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17 ways to choose a quality carrier pigeon
Wanting to get a good quality carrier pigeon is a bit confusing if you don’t know the right way to choose the bird. How to choose a carrier pigeon, of course, cannot be separated from the characteristics of a quality carrier pigeon itself. For that, you must know how to choose and the characteristics of a quality carrier pigeon so as not to waste your money in vain.

Here are some ways to choose Racing Pigeons that you can apply. By executing the methods below, you will most likely get a very good quality racing pigeon.

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1. See the Father

The leaves do not fall far from the tree. Perhaps the expression of the proverb is very appropriate to describe its importance in observing the breeding pigeons that you want to buy or keep. It cannot be denied that genetic factors are one of the determinants of how well a young racing pigeon can develop. Although good practice and care must be done so that the carrier pigeon can really develop correctly.

However, you must not forget how genetic factors also play an important role in the development or growth of racing pigeons or animals in general. Birds that come from good stallions, are agile, fly smoothly and healthily, or have other superior characteristics certainly have excellent development potential. Also read: How to raise parakeets

2. Observe Postshock Body

A quality carrier pigeon will also have good posture. What this means is that your bird should be in a posture that is neither too fat nor too thin, neither too big nor too small. This ideal posture will really help your bird as it flies. All quality racing pigeons must have an ideal body posture so that they can support their flying performance.

Body posture A good homing pigeon is posture. streamline what will it do allows the pigeon to fly quickly and also agile. Also read: How to keep quail

3. Observe yesSome Churry Dhe Tfly

Bird SUBWAYerpati B.what top quality could fly at high speed. In fact, this is the dream of many people, but you can also use it as a feature and a way to observe whether the racing pigeons you see are of high quality or not.

4. Pay attention to L.uhhis

The shape and size of the homing pigeon greatly affect the bird’s agility when flying. A quality carrier pigeon has a medium sized neck and when you hold it it feels tight and strong. You should avoid homing pigeons with long necks because it characterizes the bird’s habit of flying out of focus, so their speed will generally be reduced. On the other hand, don’t choose one that is too short because it usually indicates the carrier pigeon’s less agile behavior.

5. Observe the body

Higher quality racing pigeons will have a robust and strong body. Especially the males. You can look at the body shape of your Racing Pigeon to find out exactly if it can fly fast and agile in the air. His stocky stance shows that he is agile and also quick in the air.

Some of the more specific body characteristics include medium body size and round shape; the body is comfortable and flexible when held like a rubber ball; muscular meat that fills the body from the chest to the back; moderate weight and not too light or heavy. Also read: How to care for lovebirds

6. Look at his chest

Top quality racing pigeons will have a robust and strong chest. Especially the males. You can observe the shape of the chest. along with the body your carrier pigeon to find out exactly if it can fly fast and agile in the air. His stocky stance shows that he is agile and also quick in the air.

7. Watch out for the wings

A quality carrier pigeon will have a fairly long affection. When folded, the position of the wing will be the same length as the tip of the pigeon’s tail, or the tip of the wing will be in a position along the tip of the pigeon’s tail. If not, at least the tip of the wing won’t be too far from the tip of the pigeon’s tail.

The wing feathers of a good pigeon are thick in size and feel soft when you hold them. The size is quite long and flexible with a slightly tapered tip. The bones of the skin are quite hard and the skin is dry, but there is a layer similar to a waxy layer that is not easily damaged.

The wing meat or wing muscles of a good carrier pigeon is rather thick and flexible or has a medium level of elasticity. With the texture of the wing meat like this, along with the texture of the wings in general, it will make racing pigeons able to fly quickly and easily and win the race.

Meanwhile, the wing flaps on the leaves on the border straight wing and not curved The outer fin is curved, but if you want to get a bird with an extraordinary quality You should choose a bird that has a full, straight outer fin. Also, the outermost strand of the wing feathers should be the longest compared to the rest of the feathers.

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8. Observing peakhis

pigeon racing with good quality has a small to medium sized bill, or not very long. If you have trouble measuring it, imagine that I am half a puter, but the size is even shorter. If you want to have a quality carrier pigeon, do not forget to observe the beak of your bird. If the beak is short, you may want to consider continuing to hold and fight this bird because it likely has a good ability.

9. observing Nose your homing pigeon

Looking at the nose of the homing pigeon, you can judge whether it has good qualities or not. Good quality racing pigeons have the following nasal characteristics:

1. Size is big, enough length and lump but genetically not derived kind Merpati Posprambon. WArne His nose thick lime, with the bridge of the lower part of the nose protrudes backwards.

two. If the breed is of the Prambon Pigeon, nice nose is size big and long, as well as attached to the beak your homing pigeon. On a nose like this you will see faint lines parallel to the red color throughout the nose when solid white, added with bridge of the nose below shaped like sticks out backwards.

3. If it comes from the Javanese species, then a good nose is different.small, bulging shape How is it tension jWow, Java give them, ohfar yespurple. The color of this nose is thick lime, with bridge of the nose below which is also sticks out backwards. This is one of the characteristics of top pigeons.

10. watch Headhis

Good quality racing pigeons will have a skull that is higher than the back of the head. This is usually considered a sign that the homing pigeon is more intelligent than the small-headed pigeon. The reason is that a large brain is considered better than a small one.

Other features (11-18)

yesIn addition to the 10 ways to choose the homing pigeon above, you can also apply the method below. Additional methods in addition to the above 10 methods are as follows:

    • pay attention to meor your homing pigeon. Look for small, sharp eyes with small, round pupils that are jet black and intact. While the color of the eyes outside the pupil must be light, or yellow, or yellow mixed with red or, on the contrary, consist of 3 different colors.
    • observe yourepeat supit your homing pigeon. Look for chopsticks with a firm, firm, or firm texture.
    • Watch the feet of your homing pigeon. Look for legs that look long, dry and heavy. There are also those who suggest looking for pigeons with legs that, when held, push back parallel to the tail.
    • pay attention towaist obrutu Your carrier pigeon candidate. Look for a waist that is not too far from the body to give the bird good balance with indication when flying slowly down or swinging down from the hips
    • I will seechorus penalty fee. The tail feathers of a good carrier pigeon are thick, dense, and flexible, yet tough. The length is proportional and when the tail is held it falls off.
    • raba pfrownhis. If after touching it you feel full and discolored, please choose the bird because it means that this bird is a quality bird.Pay attention to the power of mthickhis.

In addition to some of the useful information above, here we provide information in the form of a visual guide that can make it easier for you to choose a good quality racing pigeon.

A good carrier pigeon means a pigeon that is ready to race anywhere and anytime. Therefore, you must choose a pigeon that has a proven mentality. Its characteristics are that it does not give up even if it has to fight with other birds or when it has certain flight difficulties.

IThere are various ways to choose a quality and worthy carrier pigeon for you to buy. Don’t forget to take a closer look and bring a friend who is more knowledgeable or an expert when it comes to choosing a bird so that you can be absolutely sure that your bird is of high quality.

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