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15 ways to have a dog in an apartment
Having a pet is a very nice thing for some people. Pets, such as dogs or cats, can not only become friends or family members, but can also become the best stress relievers just by taking care of them and playing with them, while also channeling a hobby to raise animals.

However, there are different challenges that you should be prepared for if you live in an apartment with pets like dogs.

Not only must you provide for all of your dog’s daily needs, whether it be from food or grooming, but you must also be aware that you have entered into a social contract with the apartment owners and the apartment residents who may also have other pets. So that you can provide the best care for your dog, here are several ways to raise a dog in an apartment that can be applied.

  1. Match the breed of the dog with the apartment

For the first way, if you want to have a dog in an apartment, you have to fit the conditions of the apartment, which is usually not too big and does not have a yard like a private house.

Choose a type of dog that doesn’t have too much energy and isn’t too big, such as the English Bulldog, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Pug, and several other small breed dogs. Choosing a dog breed that is not too big afterwards will also prevent the dog from stress and symptoms of dehydration in dogs because they do not feel free in a small room.

  1. prepare extra fee

You also need to prepare additional money that is usually charged to apartment residents who want to keep pets such as dogs.

Many apartment owners will ask for additional fees for pet owners with prices that vary depending on the size, breed and also the type of animal that is kept. As for the price range that will be requested, it is usually around 50 to 100 thousand per animal that you have. In addition, the initial cost of a pet is also usually very high even if it is only paid in advance. While the security deposit may or may not be returned depending on the apartment owner’s policy.

  1. sterilize your dog

By neutering dogs, there will be many problems that can be avoided, especially those related to pet ownership, not just as a way to fatten up dogs.

In general, owners of pets such as dogs are recommended to neuter their dogs to prevent various problems, such as reducing dog lust related problems, reducing aggressive and destructive behavior of male dogs, and preventing urination indiscriminate of dogs that are held to mark their territory.

  1. clean up dog poop regularly

Also pay attention to your dog’s litter problem by preparing a litter bag and always cleaning up the litter as soon as possible. All this must be done for various reasons such as:

  • Respect the neighbors and keep the environment of the apartment clean.
  • Respect environmental care workers so you don’t have to step on your dog’s poop.
  • Avoid fines if at any time you forget to clean up the dirt.
  1. Keep dogs from wandering alone

In an apartment building, of course, you will live together with many people as neighbors. Therefore, do not let your dog walk alone. You can tie or keep your dog indoors.

This should be done for various reasons, such as the obligations of the apartment environment, avoiding animals infected with parasites or other diseases because they are left to roam on their own, interfere with other people’s activities, and various other things, and if necessary, then use a way to tame a ferocious dog so as not to bother other people.

  1. socialize your dog

Some types of dogs are shy and nervous when they meet other people. For that, make sure that your dog does not attack or be too aggressive with neighbors or environmental care and cleaning workers.

To deal with a dog that is too shy and nervous around other people, you can include your dog in dog obedience training and teach him not to attack or how to stop the dog from barking at other people when he is in the way.

  1. Establish a defecation schedule

One of the other challenges when keeping a dog in an apartment is the difficulty when the dog is about to defecate or urinate. For that, you have to make a schedule when your dog defecates. Some of the considerations you should consider include:

  • Dogs should urinate at least 3 times a day.
  • You can leave your dog with someone else when you go to work, especially so your dog can still pee after lunch.
  • This must be done because the dog’s health will be disturbed when he has to hold his bowels frequently for a long time.
  1. Create custom area

Also provide a special area in your apartment for dogs to play in, with toys, bowls for food and drink, and a bed for your dog to sleep in, which should also be used as a way to tame a puppy. This is no less important because in an apartment your dog will always be in a small area so the environment should be as comfortable as possible to stimulate your dog.

  1. Schedule exercise time

All animals, including those with low energy, still need exercise. Even if you’ve taken the time to play with your dog in the apartment, your dog still needs special outdoor activities several times a week, which is also important in knowing how to deal with a difficult-to-eat dog. You can plan to walk the dog at least three times a day for about 30 minutes to 1 hour to walk around your apartment.

  1. Find the nearest park

Also look for the nearest park, especially a park that is meant for dogs so they can get off the leash and play with other dogs, which of course still needs to be carefully considered so that your dog doesn’t fight with other dogs. This is very important to alleviate the dog’s boredom from spending too much time in a closed environment.

  1. Make sure dirty sand is always clean.

For dogs that have just been kept, they will generally open defecation outdoors if there is no litter bin to dispose of dirt and the area is not kept clean, which in turn should also be done to avoid the characteristics of a sick dog.

Dog litter bins that are not kept clean will cause your dog to poop in other areas, which can contaminate the apartment and the resulting odor can bother neighbors and the environment surrounding the apartment. Make sure you have the right size litter box for your dog and make sure you buy litter that is appropriate for your dog’s breed.

  1. Get used to the dog in the apartment.

To get used to the dog in the apartment, you can buy a cage and teach your dog to get used to the conditions in the apartment, which must be taught regularly so that signs of dog depression do not arise. This should be done until your dog is completely used to the apartment environment and you can only take him out of the crate but still supervise your dog properly.

Keep your dog close at all times and make sure all doors and windows are closed to prevent unwanted things from happening, especially if you don’t live on the ground floor. You can also provide a pee mat if your dog is having a hard time holding back urination and don’t yell or scold your dog when she is open, but build trust in a positive way.

  1. comb hair regularly

When you are out of the apartment like taking a walk, then take your time to comb the dog’s hair so that the already brittle hair can fall out, releasing dead skin while keeping your dog’s hair healthy and preventing shedding. in the apartment and making the dog’s body odor worse.

  1. prepare toys

In order for your dog to stay healthy even though it is kept in an apartment, provide plenty of toys for your dog. These toys will keep your dog entertained when you’re busy or out of the apartment, as well as a way to deal with depressed dogs. The toy chewing activity will also release stress from the dog while keeping your dog’s teeth healthy.

  1. Avoid giving human food

Do not give the food that you normally eat to the dog because it is the same as teaching your dog to ask for food and making the dog misbehave and become one of the causes of the dog not wanting to eat the dog food that has been prepared. . In addition, the habit of giving human food to dogs will also make the state of the house look even more messy, especially when you live alone in an apartment.

Unlike having a dog in a private home, how to raise a dog in an apartment requires some special advice considering that you do not live alone in the apartment but will have many neighbors and environmental and cleaning staff. Owning a dog must not only ensure that it does not disturb other people, but the health and comfort of the dog must also be taken into account, since its environmental area is quite small and limited.

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