this write-up discusses around 15 treatments for the stone magpie Push the tail to lengthen fast

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15 treatments for the stone magpie Push the tail to lengthen fast
Now having pets like birds is a common thing. We often find many people who have pets just to be friends and play at home so they don’t feel lonely. However, having a pet can be more than just being a playmate.

Because various types of pets can be included in the competition and as a person who owns them, of course you can get some pretty satisfying prizes. Usually, the pets that can be included in the competition see the beauty of the physical form or the talent of the animal.

In fact, the beauty of the physical form of pets can be seen directly. Meanwhile, for the talent that a pet has, it is certainly not that easy. Because these talents need to be trained so that the pets they have can give their best. Some examples of trainable pets are cats, dogs, and even a bird. One type of bird that can be kept and trained is the magpie. Various tips on how to keep a magpie can also be easily heard over the Internet.

The magpie is known for its melodious song. Also, there is a unique advantage that this bird possesses, namely the tail. The tail is very nicely shaped for the size of a tiny bird. Because not all types of birds have pretty tails like stone magpies. Here is how to care for stone magpies that can be applied at home:

1. Adequate nutrition

Food is one of the things that living things need, including birds that are kept. The food that this stone magpie can give can be in the form of 4-5 crickets for its meal that can be served in the morning and at night. Apart from crickets, there are also other types of food that can be served for Murai Batu, namely Kroto. Unlike crickets, which can be served in the morning and at night, this kroto is enough to serve 2-3 times a week with a dose of a cepuk. Although there is no prohibition to give Kroto every day. It’s just that you have to remember that you don’t need to overfeed because you can empty your pocket to buy food. If you have a pet bird, such as a pigeon, you can also hear how the characteristics of a pigeon will lay eggs.

2. Stone Murai Birdcage Cleaning

Cleaning your pet’s living room is one of the most important things. Because this can affect the health of the bird. The way to keep the cage clean is to clean it regularly 2 times a day in the morning and at night. Cleaning the cage, of course, means keeping the cage free of its own feces. Other things that can be a reference in bird care can also be seen in how to care for parrots.

3. Bathing the stone magpie

Another thing that needs to be considered in other cleanings is the cleaning of the bird itself. Of course, just like humans, this bird also needs a bath. In order for your stone magpie pet to bathe comfortably at home, you’d better prepare a special bathtub for bathing the caged bird. (Also read: Turtle bath).

4. Stone magpie bird drying

Just like a baby, a bird also needs to dry in the sun so that the feathers that grow on its body become good. Drying the bird is also almost like drying a baby that needs the morning sun. To dry the Murai Batu bird, it is not necessary every day, in a week schedule several times to dry this bird. The drying time is about 15 minutes and make sure the birds are dry when the sun is hot or not long. Not in conditions where the sun is already high enough to create a sensation of heat for the birds to dry in the sun. (Also read: How to care for turtles)

5. Stone Murai Bird Cage Storage

Bird cages that are kept can sometimes be placed on the terrace or inside the house. In fact, it is free to place it in any area of ​​the house. It’s just that what should be paid attention to is the area around the aviary that is cool, so that the bird feels comfortable. If you are a collector of many kinds of birds, then you should not combine it with other birds. Or alternatively, you can provide a cover for each bird you have so that they are not bothered by the presence of other birds in the house. (Read: How to care for swallows)

6. Stone Murai Birdcage Cleaning

The cleanliness of the bird residence will affect the comfort of the birds in it. Therefore, the cages where the birds live must be diligently cleaned. Don’t let your pet live in a cage full of its own droppings. If it looks dirty, it would be better to clean it immediately. So that dirt does not accumulate in your pet’s bird cage. (Also read: How to care for finches)

