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15 Ways to Take Care of an Angora Cat so that its fur does not fall out
The Angora cat is a type of cat that is unique in its fur, which is thicker and longer than other types of cats. Fur always enhances your appearance and makes your body look fuller, so many people like it because it looks more unique.

The beautiful coat can appear due to the good habits that the owner does every day. that is the best treatment. Well, this time the author will describe tips on how to care for an angora cat so that its fur does not fall out, so that it always looks thick and charming. What are the forms? Read in full in the following article.

1. Comb at least once a day

Do a regular combing of the Angora cat’s fur with a special cat comb, combing it regularly once a day will cause the dead fur to be replaced by a new one so that the fur grows thick and always healthy. Comb slowly, don’t hurt or make him uncomfortable, don’t forget to pay attention and make sure the hair doesn’t fall too much. (Also read about how to treat sore eyes in Angora cats.)

2. Bathe the cat

Once a week you have to bathe the Angora cat so that the dead Angora cat’s fur is washed away and a new, much younger and healthier fur grows. Angora cats that are rarely bathed will have their fur limp and difficult to regulate, causing it to shed when held or petted. Do this by maximizing the cleanliness and health of the coat by bathing it regularly. (Also read About how to treat diarrhea in Angora cats).

3. Give egg yolk

Give natural vitamins, that is, egg yolks 3 times a week, remember to give only egg yolks and avoid egg whites, because egg whites are actually not good for your health. Egg yolks contain healthy natural fats and can have a direct impact on body growth, skin health, and feather health, so you’re far from falling off. (Also read about how to deal with Angora cat not eating.)

4. Fish oil

Give fish oil once a week that contains omega 3 so it is very good for the health of the body and the coat. How to take care of an Angora cat so that its fur does not fall out can be by giving it fish oil that is drunk directly or also mixing it in its food. Purchase at a cat-specific veterinary store or by prescription. (Also read about how to prevent cats from getting toxo.)

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also good for health and prevents hair loss in Angora cats, as vitamin E is known as a good vitamin for human health, but it turns out that not only humans can benefit from it, cats Angora cats can also receive its positive impact. Administer according to the dose recommended by the veterinarian. (Also read About how to keep such a fat cat.)

6. Nutritious food

It is clear that nutritious food will enhance their overall health, including the health of their coat, so it is suitable to use as a way to treat Angora cats so that they do not lose their coat, make sure you provide balanced moisture. and dry foods because this affects your ability to absorb nutrients and retain fluids in your skin.

7. Dry yourself regularly

Dry in the morning sun when the sun is still hot or before it gets hot. The sun does have natural vitamins that are good for the health of the Angora cat. You will feel fit and healthy on your body and have good and healthy hair growth, and far from falling off, you will look more adorable and charming.

8. Give a cool room

The heat can cause the angora cat’s fur to fall out because it feels hot and stressed. That’s why it’s best to put him in a cool spot or put his cage in a cool room away from heat and heat, but still have good air circulation and good sunlight.

9. Special powder for cats

Give him powders after each bath, not scented powders used by humans, but special powders for cats. A special powder for cats will lift the oil and dirt from the fur so that the dead fur falls off and is replaced by new, healthy fur. Meanwhile, the human dust will settle on the skin and cause discomfort.

10. Medicines and vitamins

Give medicine and special vitamins to grow and nourish the Angora cat’s fur. These vitamins and medications can usually be purchased at pet supply stores or by prescription. But don’t give it excessively or continuously, if it feels heavy, just keep the natural vitamins and nutrients going into the body.

11. Avoid stress

One of the stressors can be seen in his lazy condition and his hair is falling out. Therefore, the way to care for an Angggora cat so that its fur does not fall out is to give it a comfortable condition so that it is free of stress. A cheerful Angora cat will have thick, long fur, be active, and pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

12. Avoid raw foods

Do not give him meat or other foods that are raw or undercooked, these foods sometimes contain bad bacteria that have not been completely killed, so they are at risk for the functioning of his organs, including the organs of the skin and can make the Angora cat’s fur falls off. Therefore, provide cooked and healthy food.

13. Avoid fights

Angora cats that often fight will cause their fur to fall off and fly due to rough physical contact with other cats, give them a suitable friend, if they don’t get along with their friends and just fight all the time, it’s best to separate them so that the mark stops fighting and is free from hair loss.

14. High-protein foods

Provide healthy, protein-rich cooked meat regularly by feeding it directly or adding it to the diet. Protein is very good for healthy skin and has a fast effect, which will immediately see healthy and shiny coats that are far from falling out.

15. Regularly monitor health conditions

The way to take care of an Angora cat so that its fur does not fall out is by routinely checking its general health status at the veterinarian, since sometimes there are certain diseases that affect the health of the fur. Regular monitoring will prevent various diseases and can minimize the risk.

Easy to do, friend? Of course, the method that has been mentioned is an effective and powerful way. So this article can hopefully be helpful in adding to your knowledge and can be applied in taking care of your beloved cat on a daily basis. Thanks. Greetings from the author.

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