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15 most effective ways to treat flu in pigeonsWhen it comes to the rainy season, it is important to pay more attention to how to keep pigeons because there are many types of diseases that pigeons experience more frequently, one of which is the flu. This disease can attack male and female pigeons caused by a virus.

If it is in a chronic stage, then this disease has been cured and longer will cause the bird’s health to decline and then die and can be passed from one bird to another.

Transmission of this disease can occur through direct contact between infected birds and healthy birds such as pigeons that become infected from their mothers when they are hopping. In addition, flu transmission can also occur through contaminated food and drink and the cage environment is not kept clean.

If you already have a disease, then there are several ways to treat flu in pigeons that you can do naturally or by using some natural ingredients like the ones we are providing you with on this occasion.

  1. sulfamix

Sulfamix is ​​a kind of antibiotic drug from Medion Bandung which is widely sold in poultry or poultry stores. In this medicine, Sulfamix contains 750 mg of sulfadimethylpyrimidine and also 6 g of methyl parasept in each 1 teaspoon dose. Not only can it be used to treat flu in pigeons, but this medicine can also be used to treat bloody stools or coccidiosis, colds or coryza, lime or pullorum stools, green stools or cholera. acute and also cough snoring or CRD that can be used as a way to treat pigeons care for pigeons in the rainy season. For the rules and dosage can be seen on the packaging.

  1. tetrachlor

Tetra-Chlor is also an antibiotic drug in the form of red capsules that contain various ingredients like vitamins B1, B2, B12, potassium chloride, tetracycline He, sodium sulfate, and also erythromyein. This antibiotic drug which also contains vitamins and minerals can be used to cure flu in pigeons, green stools, snoring, cough, sore throat, colds, swollen face and chalky stools.

  1. bay trill

Baytrill is a medicine to prevent and treat various infectious diseases such as influenza caused by gram-positive bacteria, mycoplasmas, and gram-negative bacteria. This liquid medicine contains 5mg of enrofloxacin which can be used to cure flu in pigeons and also to cure diseases in parrots.

  1. Mycocoli

Mycocoli is a drug in the form of a spectrum antibacterial solution that can be used in almost all infections due to gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria and also mycopasma sp. This medication can be used to treat colds, wheezing or snoring, diarrhea, chalky stools, runny nose, swollen heads, green stools, and other ailments.

  1. terafit

Terafit is also a medicine to treat pigeons that are sick with the flu and can also be used to treat other diseases caused by bacteria such as snoring, urinary infections, respiratory infections, how to treat snot in lovebirds, ear infections and other diseases. This Terafit medicine works by killing the disease-causing bacteria in pigeons and gradually the body condition of the pigeons will improve.

  1. breath 2

Breath 2 is a medicine made by experienced bird vets for all types of birds and other respiratory illnesses experienced by pigeons. Not only for pigeons, this drug can also be used for singing birds that are sick with flu, such as kacer birds, canaries, tledekan and others.

  1. betel leaf

Betel leaf can also be used to treat pigeon flu, hoarseness, and other common ailments. To use this betel, make a betel stew by squeezing 3 pieces of betel leaves and then boil them with 1 liter of water and leave until the water turns golden brown. Cool the boiled water and use it for drinking water and bathing pigeons.

  1. Refreshing Solution

To treat pigeons that have the flu using a cooling solution, choose an unflavored one and give it to the bird to drink. In addition to treating colds, cooling solutions are often used to treat sore throats and other strep throat problems in birds. After the flu has cleared up, stop giving the cooling solution.

  1. Gurah

Gurah is usually done to remove mucus and also dirt in the throat and eyes which is often common when birds get flu and how to treat birds that lose their voice. To make this gurah it can be done using 6 sheets of white lentils which are usually easy to find on the home page. Squeeze the leaf until the water comes out and put it on the bird. After that, the bird will appear out of breath and open its beak, which will usually last about 10 minutes. Keep the bird’s head down to allow mucus to escape and prevent it from drying out for a day.

  1. intelligent bionics

Smart bionic is a medicine to treat all kinds of diseases in pigeons and also some songbirds such as bearded cucak, cendet, anise flower, stone magpie, kacer and other birds. This drug has been shown to be effective in curing various diseases of the respiratory system, digestive system, nervous disorders and other diseases caused by gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. It is safe to give this drug to birds without causing any side effects. Medicine that has been mixed with drinking water should not be exposed to direct sunlight because the antibiotics, minerals, and vitamins in the medicine will not work optimally.

  1. Garlic

Not only for pigeons, but garlic can also be given to other types of birds to cure flu and various other diseases, such as diseases caused by bacteria, viral diseases, how to care for birds to be diligent in singing, diseases by parasites, viruses. , warm the body, heal wounds and grow tail feathers. Crush a few cloves of garlic and mix them with 1 cup of warm water. Let stand for a while, then strain and give as drinking water for birds.

  1. Heat the bird’s body

Sick pigeons should also be isolated from other healthy birds. Put it in a special cage and cover it with newspaper. Provide a drink and add a 60 watt incandescent lamp and use a cloth or paper to wrap the lamp so it doesn’t overheat. Instead, set the temperature so that it does not exceed 37 degrees Celsius.

  1. mung bean

Green beans can also be given to cure flu in pigeons and other diseases in pigeons. Soak green beans in warm water for 30 minutes for 5 to 7 beans until soft and drain. Mix soft green beans with water and 1 terafit spoon then let stand 5 minutes and feed to sick bird.

  1. give vitamins

It is very important to give vitamins to pigeons that have flu to improve the health of the bird’s body. This provision can be made every day because vitamins that are not used will be immediately eliminated from the bird’s body through the faeces.

In addition to boosting immunity, vitamins are also helpful in increasing the vitality and productivity of pigeons. Various types of vitamins that pigeons need, especially when they are sick, are vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin D and also vitamin E. One of the vitamins that is sufficient for all these types of vitamins is BirdVit.

  1. Add Minerals

In addition to vitamins, pigeons also need minerals so that they can cure the flu faster and also how to deal with birds that shed their feathers. Some types of minerals that are good for pigeons include magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, and several other minerals that can be found in special bird supplements. Not only does the bird’s body need this mineral to cure the flu, but it is also helpful in maintaining nerve function, maintaining healthy bones, blood, and all functions of the bird’s body.

Hence our review on how to treat the flu in pigeons that can be done by providing supplements and some natural ingredients. In addition, whenever the pigeon is sick and medicine is to be given, it should be dried in the sun for about 1 hour and not given drinking water while drying. After drying, the bird can be moved to a cool place and given one of the several cold medicines mentioned above by mixing it into a drink. After the bird recovers, the medication can be discontinued, but supplements and vitamins can continue to be given to maintain the health of the pigeon’s body.

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