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14 tips so that cats do not urinate carelessly
Cats that urinate indiscriminately can occur for many reasons. Cats that no longer use the litter box to urinate may be due to stress, certain health problems, or because the litter box is rarely cleaned.

In fact, there are many things you can do to help your cat use the litter box when urinating and not make a mess on your carpet or house.

Change a new litter box, clean the litter box regularly, play with the cat near the litter box, add more litter boxes and other things can be done to prevent this bad habit of the cat.

Keep reading articles on tips so that cats do not urinate by mistake that we offer you this time as the best solution for you.

  1. Clean the litter box more often

It should be noted that cats are clean animals, so they will not like to use a dirty litter box and will prefer to relieve themselves when they want to urinate.

In addition to changing the litter in the box every day, you also need to clean the litter box with warm water and unscented soap or baking soda once a week, then dry it and add new litter, which is also a must for having a cat. in a departament.

  1. Add Sandbox

It’s also a good idea to provide several more litter boxes than the number of cats you have.

If you have 2 cats, provide about 3 litter boxes because if the litter box is too small or even less, the cat will refuse to use the litter box.

  1. Make sure the Sandbox is easily accessible

If access to the litter box is a bit difficult to achieve or the cat has a hard time getting in, then this also causes the cat to urinate indiscriminately.

For that, make sure to put a litter box that is easily accessible so that when the cat is in a hurry to urinate, he can use the litter box immediately.

  • Make sure the litter box is placed in an area where people and other animals can easily see each other so the cat can easily escape because cats don’t like to be cornered.
  • For older cats, provide a litter box with low sides for easy entry and exit, as agility will decrease as the cat grows.
  • Place the litter box in an area where the cat can urinate.
  1. Check the quality of the sand

Cats also won’t use the litter box if they don’t like the texture or smell of the litter or because the litter box is too full.

Shallow litter with a soft or medium texture is the best type of litter for a cat’s litter box and you can also provide several other types of litter so the cat can choose the type of litter they prefer to deal with a cat. fussy. .

  • Offer litter options by placing two litter boxes side by side filled with different types of litter. At night, check which litter box the cat is using.
  • Provide litter with a low height because cats generally like litter boxes with a litter height of only 2.5 to 5 cm.
  1. Check the drawbacks of Sandbox

Some cats also urinate indiscriminately and don’t use the litter box when they don’t like the shape or size of the litter box.

In addition, the bottom of the litter box or the liner can also make the cat feel uncomfortable and not want to use the litter box.

Remove the litter box liner and lid to see if that is why the cat is not going to the litter box.

Also, make sure that the litter box is not too small to be comfortable to use, which is also included in the tips to make your cat feel at home.

  1. Paste Double Tip

You can use a double tip to prevent cats from peeing carelessly.

The sensation caused by the double tip will bother the cat’s legs so that it no longer urinates in the area.

Try sticking double spikes on some of the furniture edges and other areas that are commonly used for pooping.

  1. Clean with enzyme-containing cleanser

Also clean up the urine from the previous cat as soon as possible, which is very important to prevent the cat from urinating in the same area.

Use a cleaner that contains enzymes instead of one that contains ammonia.

Ammonia-containing cleaners will only make your cat urinate more often because it will assume the ammonia smell is the smell of another cat’s urine, which needs to be covered with urine again, so be sure to use an enzyme-containing cleaner as a solution . Inexpensive way to treat cats.

  1. Long feather scissors around the feet

If your cat is a long-haired cat, then they probably won’t use the litter box to defecate because they will feel dirty after using the litter box.

For this reason, long-haired cats should be given proper care, such as cat grooming so they can use the litter box. In addition, also bathe your cat so that it does not smell like feces or urine.

  1. play near the sandbox

The cat’s bad thoughts about the litter box can go away later when you invite him to play around the litter box.

Try playing with your cat around the litter box several times a day to generate positive thoughts about the litter box and how to treat your cat to pampering.

  • Do not give the cat gifts when using the litter box, such as treats, because cats do not like to be disturbed when they urinate.
  • Leave treats and toys near the litter box, but don’t place food and drink containers near the litter box as cats don’t like to eat near the toilet.
  1. Thoroughly clean the litter box

In addition to changing the litter box, you should also thoroughly clean it once a week. Remove the contents of the box and clean it.

After the litter box is empty, use soap and warm water to clean the litter box, then rinse, dry and refill with new litter.

  1. Get rid of potted plants in the house

Cats also tend to urinate carelessly in the soil contained in pots and located in the house.

Immediately remove the pot or cover it again with soil and aluminum foil to teach the cat to urinate instead.

This will help the cat to always use the litter box as the only area to urinate and defecate and will prevent the cat from defecating in the open air again and will avoid signs of stress in the cat.

  1. teach cats

If your cat has never used a litter box, then you need to teach him how to use a litter box.

Use your finger to dig out some sand so the cat can mimic you like you did when you trained a cat to shake hands.

If the cat can urinate in the box but can’t bury it, use your fingers to rub some litter into it.

This method does require a process but the longer the cat understands it by studying the behavior you do.

Don’t use your cat’s paws to show her how to bury urine or feces as this will only make the cat restless and unwilling to use the litter box and prefer to urinate carelessly.

  1. Try restraining cats temporarily

If the cat keeps peeing carelessly, then you can use the confinement period, which can be done as a last resort if all the ways you’ve done fail, which can also be done as a way to deal with a cat who likes it. to bite.

  • Choose a room in the house that is safe for cats to be confined in, and make sure the room is not vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, meaning neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Place the litter box on one side of the room while the bed, food, and drinks are on the other side. Also make sure the area is large enough because the cat will not want to urinate near his food or drink.
  • Also consider spreading the litter around the floor where the cat is confined. This will make the cat realize if the litter is a urination or defecation area.
  1. Improve the conditions where cats urinate

If the cat is still carelessly defecating, close access to the area and use a temporary method to prevent the cat from returning to the area again, which is also important for cat care in the rainy season.

  • If the cat carelessly urinates in a dark area, add a bright light or a light that can be activated by motion.
  • Make the cat uncomfortable when in an area that is often used for open urination, such as covering it with aluminum foil or double-sided tape.
  • If the cat urinates on the curtain, hold it up so the cat cannot reach it again.
  • Close all the furniture that is usually used to urinate carelessly

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