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When you decide to adopt a cat, you must have imagined how cute and adorable it would be to play with cats. A cute cat, thick fur and a fat body will make the cat even more adorable. Have you thought that only purebred cats can be fat? Maybe you should change your mind now.

House cats can also become fat and adorable if they receive proper care. Not only that, but domestic cats can also have thick fur and do not shed easily. Food, vitamins, and the environment will affect the growth of a cat’s body and coat. Therefore, if you like fat cats, you can also consider having a native cat. However, you should also learn how to fatten up the following house cats:

  1. increase your appetite

Eating a lot is definitely the first way to fatten up a house cat. By increasing his appetite, the intake of calories entering the cat’s body will be greater than the calories burned. This, if done continuously, will surely make your beloved house cat fatter and more adorable. An easy way to increase a cat’s appetite is to hold her favorite food up to her nose. This will stimulate your cat’s appetite and cause her to eat even when she’s not very hungry. (read: Causes that cats do not eat)

  1. Give high-protein foods

As is well known, protein is the right food source to increase muscle mass and weight. This also applies to cats. You can add protein intake to cat food. For example, add fish, meat, or egg yolks to food. You can boil these ingredients and mix them with the wet food.

For best results, feed this food two to three times a week. You can also add dry food in your food, but be sure dry food This is just a gift for your cat. make sure you choose dry food that does not use dyes harmful to the health of the cat’s kidneys.

  1. Adjust the food to the needs of the cat.

You can adjust the food you give to the cat’s dietary needs. Don’t force your cat to eat cookies all the time, for example. You can replace foods with several variations so that your nutritional needs are met from the variety of foods. By providing a variety of foods, you will also prevent your cat from becoming bored with food so that her appetite is maintained. (read: Signs of a pregnant cat)

  1. Add vitamins for cats

Vitamins also play an important role in your house cat’s body fat production. You can give vitamins in the form of fish oil to your cat. This fish oil will help increase the cat’s appetite to make it easier for him to gain weight.

  1. Mix fish oil with warm rice

House cats are known to be easy to keep because they are not picky eaters. You can give your cat warm rice as food, which is economical and practical. To make it more nutritious, mix the rice with fish oil. If you don’t have fish oil, you can also replace it with leftover frying oil. This method is considered powerful enough to quickly make a native cat fat!

  1. give the vaccine

It is also recommended that you administer the vaccine to your cat. The goal is to keep your cat healthy. Vaccinations can help a cat’s immune system become stronger against the invading virus. If your cat is healthy, he will put on weight faster and be cooler, right?

  1. Make sure the cat is in a good mood.

You may be wondering, how can mood help make a cat fat? Cats that are stressed will get sick more easily, and their appetite may worsen. If this happens, of course it will make the cat’s body weak and thin. (read: Characteristics of Angora Cats)

Therefore, be careful not to lose your cat’s mood. Make sure the environment is comfortable and away from the distractions of naughty cats. You can also invite him to play, which is also useful for your cat to move actively.

  1. Feed after getting tired of playing

Should you like to play with your cat? Playing with a cat will be very good for the feline’s health, since in addition to making it active, playing with your favorite cat will also make it feel happy. This will help keep your mood from becoming stressed.

After you get tired of playing, you can immediately return to food. Eating after getting tired of playing will make it easier for the cat’s body to absorb the food. Also, your cat will be very excited to eat after he gets tired of playing with you. (read: How to thicken a cat’s fur)

  1. Limit game time

In fact, it is recommended to invite your cat to play. However, you have to limit the playing time. Don’t let your cat feel tired or overworked. Running, jumping or walking a lot will burn a lot of calories in the body. If this happens, your cat will find it increasingly difficult to gain weight. (read: Characteristics of Rabid Cats)

  1. give air conditioning

Make sure the bed or wherever you are lounging around has a cool enough air temperature. With cold air, the cat will be lazy to move a lot, so it will sleep a lot and laze around. This will also make you feel comfortable. His body will get fat if his work only eats and sleeps.

  1. Give special milk to the cat.

Milk is a protein-rich drink that is good for the cat’s body. So, you can add milk to the menu. However, you must be careful when choosing milk for your beloved cat. Don’t give him cow’s milk. This is because the protein in cow’s milk will be difficult for cats to digest, so it can actually cause your cat to experience diarrhea.

  1. Leftovers from home cooking can also be used.

Isn’t it possible for you to give your cat fish, meat or eggs every day? Of course, if so, the cost you have to spend to keep the town cat is very high. So, to make it more economical, you can use the leftover food from the house for your cat.

You can use fish bones or heads for your cat’s food. In addition to saving, your cat will like it very much. (read: How to get rid of cat fleas)

  1. Check your cat’s health

Sometimes fat doesn’t mean healthy. You can increase her food and drink intake, but make sure that all the food your cat eats will keep her body healthy. Don’t let all the food you give your cat make your cat suffer from certain diseases.

  1. Treat your cat with strong-smelling food

You can also entice the cat to become more palatable by feeding it strong-smelling food. For example, fried fish, salt fish or other tasty foods. This way you will make him interested and want to eat even if he is not very hungry.

  1. Check your cat’s medical history

Is it after doing a lot of ways on top of your favorite domestic cat does not get fat? Perhaps your cat is untalented or genetically skinny. Try to see if the mother cat is small too? Because if so, it will be very difficult for your cat to grow fat and big. The most he can do is get enough nutrition to make him healthier and bigger, at least compared to his father.

Good luck!

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