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Cats are one of the cutest animals and are the most popular pet choice in the community. Currently, the interest in pets is quite high. In the process of keeping a cat, of course, there are several things that need to be taken into account, including taking care of the cat’s coat so that it always looks neat and clean with a simple way of combing it. This combing activity is sure to be quite difficult when the condition of the cat’s fur turns into dreadlocks. Here are some reviews on the causes of difficult to style dreadlocks and how to overcome them in the explanation below.

Causes of dreadlocks Cats are difficult to comb

The initial discussion of the dreadlocked cat condition is about the causes of the condition where the dreadlocked cat becomes difficult to comb. The following is an explanation of the causes.

The first reason dreadlocks are difficult to style is because the condition of the dreadlocks causes the cat’s fur to tangle. The tangled condition makes each time the cat’s hair is combed quite difficult and often even causes the comb used to get stuck. (Also read: how to grow a cat’s fur bald)

Of course, bristles that are easy to comb should have a smooth shape so that the comb can easily move across the smooth surface of the hair. The state of the coat of the cat with dreadlocks is not smooth, so the hair inhibits the flow of the comb, making it difficult to comb.

Dreadlocks are a condition in which the fur molds and is not fixed properly, forming wavy fur and curling around each other. This condition of dreadlocks makes the cat’s coat difficult to comb. The condition of dreadlocks can be due to the skin being too wet and dirty. (Also read: how to remove dreadlocks from dog hair)

How to overcome dreadlocks in cats that are difficult to comb

Looking at the causes of dreadlocks that are difficult to comb described above, it is known that the state of dreadlocks is irregular in shape, dry and tangled, which is why the hair is difficult to comb. Here are some ways that can be done to overcome the condition of dreadlocks that are difficult to style.

  1. clean the cat, the first step that must be taken to overcome the condition of dreadlocks and difficult to comb in cats is to bathe or clean the cat first. (Also read: Characteristics of an aborted rabbit)
  2. straighten dreadlocksif you have showered and dried, the dreadlocks will usually be visible, so the steps that can be taken is to manually straighten it slowly with your hands.
  3. Get rid of dreadlocksIf the straightening condition using manual methods or using coat care products cannot bring the dreadlocked cat’s coat back to normal, clipping the dreadlocks’ fur is the next step to take. (Also read: how to treat hemorrhoids in cats)
  4. avoid dreadlocksAs a preventative measure, cat owners should avoid conditions that can cause dreadlocks such as a cat curled up in a wet, dirty place, a condition where the coat is not kept clean. (Also read: skin disease in cats)

Those are some explanations as to why dreadlocks are difficult to style that all cat owners should know along with some ways that can be done to overcome them.

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