7. Watch the birds when they molt

Molt is a term used in birds that indicates that the bird will change its feathers. At this time there are usually physical characteristics of the birds that are changed. From the bird’s body parts starting to fall off to the bird’s nature going bad. The time period for molting this Murai Batu bird varies. However, usually within 3 months. And it will shed again in the next 6 months to 1 year. If the molting time of the Murai Batu bird lasts more than 3 months, there could be something wrong with its food intake. If that happens, then food intake should be improved immediately. Therefore, as someone who has pets, it is necessary to be sensitive to the pets that you have so that the growth and development of these animals that are kept can be very good. (Read: How to care for a mature stone magpie)

8. Take care of the physical stone magpie at the time of molting

At the time of molting, this Batu Murai bird needs to be kept in its physical condition. In this situation, Murai Batu birds are usually more pampered and their song is reduced. At this time, you, as the keeper, should pay attention to the physical condition of the bird. The behavior of the Murai Batu bird at the time of molting will be seen so clearly because it usually sings gacor but at the time of molting other birds.

9. Pay attention to bird movement patterns

At the time of molting, this is one of the most anticipated moments for the Batu Murai bird to push the tail. Because the tail of this Batu Murai bird is one of the characteristics that it has. And when you push the tail, Murai Batu can become very beautiful, so you, as the owner of this kind of bird, will be proud and happy to see the beauty of its tail. The bird’s movement pattern before molting also often disappears on its own. And this hair loss will occur in the entire area of ​​​​the coat. (Also read: How to raise parakeets)

10. Be patient and consistent in stone magpie care

If the stone magpie you have turns out to be a late moult, then what you need to do is be patient and consistent in caring for it. And most importantly, do not panic when caring for this bird. Try looking for more references on the internet about the Murai Batu molting bird or look up other bird care methods like how to keep canaries. Therefore, you do not have to worry only about dealing with problematic bird care because there are many references that can be used as references and solutions in your care.

11. Overcome angled tail feather

At the time of Murai Batu, the tail thrust does not always work smoothly and causes the tail feathers to droop. This can also be caused by the bird resting too close or close to the cage bars. And sometimes the Batu Murai bird itself also plucks its growing feathers so that this interferes with the growth of its feathers. The usual but quite effective way to overcome this is by bathing it regularly. Usually this bird is bathed only every 2 or 3 times a week, but because the tail is already tilted, this bird can be bathed every day in the morning and at night. And you can also take care of the tail by spraying and grooming it. In addition, there is also a way to do it, namely by replacing the perch in the cage so that it is not too attached to the cage at rest. (Read: Characteristics of Pigeons that Want to Lay Eggs)

12. Outgrow tail feathers that don’t grow

Tail feathers not growing on the Batu Murai bird’s tail are usually caused by something blocking the growth of the feathers. What makes this difficult is usually a dried blood clot that appears as a result of the feathers being forcibly plucked out so that it closes the pores where the bird’s feathers grow. The solution to treat these dry lumps is to clean the part that closes the pores with warm water, exposing the fur and submerging it in warm water. Then rub the pores, the pores that are covered with dried blood clots, gently and slowly.

13. Do not dry in the sun often at the time of molting.

Molting is a very special condition for a bird. Because at this time of the molt, this bird will lose its feathers, so the skin will be more sensitive to temperature at that time. If it dries out too often, you are worried that the Murai Batu bird will feel hot faster and feel dehydrated. (Read: Characteristics of Young Male Kebo Starlings)

14. Provide a comfortable place at the time of the move

When the Batu Murai bird molts, it is important to provide it with a comfortable place. A comfortable place with a pleasant air temperature too. Because at the time of moulting this Murai Batu will be used to rest more often. (Read: How to care for lovebirds)

15. Prepare the proper nutrition in the molt

Proper nutrition should also be considered when the Murai Batu bird thrusts its tail. It’s not just the crickets and Kroto that are the food. Some manic magpies suggest consuming Voerzoo Insect Blend. If Murai Batu has eaten the food, he will no longer need food such as crickets or Kroto and others as food.

This is an explanation on how to care for a molted stone magpie and push its tail. Hopefully it will be useful for bird lovers, especially stone magpies. Thanks.

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