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The angora rabbit is a type of rabbit that has thick fur and is often used as clothing. This rabbit is very friendly and can be used as a pet because it is quite liked. If you have an Angora rabbit or plan to breed one, then you need to know how to care for it, including health, nutritional needs, cages, and other knowledge. Therefore, below, we will provide 15 effective and easy ways to breed Angora rabbits.

1. Maintain Angora Rabbit Health

To maintain the health of Angora rabbits, it means that we need to take these rabbits to the vet frequently for regular health checks. If your rabbit shows signs of illness, don’t hesitate to take it to the vet right away for further treatment. Some of the symptoms of the disease in rabbits are watery diarrhea, not using the hind legs to move or lazy to jump, constipation, dark urine or urine that rarely comes out, easy tiredness, watery eyes or nose, fever and constant drooling.

Another thing to keep in mind is spaying your rabbit. This action can be carried out by consulting your veterinarian beforehand. If you do not intend to have another rabbit, you can do so between 4 and 6 months of age. The purpose of spaying rabbits is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and prevent disease. Keep in mind that unspayed rabbits are at increased risk of uterine cancer.

2. Always check the condition of the buck teeth

The angora rabbit’s teeth will never stop growing. Therefore, you will always be happy to chew on something to flatten it out. If your rabbit’s teeth seem elongated, you can take them to the vet to have them trimmed down a bit. Never cut your own rabbit’s teeth, because the rabbit’s teeth can crack and cause inflammation and serious problems in the mouth.

3. Diligently care for the fur of rabbits

The angora rabbit is a type of rabbit that has soft fur, which is why many people shave it to make clothes. However, never shave your rabbit’s fur. You can brush these rabbits once a day to keep them soft and healthy. When brushing rabbit fur, you can use a special animal comb. By brushing rabbit fur, you can reduce the amount of hair that falls onto your furniture, rugs, and clothing.

4. Give the right food

Angora rabbits are very fond of straw for food. Always make sure your rabbit has enough hay to chew on, straw has all the essential nutrients needed for a rabbit to stay healthy. When chewing, the rabbit’s teeth can become flat and stunted. In addition, we must know that there are foods that should not be given to Angora rabbits. These foods are broccoli, corn, spinach, unpeeled beans, cabbage, and cauliflower. These foods are dangerous because they are difficult for angora rabbits to digest and can make the rabbit sick.

5. Give rabbit pellets

You can also give your rabbit angora rabbit pellets every day for extra nutrition. You can give a quarter or a half bowl of pellets a day. Some Angora rabbits require an adjustment in their diet depending on their condition. You can discuss this with your vet.

6. Give green vegetables to rabbits

Green vegetables are a good source of nutrition for Angora rabbits. Give your rabbit some vegetables every day. Your rabbit may like kale, turnip greens, all, or celery.

7. Always meet water needs

Angora rabbits need easy access to clean, fresh water sources. For water containers, you can use a bottle that is suctioned at the end because this bottle is more difficult to get contaminated with dirt, dust and straw. Always change your rabbit’s drinking water at least once a day and always check how it is doing. If you want to use a ceramic bowl, make sure it’s heavy and wide enough that your rabbit won’t easily knock it over.

8. Choosing the right cage for rabbits

Angora rabbits need a space large enough for them to jump and play. For that, make sure your rabbit cage is at least 1.2 square meters. If the base of the cage is made of iron wire, provide a base such as a board or plastic mat that can protect your rabbit’s feet.

9. Put some cardboard boxes in the cage

Angora rabbits love to hide in cardboard boxes, chew on the boxes and push them around. That is why we can put some cardboard boxes in his cage so that he can play with them. The box can be filled with hay and holes drilled in the sides so that the rabbit can easily play and eat. In addition to a cardboard box to play in, you also need to provide a box for the rabbit to urinate in. The box can be lined with several sheets of newspaper or torn newspapers. Also make sure that the box is always clean so as not to cause unpleasant odors.

10. Provide easy-to-chew ingredients

Angora rabbits have a habit of chewing all the time to prevent their teeth from growing. For that, make sure to always provide some things that this rabbit can chew on. These objects can be towels, boards, apple sticks, pine boards, etc.

11. Always put rabbits in the house

Rabbits kept outdoors usually don’t live very long. This is because rabbits cannot tolerate heat, are prone to hypothermia, can be attacked by predators, and are often lonely. For that we must always take care of our angora rabbit by getting into the house all day.

12. Playing with the rabbit every day

Angora rabbits need regular exercise to maintain their health. At least in a day he needs 2 hours to move by placing him outside the cage. Always make sure you supervise your rabbit at all times when he is playing outside his cage and do not hurt him.

13. Protect rabbits from electrical wires

By its nature it likes to chew on things, so when it plays outside the cage it can chew on electrical wires. To do this we must make sure that the area where he plays is away from electrical cables or not leave electrical cables lying on the ground. Otherwise, the rabbit will bite you and you will be electrocuted. Therefore, we must always be vigilant so that rabbits do not carry out dangerous actions like this.

14. Prevent rabbits from chewing on wood and walls

Angora rabbits can also chew on wooden furniture such as doors, chairs, tables, and walls. You’ll want to keep an eye on your rabbit when he’s playing outside the cage to make sure he’s not chewing on these things. Also make sure your rabbit doesn’t chew on the carpet or wallpaper. If you see him chewing something that is not allowed, do not punish him. Rabbits can’t understand and can make them afraid of people. To prevent this, simply pick your rabbit up and place it on a chewable object.

15. Carry Rabbits Properly

The proper way to carry the angora rabbit is to support the rabbit’s bottom with one hand and use the other hand to support the rabbit’s body weight. Don’t pick up the rabbit by pulling on its ears or by placing your hands on its chest. If you do this wrong, you will end up hurting your rabbit.

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