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17 Signs Of Miscarriage In Cats You Should KnowNot only humans can miscarry but animals like cats can also miscarry and one of the main causes is hormonal imbalance. If you have a cat that is pregnant, then you should be careful not to be too happy waiting for the birth of a cat and learning about the characteristics of a cat giving birth.

But pay more attention to the prevention of miscarriages in cats. In addition to hormonal factors, miscarriage in cats can occur due to abnormal fetuses, bacterial infections, and also heavy bleeding that occurs in the uterus, which can cause the death of the fetus of the cat, and also due to various other problems. Aborting cats can also be caused by trauma, drug use, abnormalities in the reproductive system, poor nutrition, and also changes in the environment.

Meanwhile, various types of diseases that can cause miscarriage include leukemia, kidney failure, and other diseases that threaten the fetus. For additional information, here are some signs of miscarriage in cats to be aware of.

  1. abnormal vaginal bleeding

The first sign of a miscarriage is abnormal vaginal bleeding or vaginal discharge mixed with blood and pus. Also, bleeding from the vagina is a fungal abortion caused by candidiasis. When there is a candidiasis, the uterus will begin to bleed from the vaginal cavity. If the uterus is filled with blood, then one or more kittens may die and require veterinary assistance as soon as possible so that the surviving kittens in the fetus can be rescued.

  1. to have a fever

The next symptom of a miscarriage in a cat is an increase in the cat’s body temperature, which in medical terms is called miscarriage and occurs because the abdominal contractions or vaginal discharge are too excessive, leading to the characteristics of cat fever. When this happens, there’s not much you can do other than save the remaining kittens living in the cat’s belly.

  1. Experiencing abnormal leucorrhoea

Abnormal vaginal discharge during pregnancy is also a sign of a miscarried cat. This abnormal discharge can occur because the cat most likely has vaginitis or pyometra, which is a type of infection in the uterus. When this happens, immediately consult your cat with the veterinarian and tell the doctor how much vaginal discharge is coming from the cat’s genitals so that it can be correctly diagnosed by a veterinarian.

  1. loss of appetite

Cats that lose their appetite during pregnancy can also be a sign that your cat has miscarried. During pregnancy, both cats and dogs can cause stress during the gestation process so that the appetite decreases due to hormonal changes.

In general, vomiting will also occur because the hormone progesterone increases, which makes the condition of the cat’s stomach more acidic. The cause of the cat’s refusal to eat or decreased appetite, of course, will directly affect the lack of nutrition that the kitten receives, and eventually miscarriage occurs.

  1. It looks like a stomach ache

A cat having a stomach ache is not just caused by the wrong food, but if it occurs during pregnancy, then this is a sign that something is wrong with the cat’s pregnancy and can lead to miscarriage.

Cat stomach pain can occur due to swelling within the cat’s body which is very bothersome and also the possibility of bleeding in pregnancy and can cause miscarriage in the cat.

  1. dark-colored placental tissue

When performing an ultrasound examination, the symptoms of a miscarriage can be seen in the part of the placenta or the fetus that bleeds and is dark in color. This indicates that the baby cat has been poisoned and dies so it is darker in color so it must be removed immediately so as not to endanger the health of the mother cat.

  1. experiencing a lot of heat

A cat that is pregnant and has a drastic increase in body temperature that causes the cat to refuse to eat and is very high is also a possible sign that the cat has miscarried. When heat is high, the mother cat is unable to expel the fetus, the dead tissue will dissolve in the mother cat’s body, causing an infection that leads to a high fever.

  1. There is a sheath of moist body tissue.

Cat owners are often unaware that their cat has miscarried. If you find a sheath of body tissue that is moist, bloody, or covered with mucus, the cat likely had a miscarriage.

  1. Underweight or Overweight

Being underweight or overweight is also a sign that there is a problem with the cat’s pregnancy.

This can happen because the food that is given to the cats is not of good quality, so it can have a negative effect on the pregnancy and cause the fetus to be malnourished and then abort and can cause the cat to vomit.

While the factor of being overweight during pregnancy can occur due to heredity, it can also cause miscarriage in cats.

  1. Contractions occur too long

If contractions during labor take too long to reach 1 hour to release just 1 kitten, it may be a sign that the baby in the cat’s womb has died or miscarried. In the meantime, if there are still baby cats that are still alive, the vet will likely perform a C-section to save the kittens and also the safety of the mother cat.

  1. Changes in Behavior and Restlessness

When the mother cat looks restless and changes in behavior during pregnancy, it could be that your cat has eclampsia, a skin condition in cats that also makes the cat look lethargic. Eclampsia is an acute, life-threatening condition caused by a reduced amount of calcium in the bloodstream or poor absorption of calcium in the intestines.

Eclampsia can occur over a few minutes or up to several hours, resulting in the cat being unable to stand up, seizures, loss of consciousness, shortness of breath, nervousness, restlessness, decreased maternal instinct, and many more. Eclampsia can cause the babies in the mother cat’s womb to fall out before they are born.

  1. vaginal odors

Vaginal discharge, also known as metritis, is an infection and swelling that occurs in the uterus and is also a symptom of miscarriage in cats. The symptoms caused by this smelly vagina are a cat that looks lethargic, depressed, has an elevated body temperature, etc., so how to treat a limp cat should be done immediately. The stench can occur due to various reasons, such as a baby cat dead and rotting in the cat’s womb.

  1. bowel prolapse

Bowel prolapse, which is also a sign of miscarriage in the cat, occurs when the uterus is expelled from the body through the vagina, which will later cause the cat to miscarry and the treatment that can be done is replacement manual uterine orvariohysterectomy.

  1. Fetal resorption

Fetal resorption or fetal spread usually occurs in the first few days of a cat’s pregnancy, causing the fetus to be reabsorbed into the body and usually causing no symptoms. One or even more cat fetuses will be reabsorbed into the body, while the other, stronger fetuses can continue to grow healthy and unaffected.

  1. Premature birth

In general, a cat’s gestation period will last around nine weeks and the earliest due date can occur after 57 days from conception. If the baby cat is born before the 57th day of gestation, the baby cat may be born dead or alive prematurely, which may endanger the mother cat and the cat that can still be saved because the cat’s condition is very weak because it does not have old enough. .

  1. experiencing depression

Female cats and female dogs that miscarry will also appear more restless, a sign of stressed cats and behavioral changes such as lethargy, hiding more often and being less active. Additionally, sleeping habits and various other activities also underwent significant changes.

  1. looks unhealthy

The last sign that a cat is having a miscarriage is that there are several unhealthy symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, lethargy and also showing signs of abdominal tension and the cause of cat vomiting. Furthermore, miscarriage can also occur due to infectious diseases like brucellosis, hormonal problems like hypothyroidism, or other medical conditions like cancer and eventually miscarriage and may even show signs that the cat is about to die.

If some of the signs of cat miscarriage occur in your beloved cat, then the treatment that should be done after the miscarriage is to clean the cat’s uterus thoroughly, as well as curettage in humans. The vet will also usually give you antibiotics to prevent infection.

Also, monitor cats that have experienced miscarriages intensively because in the process of treatment and also recovery they can cause behavioral changes in cats that, even if weakened, can also cause the death of the mother cat. Also add nutritious food after the cat aborts so that the cat’s health condition can recover quickly.

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