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15 ways to make a cat hungry
When you see a cat that is sick or does not want to eat, of course all cat owners feel worried and very sad.

There are many reasons why a cat does not want to eat, as it can be due to various reasons such as because the cat is sick, depression and various other causes.

If the cat doesn’t seem to want to eat anything for more than a day, then you as the owner should be concerned and immediately take the cat to the vet.

Besides, there are still various ways to whet a cat’s appetite as first aid that you can do at home and some of the ways we will discuss in this article.

  1. heating cat food

Sick cats or kittens, such as those with a stuffy nose, often won’t eat because they can’t smell food and have difficulty eating. For that, you can try heating the cat food for about 30 seconds in the microwave and giving it to the cat, which is also a way to treat cat flu.

Heating this cat food can provide a more delicious aroma while stimulating the cat’s appetite so that it can help the cat eat later.

  1. Avoid hiding drugs in mRight

Cat owners often make the mistake of treating a sick cat by hiding the medicine in the cat food so the cat can eat the medicine. But keep in mind that this is the wrong thing to do because cats can detect the drug by both taste and smell. This is what will be the cause of the cat not wanting to eat.

Hiding the drug in the cat food will only keep the cat away from the food, even when the food is no longer laced with the drug. Therefore, when you go to give a cat medicine, do it separately and at the time you have marked.

  1. Give vitamin B injections

B vitamins are an important key to maintaining a cat’s appetite and a way to make cats fat. If the levels of vitamin B, especially cobalamin in the intestinal wall and in the low flow of the cat’s body, are too low, it can cause the cat’s appetite to decrease. This B vitamin can be easily administered by injection under the skin 4 times a week. For its part, the administered dose is 0.24 ml for each injection.

  1. Know all cat food well

In order for the cat’s appetite to be properly maintained, you as a cat owner must also be well aware of all types of cat food. Some types of healthy foods that should be given to cats include:

  • Clean water – should be easily accessible to cats at all times to prevent dehydration.
  • Protein: Cats will generally not ravenously eat if the protein content of the food is less than 20%.
  • Fat: Cats really need fat as a source of energy and fatty acids that are no less important.
  • Vitamin A: It must be taken in adequate doses that can be found in eggs, milk and also in the liver.
  • Vitamin E – Cats need vitamin E to break down the unsaturated fats present in cat food.
  1. give taurine

Taurine is an amino acid that is also an important intake in cat food. Cat food manufacturers generally already contain enough taurine, whether it’s dry or wet food. But the need for taurine cannot be satisfied if the food you feed is homemade or if you often feed vegetarian food.

If the cat lacks taurine, it can cause a decrease in appetite, central retinal degeneration and progress to blindness and heart failure, so the cat’s taurine needs must always be met adequately.

  1. Pay attention when eating

The feeding time of cats should also be properly regulated because different ages of cats also require different types of food. Although almost all cats can regulate their food intake very well, you still need to manage your cat food intake very well.

Cats should be fed between 3 and 4 times a day from the baby. In the meantime, if you have entered the age of 6 months, then the cat food can be reduced to 2 times a day.

For adult cats, it is allowed to eat at any time and devour food throughout the day. But if this is not possible, it can be administered several times a day.

  1. Avoid Giving Only Certain Foods

Cats are animals that it is very easy to like certain types of food. This will make it difficult for you when you want to change the cat’s diet and he will often refuse the food that is given to him. When you want to give her a new food, get rid of the old cat food so that the cat wants to eat the new food.

Try to gradually add the food that you prepare yourself to the food that your cat usually eats. This is important so that the cat can adapt to the texture and smell of the new food. After that, if the food is not over, immediately pick it up and throw it away if the cat no longer eats it for more than 1 hour.

  1. Give small but often

To make cats have an appetite, especially when they are sick, you can give them food in small portions but do it frequently and avoid some foods that are prohibited for Persian cats and other cats because they can poison cats.

Giving your cat a small amount of food every 1-2 hours is an ideal way to increase appetite, but avoid waking a sleeping cat to eat. However, if the cat is still small, he should be woken up and fed frequently.

  1. Change brand of cat food

Sometimes a cat that doesn’t want to eat is because he’s bored with the food you’re giving him, so you have to give him a different brand or type of food to get him interested in eating the food. For that, feed him a type or brand of cat food that is different from the food he normally eats.

  1. Make sure the cat is not dehydrated.

A dehydrated cat is not only very dangerous for the feline’s health, but it can also cause several serious diseases and reduce the cat’s appetite.

To treat a dehydrated cat and if your cat doesn’t like to drink much, you can add water to the cat’s food at the same time. Water mixed with food not only makes food digestible better, but also meets the water needs of the baby’s body.

  1. Watch for Signs of Depression in Cats

Cats not wanting to eat may be because they are experiencing signs of feline depression or stress, such as not getting attention and not having time to play with your cat.

So that the depression in cats can be removed and restore the cat’s appetite, then you can play and show your love for cats.

Carry or pet your cat more while on the go and be sure to play in the morning and at night, as well as praise by giving food and praise to your beloved cat.

  1. Add Cat’s Favorite Items

To increase the cat’s appetite, then you also have to reduce the characteristics of a stressed cat, such as adding some toys that cats often play with.

Some examples of these toys are trees that cats can climb, scratching posts or sticks that cats can use to sharpen their claws, food puzzles, or toys that have food hidden in them for your cat to play. cat is more interested in devouring it.

  1. Use doctor-prescribed food stimulants

You can also ask your doctor for a prescription appetite stimulant. These drugs are generally used in humans, so the given dose must be given with a good phosis.

In particular, to stimulate appetite in kittens, it is also necessary to take the correct dose of medications to increase appetite, considering that the kidney and liver functions of kittens are not yet fully developed.

Other ways to increase the appetite of cats

In addition to the above methods, there are other ways that can be used to increase your cat’s appetite, such as:

  • Mirtazapine – This is a doctor prescribed drug that is usually given to kittens, it is a drug to increase appetite and a way to treat limp cats, but it must be given according to the doctor’s instructions both in terms of function as dose.
  • Diazepam: Diazepam is a type of drug that will cause your cat to experience an idiosyncratic reaction such that your cat becomes very hungry. However, this medication must also be administered by a doctor because it is administered by injection into the cat’s vein.

Therefore, our review of various ways that can be done to restore or increase a cat’s diminished appetite. Some of the ways to make a cat hungry include that you can do it yourself at home, but some need to be done by a veterinarian because it requires the proper dosage to be given to the cat. Hopefully it can be useful.

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