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15 tips to whet the appetite of rabbits
All types of animals, including rabbits, will always experience a period where they don’t want to eat. Rabbits that do not have an appetite can go through many things such as being stressed because they have no friends, being pregnant which makes the rabbit nervous psychologically, being sick, experiencing flatulence which makes the rabbit lazy. eating, diarrhea or diarrhea that causes the rabbit’s appetite to drop dramatically and so on.

Rabbits that don’t want to eat should of course not take too long because it can cause the rabbit’s body to lack nutrients and eventually become susceptible to disease and eventually die. For this reason, those of you who have rabbits, especially for beginners facing similar problems, need a lot of tips for rabbits to have an appetite, as we will explain in the next article.

  1. Change food for rabbits

The first way you can do to increase the rabbit’s appetite is to replace the rabbit’s food. Just like humans or other animals, rabbits that are always given the same food every day can get bored and make the rabbit not want to eat.

One of the best ways to restore a rabbit’s appetite, aside from fermenting rabbit food, is to gradually replace it, i.e. giving 75% of the old food mixed with 25% of the new food.

Do this for 3 days and continue to feed 50% of the old food mixed with 50% of the new food on the fourth to fifth days. Meanwhile, for the next day, you can feed 75% of the old feed mixed with 25% of the new feed and continue again replacing all of the rabbit feed with 100% new feed.

  1. Drizzle With Sweet Liquid

Rabbits are very fond of sweet food, but unfortunately all sweet foods, such as fruit, should not be given in excess because they can interfere with the rabbit’s body health, which should also be taken into account in the way of keeping rabbits. rabbits in the house.

If your rabbit doesn’t want to eat, you can sprinkle the rabbit’s forage with a sweet liquid such as honey, milk, or sugar water. Be sure to sprinkle only the sweet liquid on the rabbit’s food and it should be used up immediately.

In the meantime, if there are any leftovers, throw them away immediately so they don’t go bad and invite ants. Sprinkling this sweet liquid will quickly increase your rabbit’s appetite, causing him to eat more green food than usual.

  1. give medicine

One of the reasons rabbits don’t have an appetite is because they may be sick, like mange, etc. If the rabbit’s lack of appetite is caused by a disease, then the way to increase the rabbit’s appetite is to administer medications such as vitamin B12 injections, Indogen antibiotics and also vitamin B complex which is needed for sick rabbits. During the healing period, it is also highly recommended to feed the rabbit milk as a source of energy and prevent the rabbit from becoming dehydrated.

  1. smash rabbit food

When you are pregnant, the psychological problems of the rabbit will also change, so that it will become more anxious and eventually will not want to eat, which is one of the characteristics of a rabbit about to give birth. To overcome this, you can grind up the rabbit’s food and then help the rabbit eat by feeding it. This is a great way to increase a rabbit’s appetite and is very easy to practice at home.

  1. Reduce solid foods

For baby rabbits that are no older than 3 months, they will often experience flatulence problems because the rabbit’s digestion has not formed properly. The discomfort due to the bloated stomach eventually makes the rabbit unwilling to eat.

To overcome this problem, you can reduce solid foods and also various types of vegetables such as cabbage, mustard greens, kale and similar types of vegetables so that the problem of flatulence in rabbits does not occur at the same time as You restore your rabbit’s appetite. as well as a way to treat rabbits so that they get fat quickly.

  1. Give sterile food

As a rabbit owner, especially if you are a beginner, it is very important to provide sterilized rabbit food to avoid diseases such as diarrhea that can cause rabbits to refuse to eat.

You can give it feed in the form of papaya leaves or banana leaves to feed the rabbits. In addition, you can also make traditional herbs to increase the rabbit’s appetite like ginger and brown sugar.

You just need to grind ginger to taste, then mix it with brown sugar and boil it with water. Give the drink to the rabbit to naturally increase its appetite.

  1. Give Temulawak grass

The efficacy of temulawak is not only good for human consumption, it can also increase appetite in rabbits, and it is also good for rabbit treatment.

Temulawak contains starch, curcumin, and essential oils that are believed to improve the rabbit’s digestive system when experiencing bloating and diarrhea, increase the rabbit’s appetite while increasing kidney work, and contain anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Give brown sugar water

Brown sugar water that tastes sweet is not only very popular with rabbits but also contains many nutrients such as energy, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, zinc, copper and many more that can reduce stress in the rabbit. the rabbits. I don’t want to eat increase the rabbit’s appetite and how to treat the rabbit flu and maintain the rabbit’s body health. Giving it is very easy, that is, by dissolving the brown sugar in boiled water and then sprinkling it on the rabbit food to taste.

  1. date fruit solution

You should know that dates are one of the rabbit’s favorite foods, which also contain complete nutrition to increase the rabbit’s appetite.

Dates contain antioxidants that can maintain the health of the rabbit’s eyes while maintaining the health of the rabbit’s skin. Dates are also high in iron, which is good for rabbit blood and fiber, which can overcome various digestive disorders in rabbits. While the potassium in dates is very important in controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

  1. Give Kenikir leaves

Kenikir leaves or cosmos caudatus leaves can not only be given as green fodder for rabbits, but also are important in restoring rabbit’s appetite, overcoming weak stomach, strengthening bones, etc.

Kenikir leaves contain saponins, polyphenolic flavonoids, and essential oils, so kenikir leaves are good for increasing your rabbit’s appetite, especially for caring for motherless rabbits.

  1. Give Healthy Diet

Tips for later curbing the rabbit’s appetite by providing a diet of fruits and vegetables mixed with pellets which is also good for treating rabbits with constipation.

Some of the food mixes that can be given include mixed carrots, parsley and kale. Add with butternut squash or banana and water then puree and mix and feed to your rabbit.

  1. give straw

Green and leafy straw has the highest content of protein and fat which can restore the rabbit’s appetite and increase the rabbit’s appetite, including how to breed angora rabbits.

Alfalfa hay is the best way to increase protein levels, as well as being high in fiber which can overcome various digestive problems in rabbits that cause lack of appetite. If your rabbit does not want to eat hay, then grass can be given gradually because the high calcium content in hay is also very important for your rabbit’s growth.

  1. give fresh food

If your rabbit is used to eating pellets, especially when it comes to raising rabbits, chances are your rabbit won’t eat them because they are bored of pellets. You might consider giving your rabbit a variety of fresh food mixes consisting of fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, bell peppers, and parsnips.

All of these foods are rabbit favorites so they can restore a rabbit’s diminished or lost appetite. You can also give additional food in the form of oatmeal up to 1 teaspoon, then mix it with water until it turns into mush and feed it as rabbit food.

  1. give pineapple

Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which is very good for keeping rabbits that have no appetite at home, as well as for overcoming stomach disorders in rabbits.

Give a few pieces of pineapple to the rabbit to increase the rabbit’s appetite naturally. But make sure you feed only fresh pineapple and not canned fruit because the sugar content is too high and can irritate the rabbit’s small intestine and cause digestive upset.

  1. Mix feed with vitamins

The last way to increase the rabbit’s appetite that you can do is to mix the rabbit’s favorite food with vitamins, which can also be done in How to care for Angora rabbits. Mix the rabbit’s favorite pieces of fruits and vegetables, then mix them with vitamins or special medicines to increase the rabbit’s appetite and give it regularly until the rabbit’s appetite returns to normal.

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