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22 types of diseases in broilers
Broilers are chickens that are raised with the main purpose of getting meat, so fattening is often done to reach the target market, if any disease occurs in broilers, it will surely cause the cattle to lose because they do not generate profits. ,

Therefore, as a broiler farmer, you should know Types of diseases in broilers and the main symptoms to prevent and provide early treatment if it occurs, the following is completed.

Well friend, before I know more, the disease in broilers itself is divided into several types, namely = (Also read about the types of diseases in broilers)

  • Viral disease = is a disease of broilers caused by a virus
  • Bacterial disease = is a disease of broilers caused by bacteria
  • Mikal’s disease = is a disease of broilers caused by a fungus
  • Parasitic disease = is a disease of broilers caused by parasitic organisms

1. Avian encephalomyelitis (AE)

Characteristics = A broiler, usually 1-2 weeks old, is characterized by the appearance of an initially lazy broiler, followed by ataxia due to incoordination of the leg muscles, so that the broiler fattening can fall to the ground.

in addition to both legs stretched out to the side, head and neck tremors, especially when pushed, the condition will continue in paralysis and end in death. a barbecue (Also read about how to treat pinworms in the eyes of chickens)

2. Avian Influenza (AI) / Bird Flu

Characteristics The visible features of a broiler that is sick with HPAI are the crests, wattles, eyelids, soles of the feet, and the unfeathered belly, which appears purplish-blue. There is bleeding on one leg in the form of red spots (ptekhie) (Also read about how to treat paralysis in broilers)

or the so-called leg scrapes. Discharge from the eyes and nose, swelling of the face and head, diarrhoea, coughing, sneezing and snoring. Decreased appetite, decreased egg production, soft egg shells. There are nervous disorders, torticollis, paralysis also tremors. Death happens quickly. (Also read about how to treat bird flu in chickens)

3. Chickenpox disease

Characteristics = Smallpox can occur in one form, namely the skin form or the diphtheria form, or both forms. The general characteristics that are presented are slow growth of a young broiler, a decrease in eggs in the laying period, there is difficulty in breathing and feeding. (Also read about how to deal with limp legs in Bangkok chickens)

4. Chicken anemia syndrome

Characteristics = One chicken is acutely affected, features appearing in a broiler from 7 to 14 days, characterized by growth retardation and anorexia. The comb looks pale, broiler feathers ruffled, accompanied by an increase in broiler mortality of about 5 to 16%, and has reached 60%.

5. Egg Drop Syndrome 1976 (EDS’76)

Characteristics = Characteristics of EDS’76 A 25 to 35 week old broiler is typically observed characteristically as a decrease in poor quality meat production. Poor meat quality can be in the form of loss or reduction of skin color, soft, thin or even skinless meat and the size of the meat becomes very small.

6. Helicopter sickness

Characteristics = Broilers that are attacked by this disease show a significant decrease in growth rate from a heating/rearing age, ie 5 to 7 days. Feather abnormalities were observed in a broiler that was sick, including a broken tip of the primary wing feathers, as well as persistence of the yellow color of one feather under the head up to 30 days of age.

7. Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH)

Characteristics = Almost all Adenovirus infections show no clear features. The comb looks pale, the beards and facial skin are also pale, depression, weakness, and possibly other illnesses. Respiratory disorders often occur in a broiler as well as an adult broiler and there is a decrease in egg production.

8. Infectious Bronchitis Disease (IB)

Characteristics The characteristics of a broiler are characterized by coughing, sneezing, snoring, runny nose and foamy exudate in the eyes. Affected broilers that appear stressed will also tend to huddle near a heat source. Features appear within 36 to 48 hours.

9. Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)

Characteristics = Broilers that are attacked are characterized by depression, decreased appetite, weakness, tremors, shortness of breath, the foot feathers are also dirty, especially the feathers in the stomach and rectum area, followed by diarrhea, the Chalk-white stools also die due to dehydration.

10. Infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT)

Characteristics The hallmark of an acute infection is a runny nose, a snoring sound followed by coughing and breathing. Clinical signs of shortness of breath, as well as bloody mucus discharge, are typical of the severe form of ILT disease.

11. Broiler cholera disease

Characteristics = at the beginning of the outbreak there was a mortality rate, especially one broiler. The acute form is easily characterized by discharge from the eye. The facial area, balung and comb are enlarged and there are breathing problems. yellowish-green discharge. Broilers experience paralysis due to joint pain.

12. Paratyphoid disease

Characteristics = The infection of an adult broiler does not usually show certain characteristics. Acute infection of a young or adult broiler is rare under natural conditions. Characteristics seen in a Salmonella typhimurium-infected broiler include diarrhea accompanied by depression, as well as general weakness, drooping wings, and ruffled feathers.

Well friends there are many more diseases in broilers, all the causes of the diseases that the author mentions are a less clean environment, less immune system, and less than perfect nutrition or not according to the needs, so give the best treatment To prevent it and to prevent it from happening, it is much better to consult a veterinarian to treat the following diseases in other broilers:

13. Lymphoid leukosis (LL)

14. Marek’s disease (MD)

15. Newcastle disease (ND)

16. Swollen Head Syndrome (SHS)

17. Viral Arthritis

18. Chlamydiosis Penyakit

19. Chronic Respiratory Disease (CKD)

20. Colibacillosis disease of a broiler

21. Coryza disease

22. Typhoid Bird Disease


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