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15 ways to know if a rabbit is pregnant - Early detection
Do you have a pet rabbit? If you have a girl, you’ll want to know how to tell if your pet is having a baby.

This will be especially the case if you normally keep them outdoors, such as in your garden, as male rabbits are more likely to get pregnant.

You have to be prepared for this and the more you know about their physiology, the fewer surprises there will be about reproduction. This article explains how to tell if your rabbit is pregnant so you can start setting things up like the easy way to raise rabbits for beginners.

1. Mood swings

This really doesn’t tell you much, but if she’s cranky and cranky, there’s a good chance she’s pregnant.

2. Palpation

The best method to know if your rabbit is pregnant is through palpation. If your pet is expecting a large litter, there will certainly be outward signs.

Veterinarians often gently examine the rabbit’s stomach with their hands to see if they expect litter. It is possible to feel the baby from 2 weeks of pregnancy.

You have to be very careful and skillful to take care of the fetus without causing any harm. If you feel you can’t afford it, go to the vet to have it done. Touching a pregnant rabbit after more than two weeks of pregnancy is not recommended because you can harm the developing fetus.

3. Fingering Expert

To feel your rabbit, you must hold it and then with your right hand, grab its ear and one shoulder. That way, you’ll keep his upper body moving.

With your left hand, gently grasp your lower body between your pelvis and hind leg, then place your thumb on the right side and the other finger on the left. If your rabbit is pregnant, you will be able to feel the embryo inside. They will be very small, about the size of a grape or a cherry.

3. Weigh-in

Another way to tell if your rabbit is pregnant is to weigh her. In general, if your wife is pregnant, she will gain weight, although this variation will not be very drastic. To spot it, use a precision scale to compare her weight before to her current weight.

A pregnant rabbit will gain an average of 0.030 kilos in the first week of pregnancy. At the end of the second week, your weight will increase by about 0.060 kg. After this small change, some variation will be observed. If they are pregnant, we recommend the following article where we give you some tips on how to care for pregnant rabbits, such as the signs of heat in rabbits.

4. Visit the doctor

The safest option to find out if your rabbit is pregnant is to go to the vet for an examination and palpation. A good professional will know how to touch your pet’s body without harming his mother.

Apart from that, they can also establish evidence through ultrasound to be 100% sure after the first 6 days of pregnancy. This test will give you a definitive answer about the state of your rabbit.

5. Learn the life cycle

If you can’t afford this alternative, it’s a good idea to learn about the rabbit’s life cycle. Rabbits generally reach sexual maturity between three and six months of age. It is very important that you understand that rabbits can start to get pregnant from the first 12 weeks of life, although it is not recommended for their safety and well-being. So if your pet is not yet 3 months old, she will not get pregnant.

However, from then until 6 months of age, the chances of conception begin to increase. Once your rabbit is over 2 or 3 years old, she is considered too old to have babies, so her chances of getting pregnant are much lower.

6. Know the playback pattern

It is also convenient to know the reproductive patterns of this species. Rabbits can reproduce throughout the year, although males are less fertile at high and low temperatures, so it is normal for them to conceive during the fall and spring.

Despite all this, the truth is that rabbits can reproduce at any time. They have no breeding season. They have what is known as induced ovulation, that is, a woman prepares for conception 8 hours after interacting with a man.

7. Build a nest

Another sign that your rabbit is pregnant is that you will find some kind of nest, since they tend to build nests instinctively when they are expecting a baby. Pregnant females will usually line the nest with feathers and carefully guard it.

So if you notice your rabbit guarding an area, she may be expecting a baby. However, this is uncertain as many women experience false pregnancies. The nest indicates that the female is developing her maternal instincts and that may be a clue.

8. Ask the vet to do an ultrasound

Ultrasound is the best method for determining a rabbit’s pregnancy, as it is 100% accurate after the first six days of pregnancy. Your veterinarian can perform an ultrasound in his office to quickly and accurately determine if your rabbit is pregnant.

9. Understand rabbit breeding trends.

Rabbits are capable of breeding throughout the year, although male fertility tends to decline during extreme winter and summer weather conditions. Rabbits are most likely to get pregnant during mild weather, though again, rabbits are physically capable of getting pregnant at any time of the year.

10. Separate the females from all the males.

Once you are sure a female rabbit is pregnant, it is important to keep her separate from all male rabbits. This is because a man can get a woman pregnant again in just a few hours after giving birth. This can cause tremendous stress to the female and make it impossible for the female to wean the first litter from her before the birth of her second baby.

11. Know the period of pregnancy

Rabbits reproduce between 31 and 33 days. If the pregnancy lasts longer than this, it may be a false pregnancy, or the litter may have died in the doe. Some veterinarians recommend inducing labor after 32 days to avoid the risk of complications from the death of the litter inside the mother.

12. Make sure he eats properly

If your rabbit is pregnant, it’s important to make sure she’s getting enough food and water. Experts recommend gradually increasing the amount of food you give your pregnant rabbit.

You should also provide the female grass with plenty of alfalfa hay, as this type of hay is very rich and provides the extra nutrients needed by pregnant or lactating nurses.

13. Make no mistake sign

Pregnant rabbits don’t always “look” pregnant, even on the day they give birth. Of course, if there are 15 kids in your belly, you might be wondering if you should duck and take cover: It’ll look big enough to bust.

Most of the time, they will lose their waist during the last days of pregnancy. That is why it is useful to know these clues of pregnant rabbits to confirm your suspicions.

14. Tips

  • Use your fingers and thumb in slow massaging motions to feel deep in your stomach and give your abdominal muscles time to relax.
  • Avoid palpation at a later date as it may damage the kit in development.
  • Feel the doe before she becomes pregnant, so you can distinguish the small, hard pellets and other normal lumps from the large, round embryos.
  • Leave the bunny alone while she takes care of the baby.
  • The mother will molt the feathers and put them in the kit after they hatch. She may need to make sure there are holes in the fleece blanket so the young rabbit can breathe.
  • Be sure to separate the baby from the male. This ensures that women are not stressed.
    Try not to interact with mom.
  • Because you can get stressed and not feed them, never go near your mother, she can give you a bad bite and you can hurt yourself.

15. Warning

Ask for your doctor’s phone number in case something goes wrong during your pregnancy, delivery, or afterward. Not having a male in the cage when the female gives birth. Females can become pregnant within hours of giving birth, and males may attempt to mate with a lactating female.
Is it possible to go through a phantom pregnancy?

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