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15 characteristics of cats that mate successfully and are pregnantFor cat owners, one of the things to know is when your cat is pregnant, or in other words, when she successfully mates with the opposite sex or partner.

Knowledge of this is very important because knowing when a cat is successful at mating can also provide the proper treatment for a cat that is already pregnant, as well as preparation for the care of an unborn baby cat.

That is why you need to know what are the characteristics of successful cat mating, especially if you are a cat sitter yourself.

Even if you haven’t had a cat, knowing the characteristics of a successful mating or a cat becoming pregnant is also important if you plan to get a cat soon, because with this knowledge you can prepare to care for your cat to grow up. well, at the same time that you ensure that your cat’s pregnancy develops perfectly. Therefore, the health of the mother cat and the baby it contains will be well maintained.

So what are the characteristics of successful cat mating that you need to know? The following are some of the characteristics of successful cat mating that you can observe in your pet.

1. Vomiting

The symptoms or characteristics of cats that successfully perform the first marriage is vomiting. This is like what happens to a woman when she is pregnant. However, keep in mind that these symptoms are not universal, meaning your cat may not be vomiting if she is pregnant.

On the other hand, vomiting is a sign that a cat is experiencing certain illnesses. For example, it is one of the characteristics of a stressed cat. This means that it could be that your cat is vomiting not because she is pregnant, but because she suffers from certain diseases, such as disorders of the digestive tract or disorders of the mouth. So it’s a good idea to have your cat checked out first when she’s suddenly vomiting frequently. Fortunately, if she’s pregnant, if she’s sick, the doctor can treat her quickly so your cat’s pain doesn’t get worse.

If you are curious about what may be the cause of your cat vomiting, you can find out the cause of cat vomiting and apply how to treat cat vomiting so that your cat can be healthy again.

2. Cessation of the cycle of lust

The next characteristic feature of successful cat mating is the cessation of the lust cycle of your beloved cat. The lust cycle is a period when your cat’s heat or urge to mate increases and this is usually when the cat will often mate. Typically, an estrous cycle period is one to two months with an estrous period of seven days. That is, in one or two months there will be seven specific days in which the desire to mate in cats reaches its peak.

If you watch your cat diligently, then you find that at a time when the heat cycle should occur but your cat is not showing any signs of heat, such as not wanting to mate and even attacking another cat who invites her to mate, it is very It is likely that your mother cat is already pregnant, that is, her last marriage managed to conceive a baby cat.

3. Increased appetite

The next characteristic that a pregnant cat possesses, also known as a successful marriage, is your cat’s increased appetite. This is very reasonable, considering that a pregnant cat will generally need plenty of nourishment and nourishment for herself and the baby in her womb.

Therefore, pregnant cats tend to have an increased appetite that requires different treatment than usual. You have to be quick to give her nutritious food and drink because this is very important for the mother cat and also for the baby cat in her womb.

But keep in mind that your cat’s increased appetite can also be due to other things. For example, because he has just recovered from a flu and you apply how to treat a cat flu. Correct. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your cat is really pregnant, then you should pay attention to other signs, or check with the nearest vet to check if she is really pregnant or not.

4. Behavior changes to be pampered and softer.

The next characteristic of a pregnant cat is a change in behavior to become more pampered and also softer. Your cat who is pregnant will definitely experience some behavioral changes, one of which is that her attitude changes to be more pampered and also softer. You will definitely notice this because your cat will really change her attitude, such as touching her body frequently, rubbing her body against your feet or other body parts.

However, this change in behavior does not have to occur. Because other cats generally turn out to be more aggressive, some even become more moody, standoffish, etc. Keep in mind that a change in behavior to become aggressive can also be a symptom of rabies in cats. Therefore, never forget the benefits of vaccinations for cats.

5. Cats sleep more often

In addition to being more pampered, pregnant cats often also experience changes in their rest cycles. What this means is that the cat you have tends to sleep more often than before. This change in behavior arises because cats need a lot of rest time to support the womb and to keep their own bodies strong and capable of caring for the baby in their womb. For pregnant cats, this behavior change towards frequent sleep is very natural.

However, it should be noted that behavioral changes related to frequent sleep do not only occur in pregnant cats. Some cats that are sick may also experience behavioral changes to become more frequent sleepers, such as in the characteristic feature of cat fever. To find out if your cat is sleeping because she is sick or because she is pregnant, you can look at her appetite. As mentioned above, pregnant cats tend to have more appetites, so if your cat sleeps a lot but has a strong appetite, she’s probably pregnant.

Meanwhile, if your cat often sleeps and her appetite decreases, she is most likely sick. To be sure, you can consult your favorite cat with the nearest vet to find out if she is sick or if she is pregnant, or even for other reasons.

6. Looking for a comfortable place to nest

Characteristics of cats mating successfully below are changes in cat behavior, i.e. moving more often to find a comfortable nesting spot. This behavior usually occurs in pregnant cats in old age. The search for a comfortable place for this nest is of course due to the fact that your cat must find a comfortable and ideal place to give birth to the baby she is carrying in her womb.

This is why she will be moving around looking for a safe and comfortable place, usually warm and also spacious enough to accommodate the babies she will deliver. In addition, the place they are looking for is also usually a quiet place so that they are not disturbed when giving birth to their young.

7. The appearance of sensitive feelings in the presence of other cats.

Mother cats that are pregnant, or in other words successfully mated, will generally tend to be sensitive to other cats, whether they are a mate or of the same sex. This is due to the mother cat’s natural need to protect the baby in her womb. The mother cat carrying the baby, of course, tries to protect the baby so that it is born well and can also develop properly while she is in the womb. She therefore became sensitive to other cats that she thought would interfere with the growth of the baby in her womb.

8. Enlarged stomach of the cat

By these characteristics, of course, it will be very clear when your cat successfully mates. Naturally, both cats and humans who have conceived a baby will experience an enlarged stomach caused by the baby beginning to enter the developmental stage in the mother’s stomach. The enlargement of the cat’s stomach will be seen when she enters the age of five weeks of gestation, then it will continue to grow until she finally gives birth to the children in her womb.

9. Nipples become red and enlarged

In addition to the growing belly, the next characteristic of successful cat mating is a change in the mother cat’s nipples. For pregnant mother cats, this change occurs because they are preparing for the birth of the baby that will definitely need the nutritional support of the milk they have.

10. Hair falls out around the nipples

The next feature is the loss of hair around the mother cat’s teats. This hair loss or thinning of the fur, in addition to the nipples, can also occur in other parts of the cat’s body. Therefore, if you notice that your cat’s hair is falling out frequently and the above symptoms are present, it is very likely that your cat is pregnant or has reproduced successfully. But you also have to be careful as one of the skin diseases in cats.

Other features (11-15)

In addition to some of the above characteristics, the characteristics of successful cat mating below may also occur in your cat.

  • no milk
  • curved cat back
  • cats like to laze
  • The cats are not as animated as usual.
  • the cat walks slowly

Those are some of the characteristics of successful cat mating that you can know to see if your cat has successfully mated or not. If you have successfully confirmed that your cat is pregnant, the next thing you need to learn is how to care for a baby cat or how to care for a 2 month old Persian cat if your cat is a Persian cat.

Hopefully with the above features you can know if your cat is pregnant or not easily and quickly. Happy taking care of your cat!

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