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15 ways to fatten up a country dog
A stray dog ​​or also called a mongrel or a mix of many types of dogs of certain breeds cannot be traced back to its type, which is usually kept as a house guard dog, hunting dog, and also to protect livestock or gardens . This type of dog has the cheapest price and also the easiest in terms of maintenance.

However, in terms of intelligence and loyalty, mutts are also not inferior to other dog breeds as long as they are lovingly cared for, for example, from feeding. All types of dogs must always be properly cared for and considered in terms of nutrition so that their appearance does not look thin and avoid many types of diseases.

For those of you who want to make your dog look fatter, here are several ways to fatten up a stray dog ​​that you can easily do at home.

  1. Give new meal times

Unlike humans, dogs have different metabolisms and ways of processing food, although the concepts are almost the same. For example, if a person eats a few hours before bedtime, they are likely to gain weight because more nutrients will be stored as fat.

This method can also be done to fatten up your pet and is also a way to deal with hard-to-eat dogs. If your dog eats two meals a day, then consider eating less in the morning and more in the evening so that the dog’s body can store fat while it sleeps instead of burning it back for energy.

  1. give snacks

Another way that can be done to increase the weight of the dog is to provide small dog food. By separating daily food from snacks given between meals, you will better meet your dog’s nutritional needs. Also, it is better not to let the dog be too active after eating and wait about 30 minutes after eating so that it does not get bloated.

  1. Give foods rich in protein and fat

Foods rich in proteins and fats are very important for the growth of all types of dogs, including mutts, both for the development of young dogs and puppies so that they can become adults and are good for overcoming the characteristics of sick dogs.

Foods high in protein and fat can gradually increase your dog’s weight over a few weeks. If your doctor asks you to replace the meat protein with a nutrient-dense diet, then you can incorporate some new foods into the old diet to prevent your dog from getting a stomach ache.

You can start with a ratio of 10% new foods mixed with 90% old foods. Increase the new food for approximately 10 to 14 days until the dog can be given 100% of the new food.

  1. Give Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are some of the best types of food to give to fatten up a dog without adding too much protein to a dog’s diet.

The fiber and fat content in these two types of food can add a few pounds without upsetting your dog’s stomach. If you want to use canned pumpkin, be sure to read the instructions on the back of the package and pay attention to the few days that your dog first consumes the food to make sure your dog’s bowel movements are going well.

  1. give peanut butter

Another way to gain weight quickly in your dog is to provide high-fat foods throughout the day and also at bedtime, such as peanut butter.

Not only does it gain weight, but peanut butter is also high in nutritional content which is very good for the dog’s body. To make it healthier, you can mix low-acid vegetables like carrots mixed with peanut butter to prevent stomach upset in dogs. But make sure the peanut butter you are given is natural and has no added salt, sugar, or xylitol.

  1. give a lot of practice

Many people think that exercising dogs can make them lose weight. However, by providing exercise, the dog’s weight will actually increase, but at the same time in the form of muscle, it can also be done as a way of dealing with depressed dogs.

Regular training your dog is one of the best ways to maintain weight combined with a diet rich in protein and fat.

  1. Give food more often

If you feed the dog large amounts at one time, this method will not increase the dog’s weight. For this reason, it is best to divide the dog food portion over time gradually. For example, if you provide food 2 times a day, also provide healthy dog ​​snacks between meals, but make sure the snacks do not contain sugar, caramel, or other types of artificial sweeteners.

  1. reduce dog stress

Some dogs, including mutts, often show the cause of the dog not wanting to eat when they are stressed, such as when they just got home from a new shelter or where you took the dog.

It is normal for dogs to not want to eat due to stress and the cause itself could be due to a medical condition or something wrong with the environment that makes the dog look upset. For that, make sure that you can reduce the stress that the dog experiences so that his appetite can recover.

  1. give dandelion

Some spices that are commonly used to increase the appetite of humans, especially young children and someone who has just recovered from an illness, are also suitable for dogs.

One type of spice that is very good for increasing a dog’s appetite so that he puts on weight quickly is to give him dandelion, usually sold in capsule form, which can also be used as a way to treat dog worms.

You can buy dandelion capsules at health food stores and mix them with food. In addition, you can also give him chamomile, milk thistle and celery seeds which are equally useful in increasing a dog’s appetite naturally so that he puts on weight faster.

  1. Choose premium dog food

Another way to fatten up stray dogs can be done by giving them a good top quality dof which should also be given in how to take care of pregnant bitches.

Dry dog ​​food in the market itself can be divided into several types depending on the quality. For the type of dog food that has the lowest quality and is also cheap, it is the quality of the edibles that should not be given because the ingredients used are of poor quality and contain a high amount of MSG, preservatives and chemicals.

It is better to choose food that is of the same quality as that of the supermarket, which is premium because it contains animal entrails, bones and real animal blood that are the basic ingredients for the dog’s body to look fat quickly.

  1. Add water to flat plate

Some dogs really like the texture of dry food, but others don’t like the texture of hard, dry food, so your dog may not have an appetite and his body will look thin because not much food goes in on the dog’s body. .

You can pour a little water on the dog’s dinner plate to make the texture of the food smoother as well as a way to overcome symptoms of dehydration in dogs. The water they give is not too much either, but it only needs a little and let it sit for 1 minute before giving it to your dog.

  1. add broth

Just like adding water to dog food, you can also add flavor to dog food, such as low-fat broth. The aroma of the broth not only increases the dog’s appetite, but the nutrients contained in the broth can also add nutrients to the dog’s body. However, avoid using broth as a meal replacement because the nutrients contained in broth are not the same as dry food.

You can mix the broth without adding onions up to 1 tablespoon of sauce per 1 cup of dry food and then stir until the sauce can seep into the dry food. In addition, you can also heat the broth before giving it to increase appetite, but do not let it get too hot.

  1. give bananas

As a snack, you can give your dog ripe bananas because the nutritional content of bananas is a way to treat dogs to fattening, making the dog’s body fat quickly while nourishing your dog’s body due to the magnesium content, potassium and fiber in bananas. .

Cut a half to a third of a banana into small pieces or mash them until soft enough to be fed directly or mixed into dog food.

  1. give heart

Liver is also very good for dog treats because it is very rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin K, fiber, and iron, in addition to its delicious aroma, which is also good for treating sick dogs. However, do not give liver every day, just give it to fatten up the dog. After obtaining the ideal body weight, the liver can be reduced 1 time per week.

  1. Add boiled egg

Eggs are an excellent source of fattening protein and are very popular with dogs. Egg whites are easier to digest if they are cooked.

As for the egg yolk, it is better to give it raw so that the nutrients are not lost. In general, dogs can digest the bacteria contained in raw eggs, including strays. But you can also process the eggs into parboiled eggs or omelettes.

This is an explanation on how to fatten mongrel dogs in a proper and healthy way. I hope it is useful.

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