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Dogs are one of the easiest pets to keep. Basically, dogs are very easy to teach to follow the behavior of their masters. Dogs can be taught to watch the house, to take care of children, to play this and that. Even in matters of feeding, dogs are quite easy and not complicated, so it will not be difficult for you as an owner to have a dog.

However, there is one thing that is quite difficult about raising a dog. Dogs tend to be curious about everything. Well, one of the ways dogs can find out about something is by biting, even eating something that sparks their curiosity. Of course, this is quite dangerous for dogs and increases the risk of poisoning in dogs. (read: How to care for a Siberian husky)

Therefore, it is your duty as a dog owner to protect dogs from poisoning. Do not place items carelessly, especially if these items have the potential to contain toxins. However, if you already see signs of poisoning in your dog, such as excessive salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures, you should immediately try these 15 ways to treat poisoned dogs:

  1. Find out the cause of poisoning.

The first thing you have to do is identify in advance what causes poisoning in your dog. This will help you provide the most appropriate first aid. However, remember that you don’t have much time and you must act quickly to save your dog.

  1. Wash the parts of the body affected by toxins

If you recognize that the cause of poisoning is due to physical contact through touch, immediately wash your dog’s body parts. This is to eliminate contact of the poison with the dog which can become more dangerous over time and to prevent the dog from licking the toxic area.

  1. Cut out the affected area, if possible.

Not only by ingesting toxic materials, dogs can also be exposed to toxins through their skin. For example, if a dog’s fur is poisoned, the poison seeps through the skin and causes your dog to become poisoned. If this happens, you can immediately trim the poisoned fur so that no more poison is absorbed into the body.

  1. take it outdoors

Another way that poison can enter a dog’s body is through the air. Dogs can breathe poison-laden air that makes them vomit, dizzy and breathless. If this is the case, immediately move your dog to an open space and away from the toxic area. As much as possible, let your dog breathe clean, fresh air. By switching to breathing fresh air, your dog will hopefully feel more relieved when breathing, and over time, the toxic air in his body will be replaced by clean air. (read: How to get rid of dog fleas fast)

  1. Rinse dogs with salt water and clean water

In addition, it is also recommended to water the dog with salt water and clean water. This is meant to cleanse any poison you may still be carrying in your body. Clean water and salt water can neutralize these toxins. Additionally, dogs may also feel cooler and more “aware” if they have been exposed to clean water.

  1. Wash the dog’s mouth with clean water.

If your dog is poisoned by eating a poisonous substance, immediately remove the substance from its mouth and rinse it with clean water. Also wash their face and mouth to make sure there are no toxic materials stuck there. Make sure there is no more poison in his mouth.

  1. make dogs vomit

As much as possible, make your dog vomit. Making your dog vomit will help reduce the level of toxins that have already entered his body. By removing a small amount of the poison from your body, it will help give you a little more time to get to a doctor.

To make your dog vomit, you can give him hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. The trick is to tilt the dog’s head back and then spray hydrogen peroxide on the back of the tongue. Wait up to 10 minutes to see the reaction. If you haven’t vomited food within 10 minutes, try another dose. However, do not give more than two doses of hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Give Lemon Mix to neutralize toxins

You can also use traditional herbs as first aid for your poisoned dog. The trick is to mix three tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice with three tablespoons of water or milk. Give it to your dog little by little. This mixture will help neutralize toxins in the body.

  1. give coconut water

The next way you can also try is to give him a lot of coconut water. Coconut water has the ability to neutralize toxins while replacing lost body fluids. Poisoned dogs will usually vomit and have diarrhea, causing them to lose a large amount of body fluids. To get a lot of coconut water into your body, you can use a hose to make it easier to get coconut water into your body. Sometimes your dog will vomit when you put a lot of fluids into his body, but this will actually help the toxins to be flushed out of his body quickly. (read: How to care for a Golden Retriever)

  1. drink a lot of milk

Milk is also one of the beverages that can help neutralize toxins. So, you can give your dog a lot of milk. In addition to being able to help neutralize toxins in the dog’s stomach, milk also contains enough energy to maintain the dog’s body resistance.

  1. Give egg whites with warm water

One way to delay the absorption of the poison so that you have enough time to take your dog to the doctor is to give him egg whites. Egg whites can help coat the intestines so that toxins that do get in are not quickly absorbed and spread through the body.

  1. Try using diuretics

You can also give your dog a diuretic. This diuretic medication will help to quickly eliminate toxins in the dog’s blood. The drug often used for this is furosemide under the brand name Lasix. However, if there is no diuretic medication, you can also give your dog plenty of salt water to vomit to help flush toxins out of his body quickly.

  1. drink norit

Norit is a medication that is commonly taken by humans when they have diarrhea or food poisoning. This medication can also be given to your dog when he is poisoned. You can give your dog 4 to 5 norit tablets every 6 hours. Norit is made from activated charcoal so it can help absorb toxins in your dog’s body.

  1. give sugar solution

Dogs experiencing poisoning will generally have a hard time eating because their stomach feels uncomfortable. If this happens, then you can give him sugar water as a source of energy for his body. Don’t let your dog go without fluids and calories until his body weakens and the pain worsens.

  1. Take him to the vet immediately

The most appropriate thing to do when your dog is intoxicated is to take him to the doctor. The doctor can provide the most appropriate treatment for your poisoned dog. In addition, your doctor may give you a stronger medication to help flush toxins out of your dog’s body.

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