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17 Ways To Tame Kacer Spring For Beginners
Having a pet is something that can free us from some things that stress us. Also, by having a pet, we will have certain activities such as taking care of our pets, either by feeding them or simply bathing our pets.

Some of the pets that Indonesian people really have are birds. Having birds includes having animals that are relatively easy, on top of that, having birds doesn’t really need a big place like having dogs.

In Indonesia alone, having birds has become a trend in itself for some people for various purposes. There are those who raise birds just for entertainment, there are those who actually raise birds to farm them, there are also those who raise birds to match their voices.

For birds that will be farmed like swallows and canaries, it would be better if we understood how to breed swallows and also how to keep canaries. because if we don’t know some good ways are tips or tricks. There is a chance that we will fail to increase both the offspring results and the chirp results.

One type of bird that is always trending in Indonesia is the spring kacer bird. In fact, to maintain this semi kacer we must know how to tame the semi kacer. because if we don’t know how it will cost us to maintain it.

Therefore, here we will discuss how to tame a semi kacer which can be practiced at home.

  1. Cover the cage with newspaper.

This method is used so that the bird feels calm and safe when it is in the cage and does not experience stress. The steps are quite simple, just cover the entire cage with newspaper and then make a hole in the cage door because the cage door will be used to replace the bird’s own feed or drinking water.

When closing this cage, try not to have holes or open parts on various sides. Also try to make the cage in the dark and that no light enters other than the cage door. To close it, you can use duct tape or anything that can hold one newspaper to another.

2. Power supply

Feeding voer is a way to tame Kacer Semi because by feeding it, kacer will be more calm and docile with us or with his new environment. The gift can also be adjusted according to the needs and wishes of the bird itself.

In addition to regular, try not to give too much, you can combine it with ef so that our spring kacer does not get bored.

3. Keep the cage in a place where humans often pass

this method is almost the same as that of taming a sparrow, that is, keeping our bird cage in a place where humans usually pass, for example, it is the terrace of our house. The purpose of this step is to get the kacer bird used to our environment. Let this process run for 1 week and also do not bathe the spring kacer for this process to maximize.

Also keep in mind that although you have to pass it frequently, do not store it in a place that is too noisy, like many noisy motorcycles because it is feared that our spring kacer birds will be stressed by the sound of the engine.

4. Give it a pat

In process number 3, do not forget to give him a cepuk in a cage, giving him a cepuk in a cage has the objective that when the kacer feels hot, he can bathe in the cepuk itself.

5. Open the cover of the newspaper periodically.

After spending a week we cover with newspapers, the next step is to open only some parts of the bird cage. For example, this week we open the front and back, then next week we open the left and right.

The function of this method is that the birds stop being surprised by the environment that surrounds them and recognize the environment of our house or patio. Once opened, leave it in that state for 2 weeks.

6. Bathe the spring kacer bird.

After doing the above steps, we try to invite the spring kacer bird to take a bath. How to bathe it is almost the same as how to reduce the heat of a canary. that is, inserting the kacer spring into the birdbath coffin.

Let the kacer take a bath on its own and let it sit for a few minutes. Do this method 2 times a day, that is, at 7 in the morning and at 4 in the afternoon. then at night, remove the bird from the cage, then spray with warm water and let the bird rest for 30 minutes and then bring it into the house.

7. Feeding the voer

The next way to tame the Spring Kacer is to train our spring kacer birds with voer food. Give voer for a week, and continue training so that the semi kacer gets used to eating voer.

8. Give crickets

Almost the same as number 7, we try to combine voer and crickets. The trick is after the semi kacer gets used to eating voer. in the morning do not let the birds be fed until around 1 o’clock. After eating it, return the voer to the cage for the birds to eat.

9. Hand feeding

When feeding the kacer bird, we can try to feed it with our hands. With the aim that the birds are closer and introduce us to the kacer bird as their master.

the type of food can be in the form of EF such as crickets, caterpillars, or kroto to our kacer birds.

10. Dry it regularly

Once thought to be a domesticated bird, do it regularly to dry our spring kacer birds. As well as being a way to tame the kacer spring. This method can also keep the spring kacer bird healthy and in good condition.

11. Feeding Kroto

In addition to feeding voer or crickets, try feeding kroto as a garnish for this kacer bird. just give 1 teaspoon regularly.

12. Give your own saliva

It looks dirty, but some people have tried these tips and it has been proven that it charges our kacer bird. This method is done so that the kacer bird recognizes you faster. However, it should also be noted that before giving the Kacer bird saliva, you should not consume food or alcoholic beverages before giving it its saliva.

13. Bathe birds with bitter melon juice or pariah leaves

This method is also sometimes done by lovers of spring kacer birds. The method involves making water from the juice of bitter melon or pariah leaves and putting it in a sprayer that is usually used to bathe the spring kacer bird. Then take the bird out and hold it with your right hand.

Spray the water from the juice of the bitter melon leaves on the spring bird we are holding. But you need to pay attention to this method, avoid being exposed to the pseudo kacer bird’s eyes and mouth. Because don’t let the spring kacer bird feel sore from the dew of bitter melon leaf juice or even drink it because it will have a negative impact on the kacer bird.

14.Kacer bird cage cleaning

This method is almost the same as How to Keep Swallows, that is, we try to clean the semi kacer bird cage at least once a week. because when cleaning the bird cage, the kacer spring will make the bird feel comfortable in the cage and can adapt to the local environment.

15. Do not move the place of the bird

In these tips try not to move the place where the kacer birdcage is stored, so it would be good before doing this process to find the right place and fix it so that when the process is carried out we do not have to bother repeating because we have to move the bird cage to another place.

This also applies when we are going to bathe our spring kacer birds, it is better to simply bathe them in a cage by spraying them with a special bird spray that can be bought in bird stores.

16. Not changing the cage

In this process, we also try not to replace or move our spring kacer birds to another cage. because if we replace the cage with a new one, we are afraid that the bird will have to adapt again when we replace the old cage with a new one.

17. Store in a dark place

The next tip is to keep our spring kacer birds in a dark place when they are resting or sleeping. the place can be with the room that we darken or it can also be covered by covering the semi kacer bird cage with fabric or anything that can make our semi kacer cage close and dark.

Making the birds stay in a dark place also has a function so that the birds do not become too wild and fly here and there, and provide a calm atmosphere for the birds.

18. Fish with our whistle

The last way to tame the Kacer Spring is to always greet our semi kacer bird with a whistle or a name. That way, at least, our spring kacer bird will recognize our voice and whistle, which will speed up the spring kacer taming process.

The hissing can be done in the morning when we take our kacer bird out or it can be between the birds when it dries outside.

In addition to the above information, here is a tutorial in the form of a video that can help you tame your kacer that is semi gacor or a bit crazy.

The following are some ways to tame a semi kacer, from what we often do to some ways we have to try to get our semi kacer tamed. In this process there is no standard time in which we will be able to tame the kacer spring quickly or with a lot of time. But be diligent and routine in following some of the tips above so that our semi kacer can break in quickly and doesn’t take long.

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