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14 ways to find a lost cat
If one day your favorite cat suddenly disappeared, what would you do? This, of course, will be somewhat worrying and will make you panic.

Especially if there is absolutely no trace of the cat’s presence anywhere after searching the home environment. So how do you find the lost cat?

Actually, this is one of the questions that all cat owners and lovers want to know the answer to.

Because these adorable animals will cause various speculations if they just disappear. so this time we will discuss how to find the next lost cat.

1. Do a search immediately

If you suddenly feel that you cannot find your favorite cat and this is not its usual activity (it disappears), then try to find it immediately without having to wait any longer.

It may be that the cat is in trouble, being chased by other animals, is in a dangerous place or is getting lost on the way. so speeding up the search will make the results easier.

Because cats are animals that have feelings and tastes almost the same as humans. namely, boredom and the desire to keep exploring new places.

It’s just that sometimes there are many factors that make it difficult for them to come home or even not be able to come home. (Also Read About: How To Treat Itchy Cats)

so accelerating the search allowed them to be still not far from the familiar environment.

Until its existence can still be well known without the need for a long and deep search. It would be really worrying if I didn’t find one in the near future.

2. Keep calm

If you get stressed and scared right away, this will only make things worse.

Where you can’t think straight. When you don’t see each other in the house, try out possible places the cat will visit.

3. Carry a flashlight

Although maybe your favorite cat suddenly disappeared during the day. Still try to bring equipment like a flashlight to be one of the lighting aids.

Why? Because cats generally like to hide and be in holes, under or in dark places that need light help.

4. Call your nickname

An equally important way to find a cat that has suddenly disappeared is by calling it by its nickname.

The name you usually say when you try to call him at home.

Because the cat who is used to hearing the nickname will reflexively respond and visit you if your distance is not too far. (Also read about: how to get male cats to mate)

5. Stay away from new stars

Just like us humans, cats also have feelings and these feelings can be feelings of like or dislike.

This is what happens if in the environment, especially near the house, there is a new animal that you may not like.

So keep them away first and separate them for a while so that the cat doesn’t run away and leave the house.

6. Bring your favorite toys

To find a lost cat, it’s a good idea to use toys that they usually play with.

Try playing or making sounds and take the toy with you when looking for it outside your home environment to make it easier to find. (Also read about: how to prevent the cat from running away from home)

7. Help from friends and neighbors

Try to ask for help from friends and neighbors who are already familiar with the cat.

Because this will make the search easier than having to search alone.

Even the cat will not run away if it is found, that is, by people it knows.

8. Hide and Seek

Cats usually have a special place of their own that is their hiding place.

So try looking at these places before looking beyond your home environment and surroundings. (Also read about: how to treat skin diseases in cats)

9. Looking around the neighbor’s house

Cats usually won’t go very far. At most, they will only walk to 5 or 6 houses from yours, so try searching around the neighbor’s house first before continuing on to other places.

10. High Place

Cats are a type of pet that likes to climb and seek high places such as trees or house roofs. so be sure to check the high places in the neighborhood first before proceeding. (Also read about: how to get a mother cat to breastfeed her child)

11. Warm place

For example, if the cat leaves the house or disappears when the weather is not nice (cold and rain), then look for it in various corners or rooms in the house that give it the impression and warm air.

Because they will like the warm place, especially when the weather is cool and cool.

12. Neighbor’s house and garden

Does the neighbor have a new pet or cat? If so, try looking in your garden or home. Because cats will easily interact and want to recognize each other, especially if they are of different sexes.

This will lead to a more intense interaction, a kind of introduction between cats.

Look into the narrowest part of neighbors’ houses and yards. Even if they have to go down the hall and under your bed.

Try to ask permission first so that later the search is easier and it does not become a problem for the neighbors.

13. Stuck

Cats suddenly disappearing can be due to complicated issues like getting stuck in a tree, being in a river and not being able to cross a busy road, etc.

Therefore, try to check the environment around the house where they are trapped and it is difficult to free them.

14. Lost Poster

If all the above methods have been taken and the results are still null. Then you can use the options of the service to make lost posters and paste them in public places.

In the hope that whoever finds and sees the poster will try to return it to him.

Well, that’s how to find a lost cat. Hopefully it can be useful information and guidance.

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