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15 ways to keep the tent at homeCarp is one of the quite popular fish because it has always been one of the mandatory menus in various restaurants in Indonesia. This is why the carp farming business opportunity is very potential and open to anyone.

Even this farming opportunity makes up for eel farming without mud. Because carp is one of many fish that tastes delicious when processed in one type of cuisine.

But have you ever known how to keep the tent at home? If not, here is the procedure:

1. Determination of the size of the pool

When you decide to keep carp at home, of course, you must first determine the size of the pond that you will use later. Adjust for land area and number of seeds to be kept. Because the size of this queue will make it easier for you to get results later.

2. Preparing the Pool

When you have determined the size of the pool that you will make later, you just need to prepare all the equipment for the preparation of making a pool. The materials needed are plastic or canvas. There are also some other materials, such as skeletons from ponds and excavations in the earth.

3. How to make a pond

There are many types of ponds that are generally used to keep carp, such as carp farming in earthen ponds, but for home maintenance, it is better to use a canvas pond that is not too expensive and easy to work with. How to make a canvas pool is also not so difficult, namely:

  • Dig up the soil in your garden about 90 cm deep.
  • Then install the tarp after digging.
  • Use the help of a frame made of iron so that the tarp is easily attached to resemble a pond or a bathtub.
  • Place it in at least one area that gets enough sunlight.
  • The original habitat of the carp is an area that has a maximum temperature of 28 degrees C and in the lowlands.

4. Clean the pool you have made

Because you choose to use a canvas pool, you have to do some cleaning as well. This is because tarp is a plastic made from various chemicals that are not very safe. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that the tarpaulin used as a pond be cleaned before use, just as is done with tilapia farming in a waterproof pond.

5. Fill the pool water with the correct amount of water discharge

The pond water used should be maximized so that the fish seed in the pond can grow to its fullest. The canvas pool must be filled to at least 3/4 of the height of the pool. Whereas the fish seeds only fill half of the pond, which will make it easier for the seeds to move around. But before the pond is filled with fish seeds, you must first leave the pond for 7 days.

6. Preparation of Seeds or Gurame Fish Seeds

For the nursery selection process, you should choose seeds that are over 1 year old and healthy, flawless, and normal. The average weight of the seeds is 100 gr. Carp can be harvested if the weight of the fish has reached 500 grams later. The seeds of this carp are usually obtained from various carp farming places around it.

7. Gurame fish seed storage

When the pond has settled for a week, you can spread the carp seeds. Seed distribution should fit the size of the pond at least half of the pond area. The seeds that you will keep must be 2 months old so that they can later adapt to the temperature in the canvas pool.

8. How to feed

A good and ideal food for carp is a food that contains a lot of vegetable and animal proteins. Therefore, it is recommended to provide this type of food so that its growth can be supported. The vegetable protein you can give is in the form of kale or taro leaves and the recommended level of animal protein is 20%.

In order not to form sediment and pollute the pond, you must immediately dispose of the remains of food that the fish do not eat. Don’t forget to always clean the pool water and replenish it regularly. You can at least add an aerator or water filter so that the cleanliness of the pool water can be maintained.

9. How to treat the disease

While the pool is still emptying, it can become whitewashed. Carry out the sowing using agricultural lime in a uniform way. All equipment used for the cultivation process must first be soaked in a chlorine solution which is then dried.

10. How to remove the smell of mud from the pool

Since you are going to grow carp seedlings at home, it is best to try to eliminate the smell of mud:

  • Reduce the intensity of sunlight: Plankton growth can be reduced by reducing the intensity of light in the pond. Because a pond that receives a good intensity of light will facilitate the growth of plankton.
  • Carry out regular and balanced fertilization: Algae growth can be inhibited by providing P and N fertilizers in a ratio of 1:4.
  • Provide the correct amount of carp food: try not to leave any residue in the pond so as not to trigger the growth of microorganisms.
  • Carry out regular filtration of the pool water and change the pool water.
  • Carry out periodic cleaning of the water even though the carp will survive the poor and poor quality of the pond water.
  • Change the pool water in a shift pond by changing regularly

11. Plant and Add Water Hyacinth Plants

To reduce odors and reduce the effects of rising temperatures due to sunlight, you can plant water hyacinth. Actually, if you use a pond or an earthen pond, the water hyacinth will grow on its own. Water hyacinth is also good at absorbing lead and harmful substances.

12. Keep the pool clean

Keeping the pool clean is mandatory in addition to providing regular daily feeding in the pond. Until the fish soon get enough oxygen and adequate supply of clean water. The easiest thing is to clean all kinds of food remains that the fish do not eat so as not to contaminate the pond and that later becomes a nest of diseases. To kill all kinds of germs, you should provide a sanitizer in the pool every 2 weeks.

13. Try planting several shade trees around the pond.

If you are looking for a way to reduce the smell of the pool and overcome the problem of the intensity of sunlight being too high, then you can anticipate it by planting shade trees around the pool. So that later the sunlight can be blocked directly and is not too much of a problem for the fish. Because the ideal temperature for carp growth is 24 to 28 degrees C. This is also planned so that the temperature difference between day and night is not too noticeable and inhibits carp growth.

14. Maintenance of the acidity of the pool water and installation of a water filter

If you still want to always keep your pool water properly disinfected, then there is nothing wrong with using a filter in the form of a filter. This will optimize your work in draining the pool water. You must also always maintain the pH of the pool water or maintain the acidity level so that the quality of the water is maintained. An easy way to find out the pH of pool water is to use litmus paper or a pH meter. The best pH of water is 6 to 7.5 where the acidity of the water is not too acidic, alkaline but close to neutral. Add phosphoric acid if the pH of the water is too alkaline and lime if it is too acidic to keep the pH of the water under control and close to normal pH.

15. Harvest process

If you ask why so many fish farmers like carp farming so much, then the answer is because of the short lifespan of carp farming among other popular types of fish. Even with seeds reaching a weight of 2 ounces, they can be harvested immediately when they are 5 months old. You don’t even need a lot of money in the maintenance process, including one of the potential and interesting business, right? why do not you try it?

Below is a video where someone who has carp at home can raise a lot of carp.

Therefore, an explanation of how to keep the tent at home is easy for beginners. Hopefully it can be applied and produce a perfect reproduction of carp.

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