I will share tips to treat diarrhea in Persian cats, so that you can provide first aid and direct treatment and prevent further health problems, let’s just take a look together.

1. ORS

ORS is a special medicine to treat diarrhea. ORS works quickly by killing the viruses that cause diarrhea and preventing dehydration (lack of water). Did you know that ORS is also available specifically for animals? You can get it at a pet store or a veterinarian. ORS is excellent for first aid for diarrhea in your cat. (Also read about signs of pregnancy in Persian cats.)

2. Multivitamins

Treatment of diarrhea in Persian cats can be maximized by the administration of multivitamins. You can give him a multivitamin bought at the vet or natural ingredients such as honey. Persian cats that get diarrhea generally have a poor body condition because the food that goes into the body is wasted in the faeces that come out so very little nutrients go in.

To maintain energy stability and keep you from getting weak, multivitamins are needed to increase your stamina and ward off viruses or other bacteria associated with diarrhea. (Also read about how to care for a 2-month-old Persian snub-nosed cat.)

3. Administer antiparasitic drugs

Sometimes diarrhea is a sign of pinworms in cats because there are parasites in their digestive tract. You can give natural medicine against worms as prevention. Do not let your Persian cat have severe diarrhea, because diarrhea in cats can be dangerous and has the risk of causing death. (Also read about how to care for a medium Persian cat.)

4. Dale Tempe

Tempeh is a safe food for cats. Giving tempeh to cats is also helpful in relieving diarrhea. The trick is to boil it so that the nutritional content is not lost. Give it directly by mixing it with food.

5. Lactose-free yogurt

The treatment of diarrhea in Persian cats can be done by giving them lactose-free or sugar-free yogurt. Yogurt is a beverage made from several high-quality ingredients that are very good for digestive health. Yogurt is safe for cats to consume and can maintain health and cure digestive tract problems. (Also read about how to fatten up a Persian cat.)

What you should pay attention to is non-lactose. Persian cats should be given yogurt with a lactose-free label, which means that the yogurt is pure and contains no sugar at all. Never give your Persian cat plain yogurt, drinks containing sugar will make diarrhea worse and damage the health of the digestive tract.

6. Give enough drinking water

Give your Persian cat enough water to drink, diarrhea is prone to dehydration in cats, you should always pay attention to it, if his body is weak and his tongue is dry, it means that he lacks fluid intake. Help your beloved Persian cat to continue drinking. (Also read about how to care for a 1-month-old Persian cat.)

7. Give dry food

In the condition of diarrhea, please give dry food or dry food, wet food will risk to be easily infected with viruses and make the environmental conditions around the cage damp. Feed him dry food that is widely available at pet stores. Do not forget to monitor his nutritional contribution, if he does not want to eat you are obliged to help him and make sure that his nutritional contribution is met.

8. Separate yourself from other cats

Put the Persian cat that has diarrhea in a different cage, do not mix it with a cage for healthy cats. This will prevent other cats from having diarrhea and provide comfort to the sick cat. because diarrhea can be transmitted to other cats.

9. Stay away from stress

Stress in Persian cats can be caused by various things, for example when they are in a new place or owner. Stress is one of the triggers of diarrhea. The very treatment of diarrhea in Persian cats should keep Persian cats away from stress. The trick is to get it right and pay attention to it often. Keep it away from cats or other animals, or young children who are usually too active when playing with or seeing cats.

10. Keep the cage clean

One of the causes of diarrhea is unsanitary environmental conditions. Therefore, re-clean your cat’s surrounding environment and cage of all forms of dust, dirt, and damp conditions. Make sure the cage is in a clean place with good air circulation. Moist conditions can make it easy for viruses and bacteria to grow.

11. Clean skin

When a Persian cat has diarrhea, it’s not uncommon for dirt to stick to its fur. Dirt must be cleaned immediately. Do not allow your Persian cat to lick it or dry it until it becomes more difficult to remove.

Take intense care of your cat’s recovery. immediately clean the fur that is exposed to dirt with a towel that has been given a warm washcloth, clean only the part that is exposed to dirt. Dry immediately with another clean towel because the body must also always be dry and away from moisture.

12. Change places to eat and drink

Eating and drinking places that have food scraps are prone to various bacteria and viruses. Regularly change and clean your eating and drinking area with warm, soapy water at least twice a day. Do not leave food residues in the place to eat or drink. A clean place to eat and drink will help keep bacteria away and bring healing to your Persian cat.

13. Rest

Let your Persian cat rest when sick with diarrhea, do not play too much with humans or other cats. The cat’s body is weak when the diarrhea will be more uncomfortable for him if he moves too often, fatigue will delay the healing of his diarrhea. It is best to place your Persian cat in a quiet place and let him rest until his condition improves.

Until here first friend, I hope you can understand the explanation about the treatment of diarrhea in cats, I hope it will be useful to you and thanks for reading. Greetings from the author.

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