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Dragons are mythological creatures that are believed by many to exist, and what is interesting is that each country is known to have its own type of dragon with its own uniqueness and strength.

Well the following will discuss the types of dragons that have been recorded in various legends or mythologies, curious as to which dragons are claimed to have existed, let’s see the answer below.

1. Huanglong

long huang

The first type of dragon came from China, where the dragon was called Huang Loong. This dragon has become a symbol of power, strength and luck for the Chinese people, although it is a taboo subject in the country if you intentionally damage the image of the dragon.

According to the myth, this Huang Loong has a new supernatural power, where he can fly into the clouds, can change colors, can reach the size of the universe, and even has power over water and weather.

2. Wyvern


Crossing over to the blue continent, there is a dragon named Wyvern that is so legendary in Europe, especially in the plains of England. According to his literary works, if this Wyvern has a dragon’s head, wings, a reptilian body, a pair of stiffs, and also a long tail.

Many judge this creature to be a distant relative of the dragon due to the many similarities. And this Wyvern often appears in a number of Hollywood movies, one of which is Game of Thrones and Skyrim.

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3. Celebrate


The next type of dragon this time is called Cuélebre, from where this mythological creature comes from the Spanish, especially in the regions of Asturias and Cantabria. This creature is said to live forever, and is also obsessed with shiny things.

It is said of this Cuélebre that it began with such a beautiful young woman, where she ignored the prohibition of not combing her hair while looking at her reflection in the water. At that time, after her hair fell into the water and a water fairy finally appeared in the pond, he then cursed this girl.

The girl continued to grow, her hair became a dragon crown, and her skin was scaly. This girl can return to her original form if a prince with a pure heart dares to approach her and say that she is beautiful.

4. Chuvash


In Russia, especially in the Chuvashi area, there is a dragon called Chuvash. This dragon is similar to other European dragons, but has the advantage of being able to turn into a human and vice versa.

According to the ancestors of Chuvash, they said that they fought with a great dragon to find the city, and in the end this Chuvash was not killed because he begged for peace.

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5. Zmakh


In Slovenia there is also a dragon with the name Zmaj, where this creature has green scales and can breathe fire. What makes it different is that this creature has 3 heads that can grow back if cut off.

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6. Níðhöggr


This creature is the only dragon mentioned in Norse legend, where Níðhöggr is said to have lived under a giant Ash pogon called yanggdrasil. This Níðhöggr continues to gnaw at the roots of the tree that has become trapped above Hvergelmir or is a boiling cauldron in Hell.

In the story it is also told that if Níðhöggr later manages to get out of his trap, then this will be the beginning of the coming of Ragnarok and he may also cause the destruction of the world.

7. Korean Dragon

korean dragon

As its name suggests, this next type of dragon hails from Korea. This Korean dragon is still related to the Chinese dragon, even the incarnation of this creature is almost similar, the difference is only in the number of toes where this Korean dragon has four fingers, while the Chinese dragon has five fingers.

This Korean dragon has a long beard but no wings, where it prefers to live in waters such as seas, lakes, lakes, and rivers. Before becoming a full-fledged dragon, this Korean dragon was originally an Imoogi, a small dragon that lived for 1,000 years until it became a full-fledged dragon.



This mythological creature is depicted in two mythological ethnic groups residing in Siberia, namely the Tatars and the Turks as a winged dragon monster. It is the same with the Dragon that the people of Europe often say, where this Yilbegan also feeds on humans.

9. Bakunawa


In addition to the blue continent, there are also dragons from Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines. The name of the dragon is Bakunawa who is a god in the form of a dragon, he has two pairs of wings, a red tongue, a mustache and a very large mouth.

It is said that if Bakunawa was attracted by the light that the moon produced, he would always fly into the sky and devour the moon, so that the earth went completely dark (a lunar eclipse). And people ran out of their houses carrying pots and pans, and made a lot of noise to scare the Bakunawa.

10. Indian Dragon

indian dragon

This Indian dragon is wingless and is found in both Hindu and Buddhist cultures. In the Mahabharata this Indian dragon is said to have the characteristics of a combination of snakes and humans. For Hindus, this Indian dragon is an elongated, wingless serpent spirit that is related to water sources and is responsible for guarding treasures.

While the Buddhist culture says that this creature can become human. And one of the other animals related to the Hindus is the Javan cobra, where you can find the characteristics of the Javan cobra in the discussion.

11. Hydra


The next type of dragon now comes from Greece by the name of Hydra, it is said that if the dragon has nine heads, if one head is cut off, a new one will grow. This Hydra has poisonous blood and breath, and the one who managed to kill her at that moment was Hercules with her nephew Lolaos.

12. Jormungandr


Jormungandr is believed to be the son of a very cunning god, Loki, and the giant Angrboda. The greatest enemy of this creature is Loki’s brother, the god Thor, where he once tried to kill Jormungandr who was in the Midgard Ocean, but the attempt was foiled by Hymir.

13. Kolchis


Another dragon from Greek mythology called Kolchis, this dragon is said to have a three-pronged tongue where the task of this creature is to care for the Golden Sheep’s fur. In performing his duties, Kolchis never slept at all.

14. Quetzalcoatl


It is said that if the dragon named Quetzalcoatl is believed to be the Aztec god of creation and sky, this dragon is said to have a close relationship with Venus. And now the creature is believed to be the leader of the Astek gods.

15. Tiamat


Then there is another dragon with more than one head, where the creature is called Tiamat with five heads. What is unique is that each head of this dragon can spit out different elements of life, ranging from water, fire, air, lightning, and earth.

Tiamat is believed to have given birth to the first generation of gods, but this dragon is rumored to have been killed by her own son, Marduk, who is the god of thunder. And the body of the divided Tiamat is called the present heaven and earth.

16. Yamata no Orochi

Yamata no Orochi

From the name alone, you might have guessed that this dragon is from Japan. Yamata No Orochi is said to have 8 heads and 8 tails, but this dragon has dark powers where it is actually an evil spirit from another world, and can only be defeated by the Kyuubi.

17. Zmei


And the last type of dragon called Zmey, this dragon is said to have 3 heads and is capable of breathing fire. The way to defeat this dragon is to feed it a cow that has been smeared with sulfur, where Zmey’s body parts are flammable, it will burn the sulfur and kill it.

That was a little review on dragon types, I hope this review is helpful and adds to your perception. Also check out the discussion on how to keep arowana fish in a simple aquarium and still be able to grow healthy.

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